Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/17/04

By Bridget
Pictures by Boo

Scene One: Beacon Lobby

Cassie comes downstairs and sees the concierge placing mail in an envelope. She asks him what he is doing, and he tells her that Mr. Winslow asked that his mail be sent to towers. Cassie then sees Jeffery and walks over to him. She makes fun of a fiction book that he is reading. She tells him that he have been pretty busy taking down the drug ring. She asks what he is going to do now. He responds with, “You tell me, now that Eddie is in the clear, you two must be happier than ever.”

Scene Two: Towers

Edmund is giving an ambassador cigars as a thank you when Tammy interrupts claiming that she must talk to him. The ambassador leaves and Tammy tells Edmund it is all her fault that he left, she believes that it is all her fault.

Scene Three: Olivia’s Bar

Olivia and Phillip have a heated discussion about her selling his stock under his proxy. Olivia tells him that she is only guilty for trying to make their marriage work. He tells her that she will still be able to see Emma on visiting days.

Scene Four: Police Station

Gus tells Frank that he is glad to be back. He continues rambling about the feds when Frank interrupts him and says that Danny isnít the only hero. The other officers show a banner and Harley enters. She tells him not to be so modest, and that it took guts to do what he did and his willingness to bring down his family.

He then tells everyone to stop, that it isnít true. He says that he canít take all the credit; Cooper is just as responsible as he was. They then toast Harley and Gus.

Scene Five: Towers

Edmund tells Tammy that it is not her fault that he left. They then sit down at a table. She tells him that it is bad enough that Joey found out about the kiss, but that nothing has went right since the kiss. Edmund asks her how Joey found out.

Scene Six: Olivia’s Bar

Olivia tells Phillip that she cannot be charged with fraud. She did everything for Emma and him. She tells him that he signed his proxy of right mind. He tells her that it is not what the feds believe. They must have stumbled upon something during their investigation. They then argue about his state of mind while signing the proxy.

Scene Seven: Police Station

Frank adds Harley’s name to the banner. Frank offers Harley her job back on the force, she declines saying she is busy with Harley’s Angels. Buzz and Alexandria then come in caring trays of food.

Scene Eight: Towers

Tammy tells Edmund that she should have told Joey the truth all along. She took Joey for granted. He tells her that if Joey is important to her to not stop fighting until she gets him back. She tells him that it is good advice and asks if he is going to take it. He tells her that it is not that simple for him and Cassie.

Scene Nine: Lobby of the Beacon

Jeffery tells Cassie to stop fighting him. She tells her to go find Edmund and drag him back. He then tells her that he tried, and wishes her luck as he leaves.

Scene Ten: Olivia’s Bar

Phillip tells Olivia that the wedding was kind of foggy. She tells him that she did nothing illegal. He tells her that she is going to have a hard time doing that, unless she wants to face another charge. Perjury. He then reveals a tape recorder, and replays their conversation. She then says that she will transfer all of the stock back over to him. He say that she will be doing that and giving up Emma.

Scene Eleven: Police Station

Alexandria offers a plate to Gus. He asks if she is following him. She says no, Buzz invited her. She tells him that he put the family first and she is extremely grateful. Gus tells her he didn’t do it for her.

Scene Twelve: Towers

Edmund tells Tammy that she and Joey will work everything out. She asks him if it ever gets any easier. He tells her no. Tammy asks if he and Cassie are going to work it out, and he says I don’t know. Cassie then arrives, and Tammy smiles.

Scene Thirteen: Olivia’s Bar

Phillip tells Olivia that he is doing her a favor. She has been juggling motherhood and business and failing at both. She tells him that she is a good mother. He tells her that he doesn’t want his daughter to be raised to steal and lie. Olivia asks him if they are talking about Lizzie or Emma, because she wasn’t even around with Lizzie and look how she turned out. She asks if he is doing this because she kept Emma from him, he tell her no, but it would be reason enough. She tells him that it is his payback. He tells her that there might be another way.

Scene Fourteen: Police Station

Alexandria asks Gus to speak to him. She tells him that she realizes what he did. She apologizes for keeping him out of the family for so long. He tells her that he hates false sincerity. She then tells him that he is a Spaulding and she knows that now. Jeffery then enters, and Frank asks if he has it. Jeffery then gives Harley and Gus a plaque for closing the case. He then tells them that they still have to check Brad Green’s files and see what he left behind. Gus then looks at a nervous Alexandria.

Scene Fifteen: Towers

Tammy tells Cassie that she was just trying to help; Tammy leaves wishing her mother luck with Edmund. Edmund tells Cassie that Tammy is worried about Joey, and she needs her world to be perfect again. Cassie tells him that she needs the same and that is why she wants him to come home again. They then go out on the balcony. He tells her that he canít do that. She tells him to give her good reason.

She then tells him that she doesnít want him to sacrifice for her; she just wants him to love her and come home with her. He tells her that he does love her but canít go home. They then kiss.

Scene Sixteen: Beacon Lobby

Sandy walks in saying hello to Tammy when she asks him what is wrong with us. He asks her what “us.” She say her and her mom, and then asks why the guys always leave them. They then discuss Cassie and Edmund breaking up. She then asks Sandy how the boys are going to understand Edmund leaving. She tells him that they have never been through anything like this before. He reminds her that she has. He asks her how he can help. She tells him to help her figure out what she and her mom are doing wrong. He tells her that is easy.

Scene Seventeen: Olivia’s Bar

Phillip tells Olivia that he wonít press charges and still allow her to live at the mansion, in the servantís courtiers. He then tells her that she can see Emma all she wants, as long as the nanny is with her.

Olivia then gets upset. He tells her that he donít trust her. She then says that he will let Lizzie have unsupervised visits with Emma. He tells her that Lizzie wonít go anywhere with Emma. Phillip tells her that she has lost her rights.

Scene Eighteen: Police station

Jeffery apologizes to Harley and Gus for leaving. Harley tell him that if he comes up with another undercover job he can stick it in hisÖ Ear is how Gus finishes the sentence for her. Jeffery just laughs and calls her his terrier. She tells him that her name is Harley, and to never call her that code name again.

Jeffery then tells Gus and Harley that if they ever want to quit their current jobs they know where to find him. Alexandria then walks over to Harley and compliments Gus. Harley then asks if they are talking about Gus. Alexandria tells her that she has found a new respect for Gus for what he did. Harley tells her that she know that something is up.

Scene Nineteen: Towers Balcony

Edmund stops the kiss between him and Cassie. He tells her that he can’t, she will be waiting a lifetime for him to disappoint her. She tells him that he won’t. He says that he will always be worried about her leaving him. She says that she made a mistake. He tells her that she is not being honest with herself. She tells him that he will get past this. He tells her that he don’t think that he can be. He tells her that she likes the man he because of her, and he don’t want to give him up. He won’t give it up not even for her.

Scene Twenty: Olivia’s Bar

Olivia tells Phillip that she doesnít like his deal. He tells her that he only has to make one phone call and she will be put away for a very long time. He then tells her that if she tries to leave town with Emma it wonít be nearly as pleasant for her.

She tells him that she wants a divorce, he tells her, absolutely; when he is ready. She tells him that she has gotten out of tougher situations and motherhood has a way of winning out. He laughs at her, and tells her that he saw her kissing Bill Lewis. She tries to slap him and he stops her.

Scene Twenty-One: Police Station

Alexandria tells Harley that nothing is up she just wants to be friends again. Harley tells her that she donít know if they can be. Alexandria tells her that they are family. Harley asks if Buzz put her up to this. Alexandria tells her no, she just wants to fix their relationship. Harley agrees to give it another shot, and to see how it goes.

Alexandria then asks if Harley needs any help with the wedding. Buzz interrupts and says if there is going to be a wedding he is going to be the one to throw it. Harley says that they havenít even started to think about it. Gus says that they have a date. Gus tells them that it is his fatherís birthday. Harley pulls Gus to the side, and tells Gus that she donít think that she can stick to that day. Gus reminds her that they picked that date. Harley tells him that they havenít even started. He tells her that everyone will help. Harley tells him that everything needs to get back to normal. He tells her that there is always something and then asks her if she wants to marry him.

Scene Twenty-Two: Olivia’s Bar

Olivia tells Phillip that she is glad to know where she stands with him. She tells him that the thing that is driving him is hatred. He agrees, and tells her that she hates him just as much.

Scene Twenty-Three: Beacon Lobby

Tammy asks Sandy if Joey has talked to him. Sandy says not a word. Tammy says Joey hates her. Sandy says it is the complete opposite, and Joey it not going to throw them away. He tries to talk her into ice cream, but she declines.

Scene Twenty-Four: Towers Balcony

Cassie tells Edmund that she is not a quitter, and that wounds heal. Edmund tells her that it just won’t work. Cassie tells him that she loves who he is. He disagrees. She tells him that she is not giving up.

Scene Twenty-Five: Police station

Harley asks Gus how he could even ask her that. He asks her if she is or isnít going to marry him. She says yes. They agree that they are getting married in July. Buzz tells everyone else.

Alexandria starts talking about having it on the Spaulding estate, and Buzz tells Harley ďHow about a church, you havenít had one of those yet.Ē Gus tells them to ask Harley, she is the boss.

Scene Twenty-Six: Olivia’s Bar

Olivia and Phillip discuss the line between love and hate. Olivia tells Phillip that there is a fine line between love and hate. Phillip asks her if she is going to try to threaten her. Olivia tells him that there is such a thing as Karma. At this time the nanny enters with Emma.

Scene Twenty-Seven: Towers Balcony

Cassie tells Edmund that their relationship means everything to her. He tells her that he will always love her and the kids but their relationship will not work. She tells him that she will keep coming back; she will spend the rest of her life proving that she loves him. He tells her that he is just a man, not a prince, and he doesn’t think that she can live with that.

Scene Twenty-Eight: Beacon Lobby

Tammy is sitting on the stairs as Cassie comes in. She asks Cassie how it went, and if she had anything to do with it. Cassie tells her no. Tammy then tells her that Joey knows about the kiss. Cassie tells her that she is in the same boat. Tammy then tells her that it is back to how it used to be, the two of them against the world. Cassie agrees they are born fighters.

Scene Twenty-nine: Olivia’s Bar

Phillip tells the nanny to take the afternoon off. Phillip talks to Emma. They then discuss Emma and teaching her things. Phillip says that he is going to take Emma home, and reminds her to call her broker. He then leaves with Emma. Olivia calls Beth.

Scene Thirty: Police Station

Gus is looking at his and Harley’s plaque. He and Harley then discuss the wedding. Harley tells him that it is easier catching the bad guy then getting married. She then talks about how much he has changed, and that she doesn’t need a marriage license to know how lucky she is. He says that he is going to stand up at their wedding and let everyone know how lucky he is in July. She comments on how close that date is. Then they kiss, as Harley seems nervous.


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