Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/7/04

By Naila
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Danny takes Cassie’s advice and prepares a romantic dinner for him and Michelle. Michelle comes him with Tony and is happier than Danny has seen her in a while. Michelle tells him she went for a swim at Laurel Falls. Michelle sees the table and the candles and asks Danny what the occasion is. He tells her he wanted to spend some time with her and she thinks it can be part of her birthday celebration. Michelle tells a confused Danny that she has made today the beginning of her new life… a new life she wants to start in this house, with him and Robbie. Robbie runs out to meet his mom and Michelle is happy to see him. She picks him and is laughing and playing with him. Danny is very happy to see them together. When Robbie asks her to read him a story, Michelle tells Danny she will come back for dinner in a few minutes after she puts Robbie down.

Alone with Tony, Danny thanks him for taking Michelle away. He knows that the BBQ was a lot for her to deal with and is so happy to see her relaxed. Danny reveals to Tony he plans to wooing Michelle and he is confident that she will fall in love with him again. Tony thinks the romantic dinner is a good start. Danny tells Tony that he thinks he and Michelle and Robbie will be all right without Tony but also tells him that he is always welcome there and that he is family. Tony thanks him and is about to tell Danny he told Michelle everything about her past when Robbie calls down for Danny. Danny heads up to join Michelle and Robbie.

Michelle and Robbie play a little game of hide-and-go-seek before settling in for a story. Michelle tells Robbie a story of a lost little girl who is searching for a place with the people she loves. Danny watches from outside and sees Robbie happily resting in his mommy’s arms.

Later, Michelle asks Danny why he didn’t tell her that he was in the mob. Danny, realizing that Michelle now knows everything, apologizes to her for keeping her in the dark. She would like him to promise that he will not keep anything else from her. Danny promises. Feeling rather close to Danny after their conversation, Michelle tells Danny she feels like saying, “let’s get into bed and do what married people do”. Danny suggests watching Letterman. Michelle thanks him for knowing that she is not yet ready. He just hopes that she will tell him once she is. Robbie runs into their bedroom just then and jumps into bed, asking Michelle and Danny to join him. Danny is hesitant but Michelle says, “You heard the little guy”. Danny and Michelle climb into bed and say good night. Michelle asks Danny if she knew everything he was up to before the accident and he tells her that she did.


Josh and Reva are winding down after the BBQ when Bill shows up, looking for Josh. Just then Reva gets a phone call from a panicked Sandy who needs her help getting out of jail. Reva tells Josh to take care of Bill and she leaves to take care of Sandy. Bill apologizes to Josh for his attitude and intends to apologize to Billy too. He tells Josh he is putting himself back together. He has fixed up his apartment and wants Josh to come by and see the changes he is making. Josh stops Bill and makes it clear to him that he and Billy did not mean to imply that they did not believe in him. They know grief and know what it can do to a person and were merely suggesting that Bill get some help before he hit rock bottom. They have never stopped believing in Bill. Bill thanks Josh and makes a suggestion: he will run the company the way he sees fit, making all final decisions; he will run all new proposals by Josh and Billy. Josh agrees.

Philip and Rick are putting their little girls to sleep. Philip tells Rick that he is glad Olivia missed Emma’s first Bauer BBQ and thinks it best that she spend as little time as possible with her daughter. When Rick asks if he knows what Olivia did do tonight, Philip tells him that she spent a lot of time with little Bill Lewis. Rick is surprised and once again tells Philip that he thinks Philip should end things with Olivia. But Philip is not yet ready for that; he wants to keep Olivia at his mercy a bit longer.


Olivia comes into the office to pick up some files and bumps into the trashcan, knocking it over. She bends down to pick up the trash and comes across something interesting. Just then, Philip walks in. He tells Olivia that he could have her arrested for trespassing and spying. She tells him she just came in for some of her files and then she is leaving. Philip tells her that the next time she meets with Bill, they out to close their curtains. He ‘suggests’ that she end her affair now otherwise the consequences for her could be severe. Olivia has no intention of ending things with Bill.

Bill comes by later and tells Olivia he has spoken with Josh and control of Lewis is back in his hands. Olivia is happy to hear that. She tells Bill that Philip knows about their encounter but she has no intention of cooling things down because of him. Bill realizes that Olivia wants Philip to know about them. Olivia tells him that if Philip is focused on their personal relationship, he may not even realize that they are preparing to take his company away from him. She then shows Bill the piece of paper she found in the trash. It is information about a piece of property that Philip and Alan want to acquire. Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone else outbid them?


Sandy and Marina are brought in and Alan insists that they be booked for hacking into his computers. Sandy is not sorry for what he did and thinks Alan deserved it. Marina stands by Sandy, saying they were in it together. Shayne promises to get help for them. Marina asks him not to call her father. Shayne agrees. Shayne is furious with Sandy for getting Marina into this situation but agrees to try and get help for them both. When the cops tell Alan they are getting ready to photograph and fingerprint them, Sandy panics. He tells Alan that it was just a prank and cannot believe that Alan would go so far as to have them arrested. Alan says they committed a crime and justice must be served [what a hypocrite!] Sandy uses his one phone call to call his mother down to the station to help them. When she arrives, Shayne fills her in. She tells Shayne to call Buzz if Marina does not want Frank there, as someone from her family should be there. She then pleads with Alan to let the children go. It was a harmless prank and no one was hurt. Alan stands firm and tells Reva that he thinks Sandy may have done this before. Reva thinks that is ludicrous but Alan tells her that Sandy didn’t care what happened until the officer talked about fingerprinting him. Sandy insists that that is only because he did not think they would actually be arrested. Alan thinks he is hiding something. When Sandy and Marina are taken away, Reva tells Alan she will do an expose on the Spaulding internship program if he pursues this. He understands that the negative publicity would shine a negative light on the company but he will not yield. Josh comes by and tries to convince Alan to try and remember what it is like to be young and make mistakes. Alan says this was no mistake; it was deliberate and there will be consequences. However, he admires that Marina and Sandy stayed loyal to each other and will drop the charges after they spend a night in jail. Reva tells Josh she thinks Alan is right and Sandy does have something to hide. And she intends to find out what it is.

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