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At the Bauer house, Michelle is angry because Danny doesn't want to tell her how he really feels about her amnesia. Michelle stomps upstairs to her room and slams the door. She throws some things around and starts taking clothes out of the drawers. Rick arrives to talk to Michelle. He knocks on the door and enters the room, even though Michelle screams for him to go away. Rick jokes that the door slam was an 8.5. Rick tells Michelle that he always used to rate her door slams when she was a child. Rick also tells Michelle that he had to reinforce her bedroom door. Michelle repeats the words "reinforce the bedroom door" and wonders if she was a brat when she was a child. Rick assures his sister she wasn't a brat, she was just an emotional child.

At the Beacon, Bill handles a business call and assures the person on the other end of the phone that he has every thing under control. After Bill hangs up the phone, Olivia arrives and tries once again to make a deal with Bill. Cassie tries to figure out who could be using her credit cards and why. Danny arrives and tells Cassie that Jeffrey had been watching his every move for a year, just waiting for the perfect time to use him. Danny is very angry and vows to make Jeffrey suffer for everything he has put him and Michelle through. Cassie tries to persuade him to let this go because going after Jeffrey will not change anything. Danny remains determined to seek revenge against Jeffrey.

Outside the social club, Gus tells Alexandra that Frank and Harley are in there right now trying to tie up loose ends on the Brad Green case. Gus asks Alexandra if she is hiding anything else from him. Although the audience doesn't hear the other end of the conversation, one assumes Alexandra's response was no. Gus tells Alexandra not to worry because he will keep her secret.

Inside the Social club, Gus arrives and gets nervous when he sees Frank with the box of Brad's things. Gus hurries over to the table where the box is and tries to pull the box away from Frank. Gus explains that it is his case and he has already searched the box . He tells Frank that there isn't anything in the box that could help wrap up the case. Frank informs Gus that he is in charge of the case now, and he wants to examine everything. Harley wonders why Gus doesn't want Frank to look inside the box. Gus repeats that there isn't anything important inside the box.

At the Beacon, Cassie tells Danny to go to the bar and have a drink and calm down. Cassie says that if he is still angry when she goes to the bar, they will arm wrestle or think of some other way to get rid of his anger. Sandy arrives to check his bank balance and is careful not to let Cassie see his account number. Sandy explains it's not that he doesn't trust her, but these days all kinds of people will try to steal your identity. Danny sits down at the bar and orders a drink. When Danny turns in his seat slightly, he sees Jeffrey sitting beside him. Danny gets a disgusted look on his face and wonders if Jeffrey is still following him . Danny tells Jeffrey that he wishes he would go back to D.C. like he promised, so that Danny wouldn't feel like he wanted to kill him every time he saw his face. Jeffrey encourages Danny to finish the Fifth Street project. Danny says he started the Fifth Street project for Michelle, and Michelle isn't quite herself thanks to him.

At the Bauer house, Rick pulls out a box from Michelle's closet. Rick thinks a box of her old things will help trigger her memory. Michelle reads her old diary and comes to a part that says that she, Bill, and Ben had a fun day together. Michelle wonders who Ben was and if they ever slept together. Rick explains that Ben was a friend who died. Rick also tells Michelle that he feels uncomfortable discussing if she and her friends of the opposite sex ever slept together. Michelle wants to know why Ben died. Rick refuses to give Michelle any details on Ben's death. A frustrated and angry Michelle blasts Rick for not telling her the truth about her life, and she again mentions that Tony is the only person who has been truthful with her. Rick explains to Michelle that Ben died because he was a troubled young man who couldn't fight his demons. After Rick leaves the room, Michelle takes a picture of Jessie from the box . Michelle thinks Jessie is hot and wonders why she let him get away.

At the Beacon, Olivia tells Bill that Phillip kicked her out of Spaulding. Bill tells her that Billy and Josh almost kicked him out of Lewis construction, but he is still in control. Olivia wonders when they are both going to stop letting people jerk them around and take control of their lives. Bill tells Olivia he is in control of his life, so he doesn't need her. Olivia wants to figure out a way for Spaulding to partner with Lewis Construction in a business deal. She thinks it's time for the new generation to move both companies into the future. Olivia tells Bill that, in order to do this, they must form an alliance. Marina arrives, and Sandy thinks she is there to work on their project. Marina thinks Rick may need some moral support and help with the barbeque this year, since Michelle is only thinking of herself lately. Marina tells Sandy to bring his laptop and they can work on their project at the Bauer house.

At the Bauer house, Rick tells Mel that Michelle asked about Ben and that he told her what happened to him. Rick is worried they are all putting too much pressure on Michelle. Mel suggests that Remy could help by acting as a more objective third party. Rick agrees to let Mel call her brother to help. Rick is angry because Michelle needs her father and Ed isn't there for her. In her room, Michelle looks in the mirror and wonders if she liked guys with tattoos who rode motorcycles.

At the Beacon, Danny blames Jeffrey for Michelle's accident. Danny says Jeffrey destroyed his life. Jeffrey explains to Danny that he was only doing his job, which was to get rid of the mob. Jeffrey thinks that Michelle's accident was Danny's fault for not listening to his advice and telling Michelle about the undercover operation. Jeffrey says the only mistake he made was leaving it to Danny to inform Michelle.

At the social club, Gus finally gives in and tells Frank that if he wants to be the big boss and take over the case that's fine with him, and he lets go of the box . Gus goes over and gives Harley a quick kiss and tells her things between them are fine. He then goes outside to get some air.

Outside the Social club, Darcy asks Gus if he thinks she may be called to testify against Salerno. Darcy explains that Frank doesn't know she used to be a hooker. Darcy is worried about how Frank will react if he learns about that part of her past. Gus tells Darcy that they probably won't call her since she wasn't involved in the case. Darcy tells Gus she knows things about someone who is involved in the case: his aunt Alexandra.

At the Beacon, Cassie demands to know why Jeffrey is attacking Danny. Danny explains that he used mob money for the Fifth Street project. Danny also tells Cassie that Jeffrey threatened to press charges against Cassie for co-signing the federal loans and to put Tony in jail if he (Danny) didn't agree to work for him. Cassie looks to Jeffrey for an explanation, but Jeffrey just says he was doing his job. Danny tells Cassie they will talk later and leaves the room. Cassie demands answers from Jeffrey. She blasts him for ruining the life of a good man. Cassie tells Jeffrey that Danny made mistakes, but he never wanted to hurt her or her family. Cassie is upset and hurt that Jeffrey could even consider pressing charges against her after getting to know her and her family.

Jeffrey tells Cassie he never intended to get close to her family, but R.J. kept following him around and thinking he was a good person. Jeffrey apologizes to Cassie. He tells her he is leaving town after the Bauer barbeque. Cassie says she is sorry she didn't trust her gut feelings about him instead of letting people persuade her to give him the benefit of the doubt.

At the Bauer house, Marina and Sandy arrive with food from Buzz. Marina pitches in to help with the preparations for the barbeque. Sandy sits at the table with his laptop to work on their project.

Sandy explains that he couldn't get into the Spaulding computer, so he is trying to get into Alan's personal account. Marina walks over to the table to help him figure out Alan's password. After trying a few words, they are still unable to get into Alan's account.

Inside the social club, Frank and Harley go over every step that Brad Green took the night of the San Cristobal festival. At the same time, outside, Darcy is telling Gus that Alexandra and Brad were very close, and they often took long meetings at different hotels.

Darcy knows Brad and Alexandra were having an affair. She also knows that they used the names "Mr. Godfrey" and "Mrs. Godfrey" as aliases to register at different hotels. Darcy struggles to decide what she should do with the information. Inside, Frank and Harley are still puzzled by Brad's last words, "God Free." Outside, Gus tells Darcy there is no point in opening up a can of worms that could ruin her relationship with Frank. Darcy feels she must put Salerno in jail because he caused Eden's death. Gus tells Darcy that Eden wouldn't want her to do that at all. He tells her he will keep her name out of the case, and what she decides to do is up to her. Harley arrives just as Darcy is giving Gus a kiss on the cheek and telling him he is a great guy. Darcy goes inside to see Frank.

Harley wonders how things are between Gus and Frank. Gus says things are okay between them, he just has some loose ends to tie up in the case . Gus tells Harley he will be happy when the case is finally over.

At the Beacon, Olivia tells Bill she can let him know about the bids that Spaulding makes so that he can steal their contracts. Olivia thinks that she and Bill should combine their stock in order to have power at Spaulding. Bill tells Olivia he isn't interested in combining their stock. Olivia invites Bill to dinner. Bill wonders if Phillip will have a problem with her going to dinner with another man. Olivia says she will handle Phillip. Bill accepts Olivia's dinner invitation.

At the Bauer house, Mel shows Michelle her famous apple pie recipe. Mel wonders if Michelle wants to bake her pie or skip it this year. Marina challenges Michelle to bake the pie. Michelle takes the recipe and starts cutting the apples. Michelle asks Sandy about their project. Sandy explains they are trying to win a contest sponsored by Alan Spaulding. Sandy also says that he and Marina are a team, and he is positive they will win. Michelle thinks that Sandy and Marina have a romantic relationship. Marina explains that she is dating Sandy's brother Shayne. Michelle wonders if Shayne is aware that she likes to flirt with his brother. Marina blasts Michelle and says that just because she has amnesia doesn't give her the right to make nasty assumptions about people. Michelle fires back that she thinks Marina wishes she would get her memory back because maybe then she would be a quiet person. Michelle goes back to making the pie. Marina is so angry she almost throws some corn she is holding at Michelle, but Sandy calms her down and tells her that Michelle isn't herself, and she should be more understanding of her situation. Marina and Sandy go back to work on their project.

Later at the Bauer house, a frustrated and angry Danny arrives to help with the barbeque. Danny tells Rick and Mel about his run-in with Jeffrey. Mel and Rick offer to help with anything Danny needs because they know he is going through a difficult time. Michelle is listening to the conversation from the top of the stairs. Danny says he is fine, and they should all concentrate on helping Michelle recover her memory. Danny says there must be something they can do to help Michelle.

Michelle comes downstairs and tells everyone she remembered something when she was upstairs. Danny smiles and hugs Michelle. The audience is meant to understand from the look on Michelle's face that she is pretending to remember to make Danny and her family happy.

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