Guiding Light Update Monday 6/14/04

By Bridget
Pictures by Boo

Jeffery talks to an FBI agent outside of Vinnie's office. The officer assures him that a perimeter has been established. There is one dilemma however Reva is inside with Vinnie. Danny tries to talk Vinnie into letting Reva go before he gives him the bag of drugs that he has received from the Beacon for the cash he has delivered. Vinnie informs Danny that if the situation is bothering him he can leave.

Meanwhile Gus is in for a shock, Alexandria is the one that pick up the money that was delivered for the drugs. He proceeds in giving her a lecture about the severity of what she has done. She begs him not to tell Alan, afraid that he wouldn't understand. Harley continues to look for Brad Green, not knowing whom Gus has found in the Wine Cellar. Their radio connection to one another is not working, so neither one of them knows what is going on with the other.

Harley finds Brad but is interrupted by Phillip and Olivia when trying to follow him. Phillip tries to comment on Olivia's scandalous red dress, but Harley is distracted. Phillip then questions Harley about what is distracting her. Olivia tries to talk Phillip into leaving the party.

In the wine cellar Alexandria tries talk Gus into not taking any legal steps on what has just happened. Gus tells her that he isn't going to do anything but turn everything over to the DA so that he can prosecute her for drug trafficking. She asks him not to turn over his own aunt. He tells her that he has not problem sending her to prison. She tries to get out of trouble by telling him that she had only come to the wine cellar to pick out a bottle of wine. She then tries to say that she never picked up the brief case that contained the money. Each person has a different story she proclaims. Alan then reveals himself in the wine cellar to say that he saw what Gus saw.

Meanwhile across town Jeffery and an FBI team are trying to bring down Vinnie and get Reva out of harms way. Danny is also trying to talk Vinnie into letting Reva leave by reminding him that she is not only a psychic but is also a journalist. Reva says that she has nothing to report on because she hasn't seen or heard anything YET. She then says that she will leave so that the two of them can do whatever it is that they need to do. Danny tells her to leave and Vinnie says otherwise. Vinnie then asks for the bag, and Danny says that Reva needs to leave before they conduct business. Reva says that she is not interested in what they do and she will just walk out the door like nothing happened. Danny reminds Vinnie that Reva is not stupid and to let her walk out. When Vinnie turns to talk to Danny he sees a shadow on the window of an FBI agent holding a gun. He then informs Danny he is being set up, and asks Reva if she knows anything about it. She says no and swears on it. Vinnie then looks at Danny and
says, "Someone set me up."

Jeffery outside starts yelling at the FBI agent about Vinnie figuring things out. He is now worried about corpses. Reva and Danny's.

Inside Vinnie starts talking about the person that set him up. It had to be someone that knew about the drop that night and wanted both him and Danny to go down. Danny tries to get him to calm down. Vinnie starts yelling at Reva about her images. Reva tells him that she saw something but wasn't sure what it was. She offers to help him out though, by buying him some time. Danny says that the cops must know that Reva is in there with them and that they must let her go first. Vinnie claims that if he is going down he is taking as many as them with him as he can.

Danny continues to try to talk Vinnie into letting Reva leave as a gesture. He claims it will give them time to figure out what to do. While Danny is explaining to Vinnie about Reva leaving, Vinnie walks behind Danny and hits him with his gun knocking Danny unconscious.

Meanwhile Alan is laying a guilt trip on Alexandria. He claims that he can't believe that she is selling Spaulding Drugs. Gus says that he didn't want to believe that it was anyone in his or her family, and Alan agrees. Alan then tells Gus that he has realized in the past two months what Alexandria has been up to. Gus was surprised that Alan knew that long. Alan then explains that he knew that Brad Green couldn't pull this off by her self and it had to be someone far up the corporate ladder. He wasn't him, so he came to the conclusion that it was Alexandria. Alan then reveals that he has had Alexandria followed day and night and her calls monitored. Gus tells him that is against the law. Alan then says that the authorities may have to play by the law but he don't. He then asks Alexandria for reason for what she has done. She didn't need the money, yet he wants to know her reason for putting drugs in the hands of youth. Her response, "I am not a monster."

Phillip continues to talk to Harley about Olivia's dress. Harley is somewhat distracted by Brad Green. Phillip then asks Harley if she ever had a dress like what Olivia is wearing. Olivia says the dress was a gift from Phillip meant to make a splash and allow him to receive compliment on his wife all evening.

At the Spaulding mansion Lizzie and Joey talk about what is going on with Tammy. Lizzie tries to explain that many young girls fall for older men. Edmund is cultured, and has been really nice to Tammy and that Tammy fell for it. Joey then explains to Lizzie that he should have broke up with Tammy when she started to try to change him. She bought him and Edmund the same gifts, and talked him into doing Shakespeare. Lizzie then tells him she doesn't understand why Tammy would want to change him. He is perfect the way he is. Tammy is just trying to shake his confidence. She then offers him chocolate, telling him that it has medicinal powers. He then thanks her for listening, claiming that he couldn't go to Sandy or Shane because they are Tammy's cousins. Lizzie reminds him that he is such a great guy because even after everything Tammy has put him though he is still trying to protect her.

Phillip and Olivia excuse themselves from a distracted Harley. Before they leave Phillip asks Harley if she sold any of her Spaulding stock.
She says no. He then replies that they will be reward for anyone who didn't sell or anyone who bought up any of the shares of stock. Olivia looks intrigued.

Alexandria begins claiming that she knew nothing about drugs. When she found out she tried to stop it, but it was too late. Gus asks her how she became the victim. Alexandria explains that while in Europe Brad Green came to her with a marketing plan. All she had to do was perhaps change a few numbers. She knew she had to make a splash somewhere in the company to be back on top again. She only later found out that the plan had included drugs. She proclaims that she thought about going to Jeffery O'Neil. She said that it was too late, because of threats and she was afraid that it was too late for Jeffery to do anything about the situation. Alan pleads to Gus not to arrest Alexandria.

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