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In Michelle's room, Tony is happy to see Michelle is awake and runs out to the hall to get Danny. Danny runs in and starts expressing his happiness over how Michelle has returned to him. Danny asks how she is feeling; Michelle is fine, but looks really confused. Danny tells her not to worry, Rick will check her over and make sure all is okay; he is just so happy to have her back. Michelle pulls away a little bit and asks, "I'm sorry, but who are you?" Shocked, Danny realizes that Michelle doesn't know him. He takes off to find Rick. Tony stays with Michelle and tries to keep her calm. She wants to know why she is in the hospital. Tony explains that she was in an accident, and soon understands that she doesn't even know her own name. Rick and Danny return to the room. Rick explains that he is her doctor and also her brother, and then he asks her a few questions, trying to determine just how much she does remember.

After a short examination, Rick tells them all that this is pretty normal when there has been trauma to the brain. Michelle is suffering from a long-term memory loss. Michelle and Danny both want to know when the memory will come back. Rick tells them that each case is different, but the memories usually do come back at some point. Michelle doesn't remember Rick or Danny, but she does remember Tony and him lifting her up. They all tell her about the explosion. Rick tells her that it was Tony that saved her and brought her to the hospital. Tony insists that it was all Danny's faith that brought her back to them. Rick has to take off to run some more tests, but assures Michelle that if she needs anything at all she can let the nurses know, and they will track him down. Tony steps out of the room, also, to give Michelle and Danny time alone.

Michelle asks a few questions about their relationship and is happy to hear that they have a good marriage. Danny knows things are strange right now, but he assures her that they will get through this together. When he tries to get a little intimate with her, she pulls away and tells him that she just can't do this right now. Danny tells her that he understands, and she shouldn't worry about it. He wants to step out of the room for a few minutes to talk to Rick.

In the hallway, Danny asks Tony to go in and sit with Michelle while he talks to Rick. Danny wants to know what he can do to help Michelle regain her memory. Rick explains that he needs to take it slow; show her pictures, tell her about their lives together. When he emphasizes that she ‘might’ get her memory back, Danny is adamant that she will.

Back in Michelle's room, Tony asks her what it is like to not have any memory at all. Michelle explains that she really doesn't have anything to compare it to. Tony offers to leave and let her get some rest, but Michelle thinks she has had too much sleep lately, considering all that has happened, and asks Tony to stay with her.

Eden's place:

Olivia is still trying to get Bill to tell her who is buying up all the Spaulding stock. Bill realizes that Olivia is a bit desperate and wonders why. Olivia explains that she wants to make sure that Emma can be taken care of well without having to be under the control of Alan or Phillip. Bill plays Olivia just a little bit, commenting that he could ask just about anything from her right now. Olivia realizes that Bill is the one that has been buying all the stock. Bill doesn't exactly deny it, but tries to sound like he might or might not be the one. Olivia tries to talk him into joining sides with her, claiming that they could build an empire if they pulled their stock together. Bill tells her that he knows better; she doesn't want to "build an empire" with him. He knows that she is in deep trouble here, and she needs him to bail her out. Olivia admits that she is scared that Phillip will take Emma away from her. Bill reminds her that she told Phillip his daughter was dead, and he isn't sure he blames Phillip for wanting Olivia out of Emma's life. Olivia does her best to convince Bill to join up with her, but he turns her down flat and tells her to go home to her husband.

Spaulding mansion:

In the study, Phillip calls Beth over to meet Murph, a very strict-looking woman. He explains that Murph is applying for the position of Nanny. Beth sees on her resume that she is also an ex-Marine. Phillip asks Murph to wait in the living room while he has Emma brought downstairs. Beth jumps on him and informs him that she knows what he is up to: he is hiring a bodyguard to keep Olivia away from her own child. Beth tries to make him see that he is making the same mistake he made with her, as well as with Harley. Phillip insists that he is just protecting his daughter.

Beth tells him that Emma needs her mother. Phillip tells her that Emma will have her mother, but only on his terms. Beth argues that it isn't about power. Phillip says it is always about power when Olivia is involved; it most certainly isn't about love. He claims that he just wants someone who can give Emma the attention and love that she needs while he is at work every day. Beth tells him that Murph is not the person to give that to her, and suggests he go back to the drawing board and find someone who is. Phillip informs her that he has already found that person. When Beth asks who it is, Phillip replies, "You." At first, Beth wants nothing to do with his little plan.

Phillip explains that he only wants her to help him hire the right kind of nanny, and then just check in occasionally to make sure all is well. Beth finally agrees to take on the task, but informs Phillip that she will not keep Emma away from Olivia. Phillip assures her that he would never ask her to do that. He then gets a call from Bill, who asks him to meet with him about Spaulding Enterprises and explains that he is now part-owner of the company. Phillip agrees to the meeting, and hangs up just as Olivia comes in wanting to know who Murph is. Phillip explains that he fired Janice, and Murph is a new candidate for nanny. He tells Olivia that he has it all taken care of, and that Beth will explain everything to her. He rushes out to his meeting, to the dismay of both Beth and Olivia. Beth explains to Olivia everything that she and Phillip discussed. At first Olivia doesn't think it is a good idea, but she quickly changes her mind. She ends up thinking it just might be a good thing for Beth to be watching out for Emma. Beth tells her that she won't take sides between her and Phillip. Olivia doesn't want her to; she just wants Beth to make sure that Phillip doesn't take off with Emma. Beth says she will make sure of that, but she will also make sure that Olivia doesn't leave with Emma. Olivia agrees that that is fair. She is actually relieved that Beth will be watching out for Emma, because it will free up time for her to secure Emma's future.

Back at Eden's:

Phillip arrives for his meeting with Bill. When Phillip notices the state of the place, Bill explains that he just needed a bit of a change.

Bill tells Phillip that he had already approached Alan and Gus about this, but old grudges die hard. He was hoping that the two of them could let the grudges go. Bill explains that he thinks they should form a partnership between Spaulding Real Estate Development and Lewis Construction. Phillip glibly tells him that he is relieved. He was afraid Bill was going to kiss him like he kissed Olivia the other night. Bill tries to explain that he was drunk, and it really didn't mean anything. Phillip warns him not to try to play him and Olivia against each other. Bill says he is just looking for the best deal, and asks if Phillip is in. Phillip tells him he will think about it.


Harley and Frank talk about the upcoming wedding. Harley expresses her fears of suffering through another failed marriage. Frank tries to talk some sense into his beloved sister by pointing out all the pluses of being married, but Harley is still afraid of the idea. She remembers her past failed marriages and brings up other couples they both know that are having problems. She just thinks that she and Gus can still have their ‘happily ever after’ without all the paperwork and pressure. Frank thinks she is being silly, but assures her that he still loves her, no matter how crazy she is. Harley tells him about Maria hiring her to watch Brad before he died, and the conversation reminds her of something she needs to wrap up before moving on with plans for the wedding.

Police station:

Gus finds an officer going through Brad Green's belongings and takes the box from him. He carries it into his office and starts to go through it.

He is upset to find a love letter from Alex to Brad, and calls Alex to ask her how many times he has to cover her butt. Alex rushes right over to find out why Gus is so upset. He reminds her that she promised him there was no paper trail between her and Brad. Alex doesn't understand why he is so upset; it is no big secret that she and Brad were involved at one point. Gus points out that she signed it ‘Mrs. Godfrey’. She still doesn't understand; that is just how they used to playfully refer to her when they were being intimate. Gus informs her that Brad's dying word was "Godfrey." He knows that Harley didn't understand, and just thought Brad was praying to God or something. He points out that Brad was only trying to name his accomplice: Mrs. Godfrey. Alex again tries to convince Gus that she was not Brad's "accomplice." Gus just doesn't know what to believe. He is clearly still not happy with his decision to keep what he knows from Harley and the authorities. He doesn't want to hurt his father with all this information. Alex tells him that they do have the desire to protect Alan in common. Gus warns her that he better not find any more connections to Brad, and dismisses her because he needs to get back to work. Just then, Harley arrives to pick up Brad's stuff for Maria. She is surprised to see Alex there. Gus tells her that Alex came by to talk about wedding plans and quickly ushers Alex out of the room. Frank is happy to see Alex coming out of Gus' office and asks to speak to her for a moment. He explains that he didn't think that Harley wanted to discuss wedding plans with Alex. Harley surprises Gus with the news that she and Alex called a truce, and explains that they used to be friends a long time ago. She tells him that isn't why she came, anyway, and that she's actually there to pick up Brad's things for his wife. When she reaches for the box, Gus stops her and tells her that she can't take it.

Harley claims that she needs to give Maria some closure. Gus asks her if she needs to do that badly enough to hurt his reputation. He reminds her that her brother, the Chief of Police, is right outside his door, listening to everything they are talking about. It would be bad for him if he just handed over evidence to his fiancee to help her close her own investigation. Harley understands, but asks that he at least tell her if he finds anything in the box that would help her out. Gus concedes that he can do that.

Outside Gus' office, Frank thanks Alex for all the cooperation the department received from the Spauldings during their investigation. He tells her he understands how it can look for a big company to have a high official busted for drugs. Alex admits that the P.R. department has been working a bit overtime, but assures him that they were all happy to help as much as they could. She jokingly tells him that maybe his future brother-in-law over there is having a good influence on them, and says her good-byes. Frank sees the officer that he had asked to go through Brad's stuff, and is surprised to find out that Gus had told him that he would take care of it instead.

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