Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/6/04

By Suzanne
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Michelle and Tony ride his bike to the area near the waterfall where Danny and Michelle were going to build their home and where Michelle was almost killed by Carmen. Michelle is very exhilerated after the ride, saying she has never gone that fast before. He wonders how she knows, since she has amnesia. She says she would have remembered something like that. She tells him how terrible it felt not to know her own son. They talk about the pressure they both felt at the Bauer barbecue. She doesn't know how to live up to her past life where she was the perfect mother, daughter, sister, wife, and doctor-in-training. He advises her to just be who she is now, so she agrees that is the best course. She asks him when her birthday is, but he doesn't remember. She decides today is her birthday. He finds a Twinkie and puts a candle in it. She asks him why this place was special to her, so he tells her all about its history and how Danny was a mob boss but gave it up for her. She is impressed and sees Danny in a new light. She does ask Tony whether he is a mobster but he doesn't answer. She decides she owes something to Danny and Robbie. First, though, she decides to jump into the water for a swim. Tony is shocked.

Danny is still upset about Michelle riding off with Tony. He and Cassie are putting food and stuff away still at the Bauer house, inside the kitchen. They chat about their mutual problems. She advises him to get close to Michelle and fall in love with her again. She asks him about the government loans, which are due, and he assures her that he has the money to pay them. She is concerned since she didn't know he had mob money when she co-signed the loans with him. He snaps at her but then apologizes. He talks a lot about his feelings and about Michelle. Cassie also mentions her credit card problem.

Buzz, Harley, Frank, Gus, Alexandra and Daria are outside cleaning up. Buzz is happy about all the impending weddings. Frank wants Harley to go with him to the station. She starts to invite Gus, but Frank stops her. They leave. Gus and Alexandra argue some more about Frank's investigation. Alex wants Gus to help her hide the truth some more, but he doesn't want to. He's very worried about how he has been having to lie to the woman he loves. He says he used to be a cop, but now he's a liar. Daria leaves, too. Buzz and Alex are left alone. She is tense and he can tell. She wishes she knew him long ago. He assures her that she is better with him now because he used to be a creep.

Frank and Harley go to the police station. She doesn't know why they are there re-hashing a case that was closed when they are both planning to get married soon. He tells her that Daria told him that Brad was working with Alexandra. Harley is worried about investigation Gus' family. He comes in while they're chatting. He mades remarks about how Harley is distrustful of his family because of the past, making her feel guilty. He tries to talk Frank out of re-opening the investigation, and when that fails, he tries to suggests that he can do it for Frank. Frank tells him that it's personal for him, not just because of Darci but because the antimonious was turned into delierium, which they sell to teenagers like his daughter Marina. He plans to make whomever's involved rot in jail.

Harley chats with Buzz about the Spauldings and how she's having a crisis of conscience. She asks him how he gets through things with Alexandra. He says he doesn't focus on any future problems, just on love. She phones Marie to ask her to give her any information she has on Brad's activities when he was in Paris, particularly involving Alexandra. Alex watches her in the background.

Alan calls all the teens into his boardroom. He tells them that someone hacked into his personal computer during the barbecue. He says it is illegal and shows them a screen capture of the message the person left, "The Future Is Now". He wants the guilty party to come clean to him privately or he will investigate everyone until they find him/her. He is walking out when Sandy speaks up, saying he is the one who did it and he admits it there. Sandy says he did it because Alan was violating their privacy and moving them around like chess pieces. Alan has his security people arrest Sandy. Marina says she is the one who came up with the password and the message, thinking that Alan will not arrest her because they're almost related. He has her arrested, too. Sandy and the others plan to get Ross as their lawyer and call their parents.

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