Guiding Light Update Monday 6/28/04

By Bridget
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

Scene One: Farm

Edmund comes in with a box in tow. He tells Cassie that he only has one box left in the car, and then he will be going. Cassie tells him that she was hoping he would stay. Just then Tammy pulls up and comes inside with an attitude for Cassie. Edmund exits, and Tammy expresses her distaste for living out in the middle of no man’s land.

Scene Two: Spaulding Manor

Lizzie walks in on Joey. Joey is anxious to get started on their new project for Spaulding. Lizzie asks him to the Summer Fling.

Scene Three: Beacon

Sandy is talking to Marina on the phone; when he hangs up, Buzz is standing there. They begin discussing Sandy and Marina’s project for Spaulding.

Scene Four: Cedars

Tony is in the hall and overhears Michelle yelling at Rick, Bill, and Danny to get out of her room. When he enters he tells Michelle to lose the attitude and to knock it off. He asks Michelle if she trusts him. Michelle apologizes. Tony then learns that Michelle is going home. The guys leave the room so Michelle can change. Michelle asks Tony to stick around.

Scene Five: Beacon

Sandy and Buzz discuss Alexandra. Buzz tells Sandy how he was at his age. He explains that he left, and he really didn’t get to know his children until they were older. Sandy talks about being family-oriented.

Scene Six: Farm

Cassie tells Tammy that she will get used to living at the farm. Edmund comes in to find Cassie and Tammy discussing the new move.

Tammy leaves to get more things out of the car. Edmund offers to talk to Tammy about moving. Cassie goes to get something to drink for Edmund,and Tammy reenters. Edmund tells Tammy that he thinks her problem with moving is not actually the move, it's Joey.

Scene Seven: Spaulding Manor

Lizzie tries to talk Joey into going to the dance. Joey tells her that he prefers not to go. He then tells Lizzie that he needs to earn money through the summer.

Scene Eight: Cedars

Danny and Bill discuss Michelle going home. Rick tells Danny to keep visitors to a minimum. They discuss Robbie and decide that they are not going to tell her about him.

Tony tells Michelle that she shouldn’t push herself. They discuss her changing and never being the person that they want her to be. Tony goes out in the hall.

Danny and Tony discuss Michelle trusting Tony more than Danny.

Scene Nine: Farm

Tammy tells Edmund about her mom’s big plan for all of them to be one happy family. She talks a little about the history of the farm. Edmund and Tammy then discuss giving Joey a job at the farm so that he can earn some extra cash.

Scene Ten: Spaulding Manor

Lizzie reminds Joey about the scholarship. Joey tells her that he needs a job. She gives him the option of working at the manor, saying he can clean the pool and hot tub. She guarantees him the job.

Scene Eleven: Cedars

Danny asks Tony to stay close because Michelle remembers him. He wants Tony to make himself available. Michelle then comes out of her room commenting about the pink outfit. Michelle thanks Rick and hugs him for being her doctor. She asks Tony to not be a stranger. Danny and Michelle then head home.

Scene Twelve: Farm

Cassie agrees to let Joey work on the farm. Cassie and Tammy briefly discuss the last time they moved to the farm. Tammy declares that Cassie and Edmund need to work things out. Cassie shoos her out the door. Edmund then asks Cassie about the history of the farm.

Scene Thirteen: Spaulding Manor

Lizzie asks Joey what he thinks about the pool job. She wants to go swimming and gives Joey swim trunks to change into. Joey asks Lizzie to not try so hard.

Scene Fourteen: Beacon

Sandy and Buzz discuss how relationships form.

Scene Fifteen: Cedars

Bill and Tony talk about how Michelle only remembers Tony. They then start discussing a project on Fifth Street.

Scene Sixteen: Michelle and Danny’s house

Michelle starts looking around their home. Danny explains that she has loved the house since she was little. She seems very impressed by the house. Michelle starts bouncing on furniture, sitting first on one couch and then the other. Danny explains to her about her picking out all of the colors and decorating the house herself.

Scene Seventeen: Farm

Cassie tells Edmund that the farm has a history that is both good and bad. They discuss Hart being shot at the farm. Cassie explains that the farm holds both positive and negative memories, such as Hart and Richard and the hayloft where he first told her that he loved her.

Scene Eighteen: Spaulding Manor

Joey tells Lizzie that he doesn’t need to be bribed. He tells her that she doesn’t have to try so hard, and that he already thinks of her as a friend. They then decide to work on their project; Joey thinks of a possible plan.

Scene Nineteen: Beacon Bar

Tony and Bill discuss a hotel project. Tony tells Bill that he doesn’t want Josh or Billy interfering. Tony then leaves. Billy sees the two boys shake hands in agreement.

Scene Twenty: Danny and Michelle’s house

Michelle asks what they used to do. Danny tells Michelle that she used to like to dance. She mentions that it is a really big house for the two of them. Danny offers to ask Tony to stay with them if she would be more comfortable then. She tells him that she would be, if he wouldn’t mind. Danny offers to talk to Tony. He leaves the room to take a deep breath.

Scene Twenty-One: Spaulding Manor

Joey tells Lizzie that they need to make a waterproof boom box for the pool or hot tub.

Scene Twenty-Two: Farm

Cassie tells Edmund that being together comes naturally. Edmund says they can’t be together without trusting one another. Cassie wants the two of them to concentrate on being in love. She and Edmund share a deep kiss.

Scene Twenty-three: Beacon

Tony leaves, and Billy asks Bill when the two of them hung out. They then discuss Billy being worried about Bill. Billy wants to know about his apartment being trashed. Bill tells Billy to get off his back and leaves.

Scene Twenty-four: Danny and Michelle’s house

Michelle continues looking at pictures. Danny asks her if she wants to dance, but Michelle asks for a drink. Danny is getting a bottle of wine when Michelle sits on the couch and finds a teddy bear.

She says, “Don’t tell me we have children.”

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