Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/30/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie


Danny goes to wake Michelle up and is surprised to find that she is not in bed. He searches the house and is worried when he realizes that Michelle is not even at home. He is about to head out and look for her when she comes walking up the path with Tony, who just ran into her.

She brings in some donuts and tells Danny she got them from the bakery down the street. Michelle asks Danny why he locked a few of the rooms upstairs, and he tells her that he thought she'd want to take things slow, and he did not want to overwhelm her. She heads upstairs to change, leaving Danny and Tony alone. Danny vents in front of Tony, wondering what the heck Michelle was thinking. Tony tells Danny that despite the fact that Michelle does not remember who she is, she is still a capable woman, and he needs to remember that. Tony also thinks that Danny needs to open those bedroom doors and tell Michelle all about Robbie. Danny cannot do it yet. He knows that he has to tell her the truth, and he will in time. Danny asks Tony to move into the house; Michelle is comfortable around him, and she would like it if he were there. Tony does not want to and knows that Danny would prefer if he didn't, but Danny insists that he will do anything to make Michelle more comfortable. Tony agrees, but he tells Danny that he will leave as soon as things are better.

Meanwhile, Michelle comes across her date book and hopes that reading it will spark something for her. Seeing all the volunteer dates and charities, Michelle wonders if her former self was some sort of saint. She finds several engagements for "R" and is stumped because she still cannot remember anything. She realizes that she is late for an appointment, and she takes off again without telling Danny.

Danny is worried when he realizes that, once again, Michelle has gone missing.


Mel and Rick are preparing for the famed Bauer BBQ when Reva arrives to lend a hand. She spends some time with the couple and then heads off to visit Cassie.

Michelle comes by ready to help out. Rick and Mel both tell Michelle that she can take this year off and just come to the party, but Michelle wants to pitch in. Realizing that Danny does not know she is there, Rick calls to let him know, and Danny heads over. Rick sees some pictures of Robbie and removes them before Michelle can see them. He is too slow to stop Michelle from finding a videotape of her and Danny's wedding the previous year. Michelle wants to watch the tape, thinking that maybe she will recognize something. Danny comes in just then and is not too pleased to see Michelle watching that tape. For one thing, he is reminded that Jeffrey O'Neil, the man he blames for Michelle's condition, is the man who married them last year. When Michelle says that nothing is familiar to her, Danny's frustrations get the better of him and he walks out. Michelle cannot understand what his problem is and is getting sick and tired of everyone tiptoeing around her. Tony is the only one who has been honest with her, and she wants the others to do the same.

Tony goes outside to check on Danny and finds that he is very angry. He blames Jeffrey for everything and wants to see him pay.


Olivia arrives at the board meeting, script in hand, and Phillip warns her that she is to stick to the script. Phillip thoroughly enjoys having Olivia at his mercy. Before the meeting starts, she tells him she needs a few minutes to compose herself, and he gives her a minute.

What she is really waiting for is a delivery - Phillip's medical records - and she gets it seconds before the meeting commences. Olivia begins with Phillip's script but then veers off course, saying that she can not truly express her herself by simply reading a script. She tells the board that she is happy about the time that she spent at Spaulding but is even happier that Phillip is being given a chance to prove that he is well again. She thinks it is wrong that so many people are cast aside after having mental breakdowns and is so happy that Phillip has not fallen victim to that kind of prejudice despite the many medical treatments (including electroconvulsive therapy) that he underwent. She goes on to say that even though there is really no cure, she is glad that the board has such faith in Phillip. Phillip is furious but promises never to underestimate Olivia again. Despite Beth urging him to let it go, Phillip is determined to make Olivia pay.


Cassie wakes up and is very happy to find that Edmund is still there, and she is even happier when he tells her that he is leaving to go pack so he can move in with her. Edmund checks out his car and realizes that the whole problem was simply a loose battery cable. Tammy arrives and is happy to see that her mom and Edmund have reunited. She asks Edmund if his car is fine, and Edmund tells her everything is fine. Edmund leaves the room for a minute and Cassie asks Tammy how she knew something was wrong with Edmund's car. Tammy tries to skirt around the issue but eventually admits to her mother that she is the reason Edmund was stranded last night. Cassie thanks her daughter and promises her that she and Joey are next. Tammy isn't so sure but is willing to try.

Edmund returns to tell them that there is a leak in the kitchen, and he and Tammy leave to go to the hardware store.

Reva shows up with lunch and deduces that Cassie's happy demeanour is all thanks to Edmund. Cassie tells her that they are back together, and Reva wonders if the problem has been solved. Cassie knows she was wrong, and she knows that she and Edmund have a tough road ahead; however, she also knows that they're solid, and she is confident that they can make it.

Later, Cassie is going through her mail and finds a credit report she ordered. She is startled to find several credit cards that she didn't even know she had. The report shows that "Cassie Winslow" has been charging up a storm in Europe. Reva notices that whoever is doing the charging has also been paying off all the bills. She realizes that this person is not trying to steal money but is simply using Cassie's name.

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