Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/15/04

By Bridget
Pictures by Boo

Scene One: Cassie walks into her and Edmunds bedroom. She tells Edmund that she has been looking all over for him. She tells him that she know that he is mad at her, and she understands considering she accused him of being a drug dealer. She says that the accusation was so ridiculous that it is funny. He tells her that it is ridiculous at any rate. She tells him that he left the party before she got the chance to thank him, what he did for her was amazing. He raised more money for the San Cristobel Children's Museum than anyone ever had. She starts to tell him that she is so glad that he is there when she notices that he has a suitcase lying open that is full of his belongings. She then asked him if he is leaving. He tells her that is the idea.

Scene Two: Josh enters Olivia's bar talking on his cell phone. He is leaving a message for Reva asking where she is, telling her that he is worried about her. He then orders a drink when Tammy comes in. He offers to buy her a soda so that they can talk. He then asks her what she has in her hand. She tells him that it is the tickets for the Summer Fling Dance that her and Joey were supposed to attend together. She explains the note that Joey left saying basically that he didn't want to go with her.

Scene Three: Reva is explaining to Jeffery that when Danny came up behind Vinnie she knew that everything would be ok. Vinnie then tells Danny that he should have known that he would turn him in, considering that he turned in his own mother. Danny tells Vinnie that he was going down as two FBI agents escort Vinnie to the door. Vinnie then tells Danny that no matter where he is he will be figuring ways to get him back. Danny then tells him that just because he is in the slammer doesn't mean he can't get to him. Jeffery tells Danny that is enough. Tony then enters and Jeffery arrests him for conspiracy to sell drugs.

Scene Four: Gus continues to try to get Harley on the radio, she is telling him something that Gus doesn't like. He responds with "How did that happen?" and then goes upstairs. When he arrives in the lobby he sees Brad Green lying on the floor Harley tells Gus that Brad is dead.

Harley then tells Gus that she approached Brad with his suitcase full of money, the agent tried to take the suitcase. Brad resisted then clutched his chest and fell to the ground. Brad got away with it, he was the center of the drug ring. Harley and Gus then go outside. Gus asked Harley what really happened. She tells him the same thing, but that Brad's last words were "not alone."

Scene Five: Reva tells Jeffery not to arrest Tony. He tried to help her. Vinnie tells Tony not to worry about it that his lawyers will have them out in the morning. Tony then talks to Danny in a low whisper, Danny tells him to sit tight and don't worry.

Vinnie then threatens Danny some more. Both Vinnie and Tony are escorted out. Danny then tells Jeffery that he had better hold up his end of the deal and grant Tony immunity. Jeffery then asks Danny where he is going, he needs his statement, and Danny tells him that he can get it later; he is going to see his wife.

Scene Six: Cassie tells Edmund that he can't leave and that he is doing that just to punish her. She tells him that they haven't even talked about what happened. She wishes that she could take back what she said. He tells her that she can't. She tells him that she never doubted her love for him. He tells her that the problem is the thoughts and feelings that she is denying. She tells him that she knows who he is.

He tells her that may be so, but she can't forget what kind of man he used to be. The memory of who he used to be is fresh on her mind. She reminds him that he is the man that he used to be. He says that he could let it go but there would always be doubts of the man he is. She tells him that it would be hard, she can't forget the man that he used to be. However she loves him and that love wipes the rest away. She offers her love and tells him that he had better take it. She begs him not to leave. He tells her that he doesn't have a choice. She tells him that they love each other. She tells him that she wants to wake up every morning and roll over into his arms. She wants him there for the rest of her life. She tells him that she owes him; she hurt him. He tells her that she keeps thinking about what could happen. She throws his suitcase and tells him that he is going to have to come up with something better than that if he is going to leave her.

Scene Seven: Reva approaches a dazed Joshua in Olivia's Bar. He asks her where she has been. He tells her that he was angry with her, but then he thought about what kind of person Reva is. He then tells her that he spent the night watching Shane and Marina dancing. Then asks her where she has been.

He then tells her what happened through the night, he was stood up, Cassie and Edmund had a fight, and Tammy asked him the comforting advice she needed from her uncle, Brad Green had a heart attach. She then tells him about her night, that Vinnie had basically kidnapped her. She explained to Josh everything that had happened at Vinnie's and that Vinnie and Tony had been arrested. She also told Josh that she didn't think that Tony should have been arrested because he tried to save her earlier in the evening. Josh then gives Reva his martini, telling her that she needs it more than he does.

Scene Eight: Danny sits down next to Michelle's hospital bed. He tells her that it is over, and that no one will ever hurt them again. He tells her that it is safe for her to come back. Rick then comes into the room. He tells Danny that there has been no change.

Scene Nine: Gus asks Harley if Brad said anything else before he died. She tells him that she didn't hear it all. She tells him that he cried out to God, something about being alone. Alan then steps in trying to hint to Gus about Brad being alone; he says that Brad was alone and always separating himself. Jeffery then comes in and starts giving his team orders. Alan then tells Jeffery that Brad was a very bad apple in a clean company. Jeffery tells Alan to let his spin-doctors to have fun with that one. Jeffery then asks Harley and Gus what happened. Harley tells Jeffery that Brad is the man, she watched him do the drop off and pick up the money. Jeffery asks about Brad said before he died. He then asked Gus about what else happened.

Alan approaches Gus standing alone, trying to find out what Gus plans on doing. Gus tells him that he hasn't done anything yet. Alan tells Gus that Brad is the only one that could implicate Alexandria. Gus tells Alan that he didn't get into this to protect his aunt. Alan reminds him that he got into it to protect him. Gus says I don't know, he then asks Alan what he was doing in the basement. Alan says that he was trying to find out about Alexandria. Gus then tells Alan what is the point in having all the money and power if he lets men like Brad Green walk all over him. The reminds him that the reason that Alan did nothing is because if he showed that he knew something about what was going on he would be an accessory. Alan then reminds him that he is in the Spaulding family that they protect their own, and also punish their own. He tells Gus that it is time to step up and take his place in the family.

Scene Ten:

Cassie tells Edmund that he is running away. She has been more than hurt by him yet here she is. She tells him that she regrets what she did, and he has to big enough to know that something like this would happen. He tells her that he hoped that it wouldn't happen, that her love would be enough to save him. She tells him that she never lied to him. She then tells him that she is going downstairs; she wants him to stay in the room and remember the passion they had together and then explain to her how he can just walk away.

Scene Eleven: Josh tells Reva that it has been quite a night. She agrees. He then asks her if she was scared. She replies "a little." He then tells her that they should go home and enjoy a night of peace and quiet. When they turn to leave Cassie enters, and Josh says, "After we deal with this family crisis." Cassie tells Reva that she lost Edmund. Reva tells her that she doesn't understand Cassie was the best thing to ever happen to him. Cassie tells her that she couldn't love him the way he loved her. The three of them sit at a table in the bar. Cassie tells them that she doesn't know why she is telling them all of this; they wanted this to happen all along. Reva tells her that all she wanted was Cassie to be loved. Reva stops her self and then excuses herself, telling Josh that he has been rescuing damsels in distress all evening and here is another chance. Josh tells Cassie that Reva just wants her to be happy. He then explains that his family had a problem at first with him and Reva being together. Josh tells Cassie that Edmund is trying to change for her. While smiling he tells Cassie that if Edmund ever does anything to harm her, he and Billie will hurt him. This causes her to smile. She tells Josh that Edmund was looking for a reason to leave. Josh tells her that Edmund was different, she chose him. Every other man in her life romanced her; she opened up her heart and life to Edmund. She picked Edmund. He tells her that Edmund will respond, and he knows that she will not give up.

Scene Twelve: Tammy comes into the room to tell Edmund and Cassie goodnight. She then realizes that Edmund is alone. She sees the suitcase and asks him where he is going. He tells her that it would be best if her mother talks to her.

She insists that she must know. He tells her that he is going back to his room at towers. He then tells her that no matter what happens he will be there for her and her brothers. She then asks why everybody has to leave. She then leaves crying.

Scene Thirteen: Rick is looking at Danny's head. Danny explained what happened with Vinnie. Rick then tells Danny that it made sense, thinking about the night that Michelle came over upset. Danny said it would have been nice to be given the benefit of the doubt where the election was concerned.

Rick told him that for his sister's sake he really wanted to believe in him, but he remembered Danny's past. Danny tells him that everything was a cover so that he could cooperate with the feds. Rick then tells him that he is tired of Michelle being put into harms way. Danny asks if Michelle will come back. Rick say yes as he leaves Michelle's room. Jeffery walks in asking about Michelle

Scene Fourteen: Gus asks Alan if this is what he will always have to deal with. Alan asks him what Gus would have done if it had been him instead of Alexandria. He then tells Gus that Alexandria is Gus's Eden. He wants to protect his sister.

Gus says, "It is true that you can't choose your family." Alan says that they must help each other. Gus tells him that you must draw the line somewhere. Alexandria knew what she was doing. Alan wants him to know that he is proud to call him his son, and not to forget that he is a Spaulding.

Scene Fifteen: Reva returns to Olivia's Bar to join Cassie and Josh. Josh tells Cassie that everything will work out; look at everything that Reva has forgiven him for. Cassie then turns around to see Edmund leave with his suitcase.

Scene Sixteen: Jeffery thanks Danny for his help in everything he did. Danny reminds him that he was forced. Jeffery tells Danny that he was calling the shots all along, that Danny helped them get all the doors open to bring down Vinnie. Danny reminds him to hold up his end of the deal, meaning Tony's immunity. Jeffery tells him that he just wants to do everything he can to help. Danny asks him if he can bring back Michelle, give Robbie back the time he missed with his parents, or protect his family. Jeffery tells him that he can offer them the same deal as Eden. Danny tells him to get out.

Scene Seventeen: Harley asks Gus if he is relieved that it wasn't anyone in his family. Gus says yeah, it's a miracle. Alan smiles at Gus and Alexandria looks relieved.

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