Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/16/04

By Bridget
Pictures by Boo

Scene One: In Tammy’s Bedroom.

Tammy picks up the tickets to the summer fling. She then looks to Lizzie and tells her that she doesn’t understand what happened with Joey. Lizzie tells her that she knows what happened and it is all her fault.

Scene Two: In the Lobby to the Beacon

Phillip approaches Olivia and compliments her outfits. He then asks her whom her meeting is with. They then discuss the cover of the paper that says about Danny cleaning up Springfield and Brad Green. Phillip wishes her luck with her damage control as Jeffery walks in.

Scene Three: Beacon Lobby

Bill is looking at the paper and discussing the contents out loud to him self.

Scene Four: Michelle’s Hospital room

Danny is telling Michelle about the paper. He tells her that it is time for her to come back that Robbie and her can be proud of their name. He tells her that she must come back so that he can make things right. Ross then interrupts by knocking on the door.

Scene Five: In Olivia’s Bar

Alexandria and Alan discuss the paper and the fact that Gus didn’t tell anyone.

Gus interrupts and tells them that he hasn’t told anyone YET. Alan tells Gus that he thought that they came to an understanding. Gus tells them that the only way that he can be quiet is if he can make sure that the Spauldings are completely out of the antimonious business. He tells them that they must sell that part of their business. Alan says that they cannot do that. Gus then explains that he is doing everything that he doesn’t want to do, lying to Harley, lying to the feds, and everything that he believed in. He says that he wants the antimonious to stop being produced and the formula destroyed. Alan says no way, and Gus tells him that is the price for his silence.

Scene Six: Bill Lewis’ suite

Bill comes into his room looking frustrated. He looks at a picture of him and Eden. He removes the picture from the frame and then tears it. He then looks around the room.

Scene Seven: Michelle’s Hospital Room

Ross asks Danny if there has been any change. He then sees the paper, and tells Danny that he must be getting ready to explain about all of the lies that he must have told Michelle while working for the feds. Danny tells him that Michelle knew, but she doesn’t know that it is over. Ross then tells Danny that he was wrong about him. He apologizes for the assumptions that he made about Danny. Danny asks him to sit with Michelle while he makes a couple of phone calls.

Scene Eight: Tammy’s Bedroom

Tammy asks Lizzie what she did. Lizzie tells Tammy that she and Joey spoke and she told him that she was glad that he and Tammy worked everything out after the kiss. Tammy gets upset telling Lizzie that she never told Joey about the kiss with Edmund.

Lizzie tells her not to freak out. She apologizes to Tammy and tells her that she didnít mean to tell Joey.

Scene Nine: Beacon Lobby

Phillip approaches Jeffery about his case. Phillip then talks to Jeffery about Spaulding and tells him that the investigators missed something. Phillip asks to speak to him off the record, and Jeffery tells him that he is a federal agent 24/7. There is no such thing as off the record.

Phillip seems pleased. Phillip asks Jeffery to be discreet. He then speaks hypothetically about Olivia selling his stock. Jeffery suggests handling it internally. He then asks if jail time would be involved if he decided to prosecute. Jeffery says yes.

Scene Ten: Tammy’s Bedroom

Lizzie asks Tammy what they should do. Tammy says that she has to talk to Joey and fix everything. Tammy then tries to call Joey, leaving a voice message. Tammy then calls his house talking to his mom. Lizzie tells Tammy that she can talk to Joey and tell him it was all a big mistake. Tammy tells him no, that when it comes to her and Joey, Lizzie needs to butt out. Then tells Lizzie to leave.

Scene Eleven: Bill’s Room

Bill hallucinates Eden being in the room and then starts to destroy the room.

Scene Twelve: Olivia’s Bar

Gus asks Alan if Spaulding in going to shut down the production of antimonious or is he going to turn Alexandria in. Alan agrees to stop production and destroy the formula. Alan then offers Gus his job back at Spaulding. He then offers the Spaulding estate for his and Harley’s wedding. Gus says no. Gus tells Alan and Alexandria that it was a once in a lifetime get out of jail free card. He will not do it again family or not.

Scene Thirteen: Michelle’s hospital room

Ross is reading Michelle the horoscopes when Danny returns. Ross and Danny then talk about the explosion at the warehouse. Ross tells Danny that they should pull together their connections and find out what really happened.

Scene Fourteen: Tammy’s bedroom

Tammy is on the phone trying to find Joey when he knocks on the door. Joey enters the room very upset. She then tries to explain what happened between her and Edmund and how much of a mistake it was. Joey then tells her that he saw her last night getting all cozy with Edmund. Tammy says that she was just talking to Edmund, because him and her mom had just had a fight. Joey asks her what the fight was about.

Scene Fifteen: Olivia’s Bar

Lizzie approaches Alan and Alexandria’s table. Alan then asks her what was wrong. Lizzie then explains that Tammy is mad out her. Alan and Alexandria try to console her. Alan tells her that friends are important, but it is family that you can depend on. Alan then congratulates her about her team winning the ticket-selling contest. Lizzie tells Alan that she doesn’t plan on loosing. She then asks Alan to pair her with Joey

Scene Sixteen: Beacon Lobby

Phillip offers to buy Gus a drink. Gus says that it would take a lot more to get him back in the bar. Gus asks him how he survived Alan and Alexandria. He then asks Phillip if he is celebrating. Phillip says that he is celebrating the direction his marriage is moving in.

Scene Seventeen: Bill Lewis’s Suite

Olivia is knocking on the door. She enters to find a very torn up room and Bill sitting alone.

She tells Bill that she is there to check on him; she then starts to pick things up. Bill tells her stop and asks her why she is really there. She tells him that she wanted to make sure things were clear about him kissing her. He tells her that it was nothing. She then starts to leave and tells him that if he wants to talk she is there. She then leaves.

Scene Eighteen: Michelle’s Hospital Room

Ross and Danny discuss Vinnie’s connection to the explosion. Ross offers to reopen the case. Ross tells Danny that something was not right about the explosion. Ross tells Danny that he is not going to let it go until he finds out who is responsible.

Scene Nineteen: Beacon Lobby

Gus invites Phillip and Olivia over for dinner. Gus tells Phillip that he must go back to Alan and Alexandria to finish. Phillip tells Gus to stick to his guns and hold on to his principals.

Scene Twenty: Olivia’s Bar

Lizzie continues to bed Alan to partner her with Joey. Alan asks her if she is using the family. She smiles. He tells her that she really is a Spaulding.

Scene Twenty-one: Tammy’s bedroom

Joey then talks about how Tammy could feel that way for Edmund. Tammy then explains that she has never had that kind of attention from a man. Joey remains upset about the kiss.

She tells him that he is the one that she wants. Joey tells her that he had been worried about not being good enough for her, but that it was the other way around. He then leaves an upset Tammy.

Scene Twenty-Two: Olivia’s Bar

Gus enters talking on the phone. He ends his conversation to talk to Alexandria. Alexandria says that she want to make sure that Gus can live with his decision. Gus says that stopping the production is serving a greater purpose. Alexandria wants to discuss the wedding. Gus tells her that she should talk to Harley, he then leaves.

Scene Twenty-Three: Tammy’s bedroom

Lizzie comes in and tells Tammy that she just saw Joey leave. She asks Tammy if she explained the kiss. Tammy says that Joey is still mad and that they are basically over. A smiling Lizzie says it is all her fault. Tammy tells her to stop, it is her problem, and then leaves to fix what she broke.

Scene Twenty-Four: Beacon Lobby

Olivia approaches Phillip. Phillip tells her that he was waiting for her, and then tells her that he canceled her last meeting. He wants to sit down and talk to her. He then talks to her about his proxy. He then asks about his stock. He then asks if she knows what fraud is. He tells her that he knows she bought it back.

Scene Twenty-Five: Michelle’s Hospital Room

Danny thanks Ross for coming by. Ross then asks about Robbie returning. Danny tells him that he is waiting for Michelle to wake up. Ross then leaves and Danny returns to talk to Michelle. He tells her how much he misses her and that she must come back. He talks about their fresh start. Michelle’s finger starts to move, but Danny doesn’t see.

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