Guiding Light Update Monday 7/5/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the Bauer barbecue, Robbie runs over to Michelle saying, "Mommy!". She gives Danny a withering look. Michelle hugs Robbie but glares at Danny over Robbie's shoulder. Tony hovers nearby. She tells Robbie that he's getting so big. She knows he missed his mommy. It's an awkward reunion. She says that Daddy didn't tell her Robbie would be there and adds that Daddy didn't tell her a lot of things. Tony suggests they go to the pool. Robbie and Michelle walk away a bit. Tony yells at Danny that he told him this would happen. Tony says this happens every time Danny tries to control the situation. Danny joins Michelle. Robbie has told her that he wants a "Mommy kiss". Danny explains that she just has to blow a raspberry on Robbie's tummy. She does it, but it's not like he's used to. She tells him that his mommy isn't really there. Later, she explains that she meant she's been sick so she forgot some stuff. She assures him that she's getting better and the people that love him will help her. Robbie says, "I love you, Mommy" but she can only nod (guess she doesn't want to lie to him). Tony suggests that she and Danny talk while he takes Robbie for ice cream. Robbie is not keen on that idea so Tony suggests going to visit Marina. Danny apologizes for what happened but Michelle lashes out at him for not being honest with her. She asks what the hell is wrong with him and asks if this is what marriage to him was like. He tries to explain that he wanted to protect both her and Robbie. When he mentions "the old you" she tells him there is no old or new her, she's the same person. She says he can't pull a lever and bring back her memory. She admires how beautiful Robbie is. She tells Danny tearfully about how she touched and smelled her own son but couldn't feel anything. Danny doesn't think she should tell Robbie what's going on, but she wants the truth. She doesn't know how she could have been with someone like Danny. She tells him to go swim with his son. Michelle agrees to go to the flag ceremony because it's important to Robbie. Tony lurks nearby. He hassles Danny some more.

Reva tells Cassie and Edmund that she asked Jeffrey to look into the credit card fraud. Cassie is annoyed that she did that. Cassie tells Jeffrey that she doesn't want his help, but she's interested in what he found out. He says he hasn't found out anything yet, but he plans to stay in town because of work. She is not happy to hear that. They argue about whether he should stay or not. Edmund thinks Cassie should use Jeffrey to help her since he has connections. Cassie is surprised he feels that way. She just wants him out of their lives. They wonder why he's really staying. Edmund notices how sad Tammy looks as she walks by with Remy. He thinks he should have a talk with Joey. Cassie knows that Tammy wouldn't like that, but he wants to anyway.

Tony meets up with Reva in the kitchen. He is angry about Michelle and Danny. He asks Reva how someone so smart can keep doing the same stupid things over and over. They discuss Danny and Michelle. He is very angry and she just lets him pour it all out.

Rick barbecues and chats with Philip about his relationship with Olivia. Rick can't figure out why he wants to stay married to her if he's not in love with her. Philip says he's doing it for Emma, but there is a reason behind what he's doing and it will be revealed soon.

Jeffrey tells someone on the phone that they have to stop impersonating Cassie.

Gus and Alexandra huddle together, wondering what Darci and Frank are talking about. Harley is suspicious about their chatting, but they assure her they are talking about the wedding. Gus and Alexandra keep wondering what Darci is saying to Frank, and Harley keeps wondering why they're wondering. Buzz is a little suspicious of Gus and Alexandra's closeness.

Frank knows from what Darci told him that she was a prostitute who worked for Vinnie. She also tells him that someone else was involved besides Brad. Darci tells him that she wants to marry him but she has things to tell him. Frank is disappointed that she waited until now to tell him about her past life, but he still wants to marry her.

Gus asks Frank if everything is okay with him and Darci. Frank doesn't say much but mentions how honesty and trust are so important in a relationship. Gus looks over at Harley, who waves at him. Meanwhile, Harley and Buzz talk about the upcoming Spaulding wedding and the whole family. She maintains that Gus is not really a Spaulding. He's the only one of the bunch she trusts, she says. Frank tells Gus that he thinks there is more to the antimonious case. Gus tells Alex that there is a big problem. He says that Frank is going to investigate the case.

The teens play around with water guns. Alan wonders why they're not working. One of the teens says it's a holiday. Joey says he is working on testing out products teens might like, like a water-proof MP3 player. Alan points out some other teens who are already using something like that. He makes cutting remarks about the teens and then leaves. Later, Marina overhears Alan tell someone on the phone that his password is the initials of his grandchildren. She runs and tells Sandy, who gets excited. They list the names to figure out what the initials are.

Tammy watches Sandy from afar. Remy notices her being down and jokes around, teasing her. He offers to take her to the dance since she Joey has not asked her. They talk about it some more...he wants to use the dance party for teen research. She agrees to go with him if she doesn't get asked by anyone else. Lizzie watches them, smiling.

Reva tells Joey and Sandy that she can't believe they left construction work to work for Spaulding. They prefer the easier job instead of the manual labor. Edmund comes up and takes Joey away for a chat. He offers him a job working on the farm (remodeling). He tells Joey that the farm is big so he can avoid Tammy if he wants to. He says he can pick his own hours and that way he can still do the summer project at Spaulding. Later, Joey tells Lizzie about his new job working for Edmund. Lizzie is not happy to hear it. He can't understand why she's acting jealous, but she denies that. She tells him that Tammy is going to the dance with Remy. His face falls.

They have the flag ceremony. Rick and Mel welcome everyone. Rick mentions Ed and also Michelle. He introduces Ross to take Ed's place at the ceremony. Ross also mentions Michelle and how great it is to have her back. She looks annoyed and keeps rolling her eyes. Ross makes a speech about Ed going to help people. He says they should honor service people at home and abraod. He toasts Ed, service people, and Michelle. Tony and Michelle each rush out, having had enough.

Sandy tells Marina that he hacked into Alan's computer successfully. Alan walks by the teens and tells them all to go home and change and meet him in the Spaulding board room in one hour.

Ross gets a phone call during the fireworks so he can't hear. We see it is a blonde woman on the other end. She hangs up after hearing Cassie's voice in the background.

Gus tells Alexandra that she's on her own. He can't help her cover up things for Frank, his boss and future brother-in-law. Frank tells Marina, Buzz and Harley that he and Darci are getting married. They all hug and congratulate the copule. Frank asks Harley if he can pick her brain about the case. She doesn't know why he's so interested but suggests he talk to Gus. He says that may be a little too close to home right now.

Tony is getting ready to ride off on his motorcycle. Michelle comes up and insists on riding with him. He thinks she should go tell Danny how she's feeling. She threatens to leave by herself so he gives in. Danny looks for her and hears them leaving. He runs after them yelling her name as they speed off.

Bill and Olivia continue to kiss and to negotiate their deal at his place. They keep kissing and flirting. She rips away the curtain on his window so Philip's spy can see them, if he's watching. They end up on the bed, but Olivia stops it, saying it's a mistake. She says she doesn't want to mess up their dealing. She puts her clothes on as she says she wants to crush Spaulding and doesn't want Philip to raise Emma. They keep kissing. Bill makes his final offer: they will split Spaulding 50/50. Olivia rejects it at first but then accepts it. She leaves, telling him to take a cold shower.

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