Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/29/04

By Bridget
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

Scene One: Spaulding Mansion

Olivia is on the phone yelling at someone to reactivate her credit card. Phillip comes in and Olivia starts insulting him.

Phillip tells her that freezing everything is a gift from him.

Scene Two: Farm

Cassie asks Edmund to stay with her. Edmund tells her that he can’t seem to stay away, but that has to stop.

Scene Three: Outside Beacon Hotel

Tony is telling someone that they are clean now. Bill offers to go with them to the club to discuss the deal. Billy overhears Bill call Tony "partner."

Scene Four: Danny and Michelle’s house

Michelle is asking Danny if they have a child. Before Danny answers, she tells him that she must collect Teddy Bears. They talk about how confusing everything is. Michelle tells Danny that she wants a rain check on the wine; she just wants to go to bed.

Scene Five: Spaulding Mansion

Phillip tells Olivia that he is trying to cancel her passport. They then discuss the fact that she can’t get any credit. Phillip tells her that she is to make herself available to the Spaulding board, and that she is going to resign.

Scene Six: Danny and Michelle’s house

Michelle asks if she decorated the bedroom. She seems overwhelmed by all the activities that the prior Michelle undertook. She also seems impressed by her clothes.

She asks about all of the suits, and Danny explains the election. She tries on clothes, hoping that it will trigger some memories. When she starts to change she feels awkward, and Danny leaves the room.

Scene Seven: The Farm

Cassie wants Edmund to come and live at the farm with their family. Edmund says he can’t. Tammy returns while they are talking; Remy was helping her carry in all of her things. Cassie tells Edmund that his problem is that he wants to keep himself from getting hurt. She then informs him that it is time to grow up. Cassie tells him that she is sorry, but they are never going to be perfect. She proceeds to tell him that they need to put themselves out there again in order to be together.

Outside, Tammy talks to Remy about her mom and Edmund. Tammy tries to figure out a way to make Edmund stay at the farm.

Scene Eight: Spaulding Mansion

Olivia gets upset about the speech that Phillip wrote for her to read to the board. Phillip tells her that she doesn’t have a choice. He leaves, and Olivia makes a phone call.

Scene Nine: Club

Bill and Tony talk about Tony working for himself. Bill tells Tony how Billy is worried about him. At this time, Billy and Josh both come in.

Scene Ten: Danny and Michelle’s house

Michelle apologizes to Danny about the awkwardness. She tells Danny that the dress didnít trigger anything.

She then starts asking about how "Michelle" used to treat Danny. Danny gets upset about her not remembering. Michelle kisses Danny, and then asks him to do it again. She observes that she married a really good kisser, but the fact is that she still doesnít remember anything. She then talks about tomorrow and that Tony will be there. Danny says that he is going downstairs to lock up and will be back.

Scene Eleven: Club

Josh tells Bill that he wants to talk. Bill gets upset when Josh tells him that he and Billy are going to get involved in the company again.

Scene Twelve: Beacon Hotel

Olivia talks to a man about doing what she wants.

Tammy and Remy enter talking about disconnecting Edmund's battery cables. Remy tells Tammy that Joey is still crazy about her. He tells Tammy to make sure she sees Joey and to look like she is dating other men. He tells her that if she and Joey have not reconciled by the dance, he will take her.

Scene Thirteen: Farm

Edmund tells Cassie that everything she is saying makes sense, but it won’t work. She reminds him that she loves him. She then leaves to unpack.

Scene Fourteen: Club

Billy tells Bill that he needs help. They discuss Bill’s apartment. Josh tries to tell Bill that they are not taking the company away, just stepping in to help. Bill tells them that if they want to step in temporarily, they should be prepared to step in permanently, because he is gone. Billy and Josh leave.

Scene Fifteen: Danny and Michelle’s house

Michelle looks at her and Dannyís wedding picture in their bedroom; meanwhile, Danny is downstairs calling Tony asking him to come by the house in the morning. He then goes upstairs to check on Michelle. He tells her that he will be down the hall. Michelle tells Danny that she wants to share the bed. Both are hoping that it will spark a memory. They discuss Michelleís sleeping habits.

He tells her that they usually fall asleep holding each other. They try that, but she has a little trouble relaxing. He tells her that he hopes it will help, but it won't happen tonight.

Scene Sixteen: Farm

Edmund tells Cassie that his car won’t start. She offers him her car, but he tells her that he believes in fate, and that he needs to stop fighting it before he loses the best thing that ever happened to him. He then kisses her.

Scene Seventeen: Club

Tony asks Bill where he is going. He tells Bill to stick around. Tony still offers to be Bill’s partner, no matter what.

Scene Eighteen: Danny and Michelle’s house

Michelle apologizes, and Danny tells her not to; he then tells her good-night and leaves the room. Michelle grabs something out of her dresser drawer.

Scene Nineteen: The farm

Cassie and Edmund are on the couch. Cassie tells him that she will never give up on him again. Edmund tells her to be quiet; they have the whole house to themselves.

Scene Twenty: Danny and Michelle’s house

Michelle comes downstairs and opens the front door.

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