Guiding Light Update Friday 7/2/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Bauer Barbecue, overview:

Throughout this episodes, Tony is very hostile to Danny and argues with him every chance he gets about Michelle. Danny and the others think they should protect Michelle, but Michelle wants the truth and Tony wants her to have it. Tony and Reva are the only ones that have figured out that Michelle was faking and didn't really remember making her grandmother's apple pie. Michelle just wants to put on a good face and give everyone what they want; what they expect of her. Tony thinks she should give them the truth. Reva brings some bakery pies to help Michelle out so she doesn't have to show her burnt pies.

Danny welcomes Ross to the Bauer barbecue and offers to let him put up the flag, as mayor. They discuss the 4th, Michelle's progress, and whether Danny should tell her about Robbie or not. Reva and Josh greet Michelle; Josh meets Michelle. Michelle recognizes everyone from the photo albums and remembers most of their names. Rick and Mel are there with their baby. Reva suggests to Michelle that she picture everyone naked (to get over her nerves), but it doesn't work. Cassie and Edmund arrive.

Meanwhile, Darci is very nervous as she tries to hide the secret with Gus from Frank and Harley. Harley gets more suspicious and Frank is already very suspicious of Gus, but not Darci. Michelle greets them, too. Rick is worried about Michelle, he tells Mel. They talk about her apparent memory gain (the pies). Danny brings Michelle some orange soda, her favorite. Michelle excuses herself to talk to Tony. They talk about the truth. She wants to give everyone hope that she will remember. Reva interrupts to talk to Michelle alone and give her the pies. Danny tells the crowd that he is hopeful about Michelle getting her memory back.

Jeffrey arrives and jokes that they should have a contest this year to see who hates him the most. Josh, Cassie, and Edmund all want to compete in that one. Jeffrey tells them that he is there to say goodbye and they are all happy about that.

Gus, Harley, Frank and Darci are unpacking food. Frank wants to question Gus but everyone suggests he wait on the police work until tomorrow. Frank insists on telling Gus that he doesn't think the Spaulding-Salerno case turned out so clean. He is suspicious and thinks that Brad Green was working with someone else at Spaulding. Gus sweats and feigns ignorance. Darci tells Gus she's going to tell Frank the truth. Harley is more suspicious and keeps questioning Gus on what he is talking to Darci about.

Reva and Michelle chat about how Michelle is fond of Tony and how it's a shame things didn't work out with him and Marah.

Tony and Danny get into a more heated argument; Tony goes to leave but runs into Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells Tony that the next D.A. may not let him off so easily. Cassie yells at Jeffrey for bugging her friend Danny's cousin.


Meanwhile, Philip finds Olivia going through some files at Spaulding; he reminds her that she no longer works there. They argue, as usual. He wants to take Emma to the Bauer barbecue. Olivia won't go, so Philip leaves. As he's leaving, she says something sarcastic about him enjoying his 4th. He asks when she ever believed in anything besides herself. She replies that she used to believe in true love but he made her see that wasn't real. Bill drops by. They talk about how the other Lewises want him out of the company, but he assures her that he is staying. She talks about how she has to stay in town so that Emma can have a good future. He asks if she has any plans, and she doesn't. They flirt and decide to leave to drink blue margaritas together. The end up at a bar; a guy is watching nearby and Olivia tells Bill that it's one of Philip's spies. They continue to flirt and she ends up kissing him on the ear and touching him in an inappropriate place. They decide to leave and go back to his place. Back at Bill's apartment, she notices how spartan it looks now. They talk about how they will work together or not (she says yes, he says no). She admits she told Josh about how he was acting because she was worried. They have tequila shooters and flirt some more, chatting about the decor of his place. Then they kiss.


Phillip shows up with Emma and Beth. They say hi to Rick and Mel and mention Olivia briefly (a little awkwardly because Phillip wants to put her down and Beth won't let him).

After Tony and Danny argue, Michelle comes in and puts in her two cents about how Danny should stop trying to protect her and "be real" with her instead.

Jeffrey tells Cassie that he will miss her. He thinks she might miss him, too, but she denies it.

Reva gives Josh some pie and they make plans to have their own fireworks at home, while the kids are out. They chat about Bill and his grief. Josh says that Bill is angry at them for suggesting he take some time off. He says it's for the sake of the company, but Reva reminds him that this is about his nephew and the grief he is experiencing.

Cassie insists on entering the sack race with Reva, so Josh is forced to go with Edmund. They joke around as Josh leaves. Reva asks Cassie if she will miss Jeffrey. She replies that she will miss his face and looks sad. She shows Reva some credit card records that show that someone is passing themselves off as her and running up huge bills, but they are paying for them (and it's not her cards). Cassie wants Harley to look into it, but Reva thinks Jeffrey would be a bigger help since he had CIA connections. Cassie doesn't want to keep him in town for anything.

Tony and Danny argue some more; Robbie shows up sooner than expected.

Jeffrey and Reva hug goodbye. They briefly mention Marah and Cassie. She shows him the credit card records and he says he will look into it. They hug again and Reva goes out. He phones someone and says that someone's been impersonating Princess Cassie Winslow. He adds, "It'd better not be you".

Frank asks to have some private time with Darci; she has something to tell him, too. Gus is nervous as they go off together and Harley questions him some more. Frank proposes to Darci. She happily kisses him and accepts. She tells him to sit down with her. She says she has something she needs to tell him and maybe he will change his mind.

Danny is chatting to Robbie when Michelle comes out and sees them. Robbie yells, "Mommy!" and squirms to get down from his daddy's arms. Michelle looks annoyed.

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