Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/23/04

By Naila
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Cassie and Harley both try to escape their problems in yoga class, and seize the opportunity to vent. Cassie tells Harley that she hurt Edmund when she doubted him, and she does not know how to get him to trust her again. Harley thinks that Cassie's reaction was natural, considering all that she has been through with Edmund, but Cassie disagrees.

She tells Harley that she told Edmund over and over again that everything was in the past, but when it came right down to it she assumed the worse. Harley tells Cassie that she is also troubled by the past. She loves Gus so much, but after all her failed relationships she is terrified that, once they are married, she and Gus will crash and burn. Cassie is understanding and tells Harley that she needs to look to the future and embrace her relationship with Gus. Cassie tells Harley to close her eyes and imagine that she and Gus are married, living a happy life together. Harley is comforted by the thought, and agrees to forget the past and focus on a marriage with Gus. Harley even suggests that Cassie do the same, but for now all Cassie wants is to get Edmund back; she's not thinking about marriage. Harley suggests that Cassie get Edmund to the farm, a place that has no link to the past, where they can focus on each other.

Harley calls Edmund and, disguising her voice, tells him that there is a flood at the farm. Then she tells Cassie to head over there and do her thing.

Tony meets a union boss and tells him to let the construction crews know that there will be some new contracts coming up, and that they will be better than ever thanks to him.

Jeffrey is working out alone and thinking about leaving town. He tells himself that it will be better once he leaves and gets away from "her"; he then asks the yoga instructor out to dinner.


Gus and Edmund are both at the bar trying to forget their troubles. They end up trading stories. Edmund tells Gus that, despite their efforts, he and Cassie couldn't escape the past. Edmund's story mirrors Gus'; he fears that keeping his secret about Alex will cost him Harley. Edmund wonders why Gus is so down right now; he caught the bad guys, saved Spaulding, and has a big family that is grateful to him, and he should be on Cloud Nine. Gus can't help but fear that things from the past will come back to bite him. Edmund receives a phone call from someone telling him there is a problem at the farm and rushes out, leaving Gus to drink alone.

Harley shows up to talk with Gus. She tells him that she has been fixating on things from the past, worrying that they would cause a problem. Gus interrupts and tries to tell her about Alex, but his attempts to come clean fall short; Harley keeps insisting that the past be left in the past. She loves him, and she wants to marry him and spend her life with him. Gus walks away, and Harley goes after him. She asks what is going on, and Gus tells her that he wants to marry her, too, and he wants them to have their own little babies and a life together. They agree to focus on the present and leave the past in the past. They know their families are going to try to take over their wedding plans, so they decide to elope instead.


Edmund arrives at the farm, toolbox in hand, but finds the place deserted. Cassie comes in behind him and apologizes for luring him there under false pretenses. He realizes that it was Harley on the phone and says he should leave. Cassie tells him she has brought dinner and is hoping that they can spend the evening together. Edmund knows what Cassie's intentions are; he tells her that romance was never a problem for them, and they can't change the past. He tries to leave again, but Cassie stops him.


Buzz stops by to spend some time with Alex, who shows him some Greek fabric she got for the wedding. She thinks that Harley and Gus will have a beautiful ceremony. Buzz tells Alex that he knows her too well; she has done a complete 180, and he knows that she would only do that if Gus had something on her.

Alex assures Buzz that after Gus saved the Spauldings by catching Brad Green she realized that he truly is one of them, and she wants to give him a chance. Also, she and Harley were very close once, and she would like to get that back. Buzz seems satisfied with this explanation.


Josh tracks down Jeffrey, who is looking for Danny so he can get a statement from him. Josh tells Jeffrey he has impeccable timing. Jeffrey tells Josh that the sooner he wraps up the case, the sooner he will leave town. Josh is happy to hear that. Jeffrey realizes that Josh is upset because Reva was almost hurt, but he can not blame anyone for that; Reva acts on impulse, and that won't change when he leaves. Just the same, Josh is looking forward to a Jeffrey-free Springfield. Jeffrey tells him that the next time Reva acts on her impulses he won't be around for Josh to blame.

Josh finds Tony and asks him about the confrontation with Bill, but Tony, exhausted from everything that has been going on, does not want to talk about it. Josh presses him for answers, insisting that he needs to know about Bill's emotional state.

Tony blows up and tells Josh that he is not responsible for anyone else's problems; if Josh wants answers he should go to the source: Bill.

Danny and Rick try to boost Michelle's memory by showing her pictures and telling her about the people in her life. She goes for a walk and is flustered by the people who come up to her and welcome her back.

Michelle wonders if she used to work in the hospital, and Lillian tells her that she was a physician's assistant. Lillian offers to take her through the hospital and show her around. They start with the maternity ward, but Danny is frustrated to learn that seeing all those babies did not spark any memory of Robbie. He and Rick agree to keep Robbie a secret from Michelle.

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