Guiding Light Update Friday 6/25/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus reads the love note Brad wrote to Alexandra again. He quickly puts the note away when Harley comes out of the kitchen.  She doesn't notice and finishes setting the table for their lunch with Alan and Alexandra. Harley is worried about how Alan and Alexandra will take the news about their elopement. Harley tells Gus she wants to get married at Niagara Falls. Gus says he doesn't mind where they have the wedding, although the expression on his face is one of disappointment.

At the Beacon, Cassie thanks Jeffrey for his advice about Edmund. Cassie gets upset when she sees her yoga instructor come downstairs, give Jeffrey a kiss, and thank him for last night. Cassie calls Jeffrey a shallow instant-gratification kind of guy and leaves the lobby.

At the hospital, Danny is a little bothered when Michelle calls him Dan instead of Danny. Danny corrects Michelle's mistake and tries to remain positive. He asks Michelle if she wants to look at the pictures again. Michelle says she is tired of looking at the pictures and has another idea. She asks Danny to touch her. He grabs Michelle's hand in his, and she places it on her cheek. They stay like that for a few minutes; then, Michelle tells Danny that she still can't remember anything. She apologizes when she sees the look of disappointment on his face. Marina arrives for a visit. Marina looks at Danny and asks if it's a good time. Michelle tells Marina that she should ask her, not Danny, so Marina asks the question again. Michelle asks Danny to take a break so she and Marina can talk. Danny leaves the room. Michelle asks Marina if they were friends or if they hated each other.

At Gus and Harley's place, Alan and Alexandra arrive for lunch. While Harley is in the kitchen, Alexandra asks Gus if he can keep a secret. Alan tells Alexandra that Gus has proven himself in that regard. Gus agrees that he can keep a secret, but she shouldn't make him regret doing it. Everyone sits down to eat, and Harley and Gus struggle to break the news of their elopement. Gus tells Alan and Alexandra that he and Harley have decided to elope, and Harley adds, "To Niagara Falls."  Alan offers to call a friend of his who owns a hotel there.

At the farm , Jeffrey arrives without knocking and demands an apology from Cassie. Cassie says she won't apologize for her earlier comments at the Beacon. Jeffrey decides to wait until Cassie apologizes to him, and whistles while he stands there. Cassie gets annoyed by Jeffrey's whistling and blasts him, saying he is a grown man and he can't live his life like a college kid. Jeffrey wonders why Cassie is so concerned about how he lives his life. She tells him that she doesn't care who he sleeps with, but she doesn't appreciate being lied to. Jeffrey wonders when he ever lied to her, and Cassie explains that he lied when he said he cared about Marah. Jeffrey tells Cassie he never lied about that. He explains that he protected Marah during the murder investigation because he cared about her. Jeffrey says he also put Marah on a plane to Paris because he cared about her. Cassie admits she is freaked out because Richard used to come to the farm, and seeing him sitting there ruffles her a bit. Jeffrey apologizes for not knocking and barging in on Cassie. Cassie reluctantly apologizes for yelling at him at the Beacon. Jeffrey tells Cassie he will be leaving Springfield once the case is finished. Cassie doesn't believe Jeffrey will leave town, because he has made connections in town. Jeffrey says he is not the type of person to set down roots or make connections. He tells Cassie he is eager to leave Springfield and go back to Washington.

At the hospital, Michelle takes out her frustration about her amnesia on Marina. Michelle tells Marina that no one comes just to visit her, they really come to see the freak show or toss her a peanut. Marina tells Michelle they became close friends when they met Carrie. Michelle asks Marina to tell her about Carrie, but Marina doesn't think that is a good idea. Michelle asks Marina to tell her about Danny instead.

Marina tells Michelle that she and Danny are a super couple. Michelle tells Marina she feels weird because Danny is always there and likes to watch her sleep. Marina doesn't think Danny watching Michelle sleep is strange; he just does it because he loves her. Marina tells Michelle not to be so hard on Danny. Michelle feels even more guilt and pressure, and she asks Marina to leave.

Outside Company, Shayne wonders what Sandy is doing. Sandy tells Shayne he is checking his e-mail. Shayne thinks that he should be working on his project with Marina. Sandy is confident he and Marina will do well on their project for the contest.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus looks less than thrilled as Harley describes a cost-efficient wedding at the falls; nevertheless, he continues to stand behind Harley's decision. Harley reveals that the true purpose of the lunch was to discover how Gus really felt about the wedding. She tells everyone how supportive they have been of her and the wedding plans. Harley admits she was wrong about Alan's and Alexandra's intentions, and she thanks them for being supportive of her relationship with Gus.

Harley tells Gus she wants their wedding to be special because she loves him. She explains that he taught her how to love and trust again, and he is her heart. Harley asks Alan and Alexandra to help her throw a wedding that will express how she feels about Gus.

At the hospital, Bill arrives to see Michelle, who says, "Wow! Please tell me we slept together." Bill explains they were best friends, and that they tried to have a relationship once, but it ended because she was in love with Danny.


By the look on his face Michelle figures out Bill doesn't like Danny. Michelle asks Bill for more information as to why this is so. Bill tells Michelle his reasons don't matter, but he is sure of one thing; Danny only cares about her, and their marriage is the real deal. Bill tells Michelle he is confident she and Danny will find their way back to each other.

At the farm, Jeffrey asks Cassie to admit that the reason he annoys her is that he looks like Richard, and when he does something Richard would never do, it bothers her. Cassie admits that Jeffrey is right, then asks why she annoys him so much.

Jeffrey admits that she reminds him of someone, too, but, despite Cassie repeatedly asking him who the lady is, he won't give Cassie a name. Jeffrey does tell Cassie that the lady is gone now, and that their relationship was toxic for both of them, but in the end he put a stop to it because it was best for her. Cassie wonders why Jeffrey told her this story. Jeffrey tells Cassie he just wanted her to know he did care about someone. Before Jeffrey leaves, he and Cassie tell each other stories about the longest they have held a grudge towards someone. Jeffrey wins the contest when he tells Cassie that a little boy who made him angry when he was younger is now in prison, and he called the warden to put in a bad word for him.

At the hospital, Rick tells Danny that Michelle is ready to go home. Danny is excited and positive Michelle will get her memory back once she is home and surrounded by her own things. Rick tries to persuade Danny not to get his hopes up because Michelle's recovery will take time. Danny won't listen to Rick's advice and chooses to remain optimistic about Michelle's recovery.

Outside Company, Marina arrives and tells Shayne that her visit with Michelle didn't go so well, because she saw a friend, but Michelle saw a stranger. Shayne leaves to work on his project with Kira. Marina asks Sandy if guys actually fall for Kira's "helpless female" act. Sandy says guys fall for her act because she's hot. Marina tells Sandy she wants to find Kira's weak spot so she can beat her in the contest. Marina feels badly that beating Kira will mean beating Shayne, as well. Marina asks if Sandy is working on their project.

Sandy tells Marina it will be better for her if she doesn't know what he is doing. Marina keeps asking, and eventually Sandy admits he is hacking into Alan's computer because he wants to teach Alan a lesson. Sandy doesn't like how the teams were paired off for the contest; he thinks Alan did it on purpose to create more conflict. Marina likes the idea of teaching Alan a lesson and wants to help Sandy. Sandy accepts Marina's offer and lets Marina look at his computer.

At Gus and Harley's place, Alan tells Harley he is glad that Gus has her in his life. Harley is pleased by the compliment. Alan promises to make sure Alexandra doesn't go overboard with the wedding plans. Alexandra asks Gus if he got rid of Brad's note to her. Gus tells her he will talk to her about that later. After Alan and Alexandra leave, Gus wonders what made Harley change her mind about the wedding. Harley admits that Alexandra told her he wanted a big wedding. Gus tells Harley that this will be the last time either of them will get married, so it should be special. Harley is happy; she has made peace with Gus' family, the case, and the wedding plans. Harley is also happy that Brad found peace with his final words, "God free." Gus tells Harley he will clean up, and she can go upstairs. After Harley goes upstairs, Gus reads the note again and tells himself, "Brad wasn't making peace by saying Godfrey; he was trying to bring Alexandra down."

Gus burns the note using the flame from a candle that is on the table.

At the hospital, Rick tells Michelle she can go home. Michelle looks panicked. Bill, Danny, and Rick tell Michelle about the Bauer barbecue last year. The guys keep talking and talking; finally, Michelle can't take it anymore. She yells for them to stop because she has no idea what they are talking about at all. Michelle screams that they should get out and leave her alone.

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