Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/22/04

By Boo
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Church gym:

A very upset Olivia finds Bill working out; she confronts him about having gone to Phillip after she talked to him.  She strongly cautions him not to play her against Phillip, but Bill is not impressed with her threat. He tries to tell her that he just doesn't want to do business with her. Olivia doesn't take this news very well and hurls more threats at him, but he isn't afraid of her at all.  Olivia storms out in a huff after reminding him that he had his chance.

Bill finds Tony letting his frustrations out on the punching bag.  Tony fills him in on all that has been going on with Michelle. Bill starts to leave for the hospital, but Tony stops him and tells him not to do anything until he runs it by Danny first.  Bill is worried about Michelle, but he understands what Tony is saying.

Bill then tells Tony that he wants to work with him. He needs someone on his side in the union, and, since Salerno is out of the way now, he figures Tony is the man to talk to. Tony knows they have never been ‘friends’ but agrees to think about it. For now, he has to get back to the hospital.

Spaulding mansion:

Lizzie has sent a limo to pick Joey up and bring him to her. When he arrives, she thanks him for coming. Joey tells her that he could hardly say no to the limo. He is amused by the reactions it won from his neighbors and his mom. Lizzie claims that she just wanted to apologize again for spilling the beans about Tammy kissing Edmund. She doesn't want all this drama to interfere with his getting the internship. Joey promises that things are cool between them and gives her a hug when she asks for one.

Josh and Reva's house:

Josh and Reva are surprised to see Tammy at their door; they thought there was a big intern meeting at Spaulding Enterprises. Tammy informs them that she is dropping out of the competition. Josh and Reva are both upset to hear this.  They figure out that it is because she and Joey broke up. Josh tells her that he understands that Joey hurt her and that she probably never wants to see him again. All the same, he hates to see her throw away such a wonderful opportunity because of him.  Reva tells her that she has two choices: she can either fight to get Joey back, or she can punish him for leaving.  Tammy likes the sound of punishment. Reva tells her to go home and put on a knock-out outfit, and then go to the meeting

at Spaulding and totally ignore Joey.

In Michelle's hospital room:

Danny comes in to find Michelle up and dressed.  Tony is there with her. Danny has brought some things from the house that he thinks might help her regain some of her memory.  Tony offers to leave and give them some time alone, but Michelle asks him to stay. Danny also encourages Tony to stick around.  Among the objects Danny has brought are a rock and a seashell that have special memories for the couple; just as he starts to show them to Michelle, he is called to the nurses' station over the intercom.  Tony offers to go and see what that is all about.  Michelle asks him to find her something to eat while he is out.  After Tony leaves, Danny tells Michelle that the rock is from Laurel Falls, a place that she has always loved, and that he bought some land there so they could build their dream house. He explains that they haven't built the house yet, though, because there was another house that she always loved that he bought for her already. She thinks he must be a very sweet man.

She picks up the seashell and jokingly asks if he bought her an island, too. Danny tells her about the villa they have in San Cristobal, and says the seashell is from a beach on that island that they both really love. Michelle comments that she thinks she likes being close to the water. She starts to get a little frustrated that she can't remember all these things. She has pictures all over her room, and no idea who any of the people in them are. She feels like they all want something from her that she can't give them. Danny tries showing her pictures of family and friends, but this just seems to freak Michelle out even more.  Danny tells her that he will slow down, but Michelle clearly wants a break from all of it. Tony comes in and asks to see Danny outside for a minute.

In the hallway, Tony tells Danny that Robbie is there and wants to see his mommy.  Danny leaves Tony to sit with Michelle while he rushes off to talk to his son.

Back in the room, Michelle begs Tony to get her out of there. She is going a bit stir crazy and really wants to leave. Tony makes her promise to wait right there for him and runs out. He comes back with Reva, and then comes up with an excuse to leave so Reva and Michelle can have some time alone.  Reva explains to Michelle that she went through the same thing Michelle is going through once. Michelle is relieved to find someone that understands; she relaxes a bit and asks Reva about her life.  She realizes that she and Danny must be pretty well-off, since he bought her all these houses and stretches of land.  She asks Reva what Danny does for a living.

Reva hesitates slightly before telling Michelle that Danny is a self-made man.  Michelle asks Reva about her story. Reva shows her pictures of Shayne and Marah. She also tells her about her other two sons, Dylan and Sandy. She offers Michelle an abbreviated version of her life. Michelle wonders if Danny has been her only husband. Reva then summarizes her and Danny's life. Reva tells her that when she lost her memory, no one was around to help her. She thinks Michelle is lucky to have Danny. She tells Michelle that she and Danny have an epic, romantic love. Reva is confident that they will pull through this together. As she prepares to leave, she asks Michelle if she can come and see her again. Michelle tells her she would like that very much.

While Reva visits with Michelle, Danny takes Robbie to a sitting room and has a little chat with him. Robbie misses his mom very much and wants to see her. He gives Danny a flower that he picked and asks him to give it to Michelle.

After the visit with Robbie, Danny runs into Reva as she is leaving Michelle's room. Reva tells him that he shouldn't push Michelle too hard, because if he does he will scare her off. Danny explains that he has to push her hard because of Robbie. Robbie wants to see his mother, and Danny has to make Michelle understand that, even if she has to fake it, she must make Robbie feel that she loves him. Reva understands completely and encourages Danny to call Josh, because he knows exactly what Danny is going through right now. Danny promises he will call, and Reva leaves. When Danny returns to Michelle's room, she is nowhere to be found.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Alan is meeting with the interns and notices one of them is missing. Lizzie tells him that she thinks Tammy has quit. Alan tells them all that none of them will quit without his permission. Tammy comes rushing in with coffee from Company, in what she must think is a "knock-out" outfit, and explains that the line was long.  She offers Alan his favorite: a double-cafe vanilla and nutmeg. Alan is impressed that she knew what his favorite was. He asks the group what it's called for Buzz to have probably spent fifty cents on the coffee and then sold it for five dollars.  Lizzie snidely remarks that it is called robbery.  Tammy correctly answers that it is called charging what the market will bear. Alan is pleased with Tammy's answer, but reminds her to leave the house earlier next time so she won't be late. Alan then tells the group that the next phase of the competition will require them to split up into pairs. He leaves them all for a bit to allow himself time to decide who will work together. Lizzie immediately approaches Joey, but so does Tammy. Lizzie gets discouraged and follows Alan to his office. She begs him to put her with Joey.  Alan informs his granddaughter that he isn't running a dating service, and that she will work with whomever he decides to put her with.

Back in the other room, Tammy tries to get Joey to talk to her, but he wants nothing to do with her.  Lizzie returns in time to see Joey blow Tammy off.  Alan finally comes back in and announces the new teams: Kira and Shayne, Marina and Sandy, Tammy and Remy, and Elizabeth and Joey. Alan reminds them that in business they don't necessarily have to like the people they work with. He leaves them to figure out the answers to their questions. They all discuss how each got paired up with his or her partner. Lizzie announces that she and Joey are going to win.  Tammy tells her that all of them want to win, including her.

Olivia's Bar:

Olivia has asked Josh to meet her.  She pretends to be concerned about Bill and tells Josh how she found him with a gun. At first Josh assures her that he has been checking on Bill, but when he hears about the gun he becomes a bit concerned.  Olivia continues to pretend that she isn't sure she should be telling him all of this, but Josh pushes her to continue. She tells him about Tony coming over and the argument between him and Bill.  By the time Josh leaves, he is very worried about Bill.  Olivia is pleased with her performance.

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