Guiding Light Update Friday 6/18/04

By Bridget
Pictures by Boo

Scene One: Olivia’s Bar

Beth enters to see Olivia with Emma. Beth asks her what is so urgent, when Phillip arrives. He starts to talk to Emma and then informs Olivia that he hopes that she made the time with Emma worth it, because her time is up. Beth looks surprised at his words and tone of voice.

Scene Two: Police Station

Gus approaches Alexandria and tells her that she can stop apologizing. She tells him that is not why she is there and sets a Bridal magazine on his desk. She says she wants to go all out he is a Spaulding. Frank then approaches. Meanwhile in another part of the police station Danny enters looking for Tony. He sees that Tony is already released, and preparing to leave. He asks him how he raised enough money to leave, Tony tells him who his lawyer is and that he had him released. Danny questions the lawyer because he has the reputation as a mob lawyer. Tony doesn’t seem to mind. Danny asks him why he wants back he has a second chance.

Scene Three: Michelle’s hospital room

Bill enters and asks Rick what is going on, he then looks at Michelle and sees her hand move. Rick tells him that it is involuntary that she doesn’t respond to touch or pain. They then step outside while Rick explains more, and Bill tells him that it is strange, it is almost as if she is dreaming. Inside the room however Michelle is starting to remember Tony telling her to stay with him after the explosion.

Scene Four: Olivia’s Bar

Phillip takes Emma, tells Beth goodbye. Olivia follows him and asks where he is taking their daughter. He says I don’t know, maybe to the airport. He could take her anywhere, but today he is taking her to Rick. He tells her that this is very satisfying. She tells him that she did what she did to protect her kid. He responds with “You did what you wanted.” He tells her that he is in charge now and she will do what he wants, unless she wants to go to jail on fraud charges. He then leaves. Olivia then runs back to Beth and asks her if she heard her conversation with Phillip. Beth tells her that she heard more than she wanted. Olivia informs Beth that she has to help her turn things around. Beth seems surprised, telling Olivia that she forgot how wonderful marriage can be.

Scene Five: Police Station

Danny asks Tony about what he going to do with his second chance. Tony tells him that the good life is not for him. Danny tells him that they are both legit now. Tony tells him to leave him out of his plans.

Scene Six: Michelle’s Hospital room

Rick tells Bill to go talk to Michelle; he is leaving to get his daughter. Bill starts telling her what is going on with him. He tells her about Eden, and that Billy and Josh think that he is drinking too much. He then proceeds to tell her about tearing apart Eden’s apartment. He then discusses Danny bringing down Vinnie.

Scene Seven: Police Station

Danny tells Tony that he should be proud. Tony tells him that he can be the next Ross Marler but that is not the life for him. Danny reminds him that he only has immunity for what he has already done not anything in the future. Danny wants to know why he is not taking his second chance. Tony tells him that he will not be something that he is not.

Scene Eight: Police Station

Meanwhile Frank asks Alexandria and Gus what they are doing. Gus tells him that they are working on wedding plans. Frank tells Alexandria that he hopes she is having better luck with Gus, because every time he mentions it to Harley she hits him really hard. They then discuss that Harley never does anything normal. Frank wants to know what they have figured out so far. Gus tells him that they have a wedding date, the end of July. Frank says that he finds it hard to believe that Harley is letting Alexandria plan the whole wedding. Gus tells him that they may not be the case. Frank asks him if he nuts, Harley doesn’t like anything being pulled over on her, it will come and bite him big time.

Scene Nine: Police Station

Danny asks Tony to hold off throwing himself into things. Tony asks him why. He tells him that he needs him right now, explaining that he needs his own family. Tony tells him to talk to Ray. Danny tells him that he can’t talk to Ray about a lot of things, and that he really needs a friend right now.

Scene Ten: Police Station

Gus and Alexandria start discussing pearls. Gus tells her talk to Harley. Alexandria tells him that she wants him to talk Harley. They then discuss her and Harley’s past relationship. She explains to Gus that she wants to welcome Harley into the family in a positive way. Gus advises Alexandria to not push. Alexandria then tells him that she want to give him a gift, the gift of moving on. She explains the way to put what happened out of her head, that it is in his genetic make-up. She tells him that he must do this; it is the only way that he will get any peace.

Scene Eleven: Olivia’s Bar

Olivia tells Beth about Phillip keeping Emma from her. Beth tells her that she feels sorry for her, but what about her keeping Emma away from Phillip for month. Olivia tells her that she could have kept her away forever, but didn’t. She only kept Emma away to protect her from Lizzie. What Phillip is doing, is trying to destroy her. Beth tells Olivia that if something was still wrong with Phillip that Rick would know. Olivia tells her that Phillip is crazy and more dangerous than ever.

Scene Twelve: Beacon Lobby

Rick enters with his daughter. Phillip and him discuss their daughters. Rick asks about Phillip and Olivia, and Phillip tells him that it is marital bliss. Phillip tells Emma that he could just pick her up and leave and never tell Olivia. Rick tells him that he just had a sweet moment with his daughter. Phillip tells him that he talking hypothetically, of course. Rick tells him if things are that bad, and Phillip interrupts him and tells him that things are not that bad. Rick asks if they have some sort of arrangement. Phillip tells him that Olivia does what he tells her to, or he puts her in jail.

Scene Thirteen: Michelle’s Hospital Room

Danny says hello to Bill, and ask how Michelle is doing. Bill tells him about her moving her muscles and explains to him what Rick said. Bill congratulates Danny about Vinnie, he continues to praise him when Tony interrupts. Tony tells him to not do this. Bill tells him that it is a safer place for Michelle and Eden. Danny tells Bill that he is sorry. Bill asks him if this is collateral damage. Danny tells him to get over it, but not in Michelle’s room. Bill tells him that he will be back tomorrow. He then leaves. Danny sits next to Michelle, Tony takes her hand and asks Danny “Now what?” Danny tells him that they must stick together.

Scene Fourteen: Beacon Lobby

Phillip explains to Rick about Olivia and his stock. Rick asks him if this is the life that he really wants. Phillip then explains to Rick that he just wants Olivia to play a smaller part in Emma’s life. Rick tells him that if he and Olivia don’t stop their game, the only person that will suffer will be Emma.

Scene Fifteen: Olivia’s Bar

Beth tells Olivia that she pushed Phillip. Olivia tells Beth that she needs her board vote, along with India, Harley, and Blake. Beth tells her that if she is looking for a power boost she should look somewhere else. She will not turn on Phillip for her or anyone else. Olivia warns her that she will get the board votes with or without her help, and then remember that Beth turned her back.

Scene Sixteen: Beacon Lobby

Alexandria approaches Rick holding both of the babies, and asks where Phillip is. Rick says he went to do something. They then talk about the girl’s first play date. Alexandria tells him it feels like yesterday that he and Phillip were getting into trouble chasing the girls. Rick tells her that he used to catch them and Phillip used to snatch them away. Rick tells her they are boring dads now. Alexandria asks about Michelle. Rick tells her about Michelle’s condition. Alexandria picks up Emma.

Scene Seventeen: Olivia’s Bar

Beth reminds Olivia that she has done a few things to her that she hasn’t forgotten. Beth tells her that even with all of the exes she doesn’t have enough shares to take away the company. Olivia then makes a phone call to Bill, and asks him where she is. She tells him that it is about business. He tells her that he is at the apartment.

Scene Eighteen: Olivia’s Bar

Gus approaches Beth, tells her that he needs to talk to her. Telling her that it is about the Spauldings.

Scene Nineteen: Beacon Lobby

Olivia asks Phillip where Emma is. He tells her that Rick is watching her. She tells him that she is glad that she ran into him, she needs him to take care of Emma for a couple of hours. She has a meeting. He asks if it is Spaulding business. She replies that it is business, and he can reach her on her cell phone. Phillip then goes back to Emma. Olivia then calls the concierge and tells him that if Phillip tries to leave the building with Emma to notify security and call her immediately.

Scene Twenty: Michelle’s Hospital Room

Danny tells Tony that he needs to call Robbie, and asks Tony to stay with Michelle. He then leaves, and Tony starts talking to Michelle. Tony tells her that he wants her to open her eyes and come back. Michelle then grips his hand, and starts to move her head.

Scene Twenty-One: Olivia’s Bar

Beth tells about how her relationship was formed with the Spauldings. They then talk about forgiving the family members. Beth tells him that you just learn to stop judging them. Beth tells him that the Spaulding’s protect their own. She then tells him that she knows that he is trying to fill a void in his life, she then explains that they are a great support system. They will try your patience, but will always be there for you.

Scene Twenty-Two: Beacon Lobby

Phillip approaches Alexandria holding Emma. He asks where Rick went and she explains that he had to call Cedars. He tells her that it looks like they are having fun. He explains that he heard Olivia calling, and if he should leave the bell boy will call security. He then asks Alexandria if they have someone who can freeze all of Olivia’s assets. He tells her that he wants her left with nothing. Alexandria gives him a business card and tells him that they do.

Scene Twenty-Three: Bill Lewis’s Suite

Olivia tells Bill that she trusts Bill. She tells him that they need to join forces. She tells him what she is trying to do. She explains that she has hit a wall, which someone else is also buying up Spaulding stock and she needs to know whom. He tells her that he can get that information, but how bad does she want it.

Scene Twenty-Four:

Tony it trying to wake up a moaning Michelle. He is asking her to open her eyes. Michelle starts mumbling. Tony tries to holler for Danny or the nurse. She says “It’s you, you’re here.”

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