Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/24/04

By Eva
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At the Harley's Angels Office, Blake and Mel are busy handling phone calls.  Harley arrives and tries to talk to them.  When they don't seem to be listening to her, Harley pretends to have a three-person conversation by herself.  When Harley gets to the part about her and Gus eloping, Mel and Blake both shout, "What?" and hang up their telephones.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Gus arrives to break the news to Alexandra that he and Harley have decided to elope. Gus has a hard time telling Alexandra because she is so excited about giving Gus the wedding of his dreams. Gus is surprised that Alexandra thinks giving him a big fancy wedding will help him feel less guilty about lying to Harley. Gus finally tells Alexandra about the elopement. Alexandra guesses that eloping was Harley's idea from the look on Gus' face.

Alexandra tries to persuade Gus to have a fancy wedding, but Gus remains determined to give Harley what she wants.

Upstairs at the mansion, Olivia tells Phillip that it was a good idea to have Beth oversee Emma's care; she thinks Beth truly has Emma's best interests at heart.  Phillip is happy that they finally agree on something. Olivia asks Phillip to call off his dogs.  Phillip acts puzzled by Olivia's comment.  She explains that she is referring to the spies he has watching her. 

Phillip explains that right now they don't agree about how Emma should be raised, and until a judge decides which one of them can raise Emma, he won't call off his dogs. Olivia tells Phillip that one day Emma will realize what an animal her father is, and he will lose her just like he lost all the other women in his life. Phillip admits he hasn't been the perfect father, but he loves his children, and they love him.  Olivia tells Phillip that Lizzie is proof of his bad parenting skills, and she is determined that Emma will never turn out like her.  Phillip assures Olivia that, once Emma grows up, she will want to be just like her older sister.  "Over my dead body," she replies; Phillip is thrilled at the idea.  He asks Olivia to put all of his stock back into his account.  She replies that the only reason she hasn't done it yet is that she's forgotten.  Olivia tells Phillip that she is more then ready for the fireworks if he wants a fight. Phillip tells her the fourth of July isn't until next week, and there will not be any fireworks.

At the farm, Edmund answers no to Cassie's proposal, thinking it a proposal of marriage.  Cassie explains she isn't proposing marriage; she wants him to move into the farm with her and the children because she won't be happy there without him. Edmund tries to leave, but Cassie stops him by giving him a bite of his favorite food, duck l'orange, and a glass of his favorite wine.  Edmund is impressed that Cassie had someone prepare his favorite meal, but he lets Cassie know that dinner and a romantic evening won't solve their problems.

Cassie apologizes to Edmund for her lack of trust in him.  She thinks they have both been holding back on their relationship.  Cassie tells Edmund she is ready to give him everything, and she asks him to put forth the same effort.

At the Harley's Angels office, Blake and Mel try to make Harley realize that Gus may want a big wedding and won't admit it because he is a man, and men don't always express their feelings. Blake explains that Harley has been married many times, but Gus has never been married, and he may want an unforgettable wedding.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra is trying to persuade Gus to tell Harley he wants a big wedding with their families around them. Gus remains determined to give Harley what she wants, which is to elope. Gus makes Alexandra promise not to interfere with his and Harley's plans.  She promises, but as soon as Gus goes into another room she tells herself she only won't interfere as long as he thinks the elopement is what's best for him.

At the Beacon, Josh and Bill have a talk. Josh tells Bill he is concerned about how he is handling the loss of Eden. Bill tells Josh he is fine. Josh says Olivia told him about what happened with the gun. Bill explains to Josh that Olivia is just trying to get back at him for turning her down about a business deal. Josh tells Bill that Tony also told him to ask about the gun; he once again asks Bill if he intends to use it.  Bill answers he had had no intention of using the gun, although he would like to use it on someone now.

At the Harley's Angels office, Harley realizes that Gus wants a big wedding, and she calls off the elopement. Blake and Mel begin discussing wedding plans.  Harley stops them and says this wedding will be done her way: small and intimate, with just a few friends and family, and the reception will be hot dogs and beer at Company. Harley says if Alexandra doesn't like it, she doesn't have to be there.

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus calls for information about wedding packages for the elopement. Gus flashes back to Harley in a wedding dress at Eden's apartment. Phillip arrives and wonders why Gus was lost in thought.  Gus tells Phillip he thinks Harley deserves someone better then him.  Phillip agrees, but says he will have to do.  Gus asks how married life is going for Phillip.  He responds that his marriage is interesting. Gus thinks both he and Phillip deserve to be happy. Phillip gets a call informing him that Olivia has put his stock back in his account.  He hangs up and tells Gus about the call.  Gus thinks it may be a good sign for Phillip's marriage.  Phillip explains that when it comes to Olivia, things are never what they seem.

At the Beacon, Bill gets nervous when Josh suggests he see a therapist.  Bill explains that Olivia is just trying to work an angle, and Josh shouldn't listen to her. Josh starts to tell Bill, "If you need to talk," but Bill interrupts to finish the sentence, saying, "You will be the first person I call."  Bill quickly gets up and leaves.  Bill calls Tony to tell him to begin the demolition project.  Olivia arrives just as Bill hangs up the phone.  Bill is not happy to see her.  Olivia says she saw him with Josh and wonders if they had a chance to talk.

At the farm, Edmund struggles to answer Cassie's question, but he keeps wondering how they can make a fresh start if she can't trust him.  Cassie hears a noise and thinks it's just a bird, but she leaves to check it out.  A few minutes later a scared Cassie runs into Edmund's arms and tells him, "That wasn't a bird, it was Dracula!"  Edmund thinks it's just a fruit bat and tells her those are harmless, not like the kind they had in San Cristobal.  Cassie is annoyed that Edmund doesn't understand why she is scared.  Edmund offers to kill the bat, but Cassie decides they should both catch the bat and let it go.

At the Harley's Angels office, Harley explains to Alexandra that she wants a small, intimate wedding.  Alexandra thinks that will break Gus' heart because he wants to see her in a fancy dress.

At the Spaulding mansion, Phillip tells Gus he is happy to see that he is the new "golden boy," and he deserves all the praise he is getting from everyone.  Gus tells him he and Alan have their share of problems.  Gus wonders if all of this has hurt his and Phillip's relationship.  Phillip assures Gus that their relationship is more then okay, since Gus protected Phillip's interests at the company when he  was sick .

At the Beacon, Bill warns Olivia never to play him again.  Olivia thinks Josh got to him.  She tells Bill Josh was just her brush-back pitch, and he should watch out for the fast ball; he won't know what hit him. Bill tells Olivia he isn't scared of her.  Olivia offers to help keep his company image clean if he should decide to do business with Tony.  Bill thinks Olivia wants to get in bed with him because Phillip tossed her out.

At the Harley's Angels office, Alexandra tells Harley not to mention to Gus that they have spoken, because they have a pretty good relationship now.  Harley wonders why that is, and Alexandra explains that they share something important.

At the farm, Cassie and Edmund bicker about who got rid of the bat. Edmund asks Cassie to admit that she needs him. Cassie does, and they kiss.  Cassie wants Edmund to stay with her, but he says he can't listen to his heart; he must listen to his head.  Edmund tells Cassie that they had a fun night and should leave it at that .

Cassie tells Edmund he will always be in her heart.  He tells her not to waste her time wishing for something that won't happen.  Edmund gives Cassie a kiss on the forehead and moves toward the door. Cassie thanks him for helping her with the bat; she cries as she watches Edmund leave.

At the Spaulding mansion, Phillip advises Gus to study his and Olivia's marriage, and then do the exact opposite with Harley.  Phillip also tells Gus that he still has time to change his mind about eloping and go with the big wedding.  Gus remains determined to please Harley.

At the Harley's Angels office, Harley is even more confused about Gus' feelings.  While talking, Mel mentions something about wishing there was a way to test Gus; Harley thinks of a way to do just that.

Josh gets the superintendent of Bill's building to let him inside Bill's apartment.  Josh sees the mess at Bill's place, along with several empty booze bottles.  Josh calls Billy and tells him Bill is in more trouble then they thought.

At the Beacon, Bill tells Olivia he thinks she is a desperate woman. Olivia says they are both desperate to change their lives.  Bill tells Olivia that this birdy (meaning her) has to fly solo on this one, because he doesn't want her offer.  Olivia tells Bill to call her when he gets tired of being his father and uncle's hired hand.  She kisses him and says he doesn't know what he will be missing.

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