Guiding Light Update Friday 6/11/04

By Susann
Pictures by Boo

Jeffrey is talking to Gus on his hidden earpiece. He tells Gus not to do anything about Cassie getting in the way in the wine cellar. He tells him for Cassie’s own protection, if something happens, he is to take her in, and anyone else who get involved as well. Harley (Terrier) intercepts and tells Jeffrey that Cassie and Edmund are tight, and she doesn’t like the situation. Jeffrey says he has to look at the big picture. He says that Cassie is paranoid and running on emotions, and that she could compromise the whole operation. “We need a break.” He says.

Edmund wants to know why Cassie followed him to the wine cellar. She tells him that the box in the wine cellar is just like the one he gave to Vinnie Salerno, and that it sailed through customs in the mail bag. “And you knew no one was gonna see it, not even the police!” She says. “The police?” Says Edmund. She tells him how perfect it is, and asks him why he did it. “Was it the money?” Edmund appears to not understand what she’s talking about. Gus is watching them from behind some wine racks. Cassie asks if Vinnie was blackmailing him into doing it. Edmund asks what she means. She gets angry and tells him she is not an idiot. “Will you just admit it?” She says. Edmund continues to look at her like she’s lost her mind. “You have been running drugs into this country from San Cristobel.” She says. “DRUGS?” Says Edmund, astonished.

Josh is getting impatient waiting for Reva to arrive, but as she is rushing to meet him, Vinnie Salerno stops her outside. As he touches her bare shoulders, she recoils from his touch, and asks him if they could possible do this at another time, perhaps at the studio. But he wants to tell her how amazing her predictions were the other day, and he wants to know just how much more amazing she can be.

Back inside Josh is talking to Tammy, telling her that he feels stood up. Tammy says she knows how he feels, and asks if he has seen Joey anywhere. He hasn’t.

Joey is still in shock from what Lizzie has just told him, about Tammy kissing Edmund. Lizzie pretends that she thought he already knew. He tells her to just start from the beginning. She tells him that after Romeo and Juliet, Tammy and Edmund were on the balcony, and she doesn’t know what the deal was, but she knows they were definitely “swapping spit.”

Joey says there is no way. Lizzie just stays silent. Finally Joey asks if she actually saw them. Lizzie says she knows it’s weird, but that she had front row seats. Joey becomes very serious, and asks what happened then. Lizzie tells him about Cassie reading Tammy’s journal and finding out. She tells him how Tammy freaked out and locked herself in her room. Then she says that Joey is the one who talked her out of her room, so how could he not know? Joey says he’s just stupid.

Bill finds Olivia in the bar sitting alone, and tells her how beautiful she looks. Olivia thinks he’s making fun of her because of the dress and asks him to stop. He tells her he means it, that she looks amazing. She asks what he’s doing there, why isn’t he at the party. He says he’s just enjoying himself right there with her. She wonders why after all that happened with Eden, he wouldn’t want to cut loose a little bit. Bill asks if she wants to talk a little. She asks what they would talk about. He says whatever pops up.

Jeffrey walks up to Danny and asks if he’s ready. Danny says the sooner they get this over with the sooner he can get his life back.

“How could you possibly think I’m running drugs?” Asks Edmund, totally shocked. When she tells him that Jeffrey told her, he angrily says “Of course!” Cassie tells him she saw him with Salerno, and that Spaulding is involved somehow because she also saw him with Alan. “Cassie, you saw me talking to Alan and giving something to a mobster.” Says Edmund. “And you just knew in your heart it had to be this.” He peels the brown paper wrapper off the package that he has with him, exposing a cigar box, and holds it out to her.

“Cigars?” Cassie says. “Cigars!” Says Edmund, “Somebody call a cop!” Gus, looking on from the wine racks, looks frustrated. Cassie is speechless. She stumbles over her words, trying to say that she thought they were drugs. Edmund says she made that perfectly clear. “They’re for the Spanish Ambassador; he’s a personal guest of mine tonight.” Says Edmund. “I’m so sorry…” Begins Cassie, but Edmund talks right over her saying that she could chide him for greasing the wheels of diplomacy with illegal contraband, but sometimes that’s just how things get done. He says he did the same thing for Vincent Salerno because he needed a favor from him. Cassie asks him what he could possibly want with him. He says he wanted the party to be perfection. Cassie doesn’t understand what he means. He says he wanted to give something back to her. He wanted to throw a wonderful, fantastic party in her hotel. And that meant making sure the right element was in attendance and the wrong element was not. Vincent Salerno promised to stay away and all it was gonna take was a box of cigars. “Oh, how could I have been so stupid.” Says Cassie, following Edmund up the stairs as he rushes to get away from her. Gus asks if Jeffrey heard it all. He says he did, and that now they know Edmund isn’t their man. Jeffrey asks if they’re good to go. Gus says yes; let’s catch ourselves a big fish.

“Joey, it wasn’t that big of a deal, it was just a little kiss.” Lizzie says. Joey says the size of the kiss isn’t what matters, the fact that they kissed does. Lizzie says she’s sure Tammy has a good reason for not telling him, but he can’t think what that would be. He remembers Tammy always comparing him to Edmund, asking his advice.

He remembers her giving Edmund a scarf and then giving Joey the exact same one. Lizzie says that wasn’t cool. Joey says at the time, he thought maybe it was better to just act clueless and let it slide. Joey says he’s leaving and Lizzie begs him not to. She asks him not to be too hard on Tammy. But he says if she were him what would she do. Lizzie plays dumb. Joey storms off. Just at that moment, Tammy comes in looking for Joey. She asks Lizzie if she’s seen him. Lizzie tells her that Joey is looking for her too.

Heading toward Vinnie’s place, he tells Reva that she’ll be dancing the night away in no time. Just then, Tony runs up to him complaining that he was locked out and didn’t know where Vinnie had gone. Vinnie tells him to calm down and then introduces him to Reva. Tony asks Reva how she’s doing. She replies that she’s being inconvenienced, as they walk in. Vinnie offers her a drink and walks over to his bar. Tony whispers to Reva that he’s gonna get her outta there. He walks over to Tony, who’s pouring Reva a drink, and asks him quietly what Reva’s doing there. Reva tells Vinnie that he’s gonna be late for the gala. Vinnie tells her he isn’t going, he’s just gonna stay put, that they aren’t his kind of people. Then he whispers to Tony to keep his shirt on and not mess him up. As Vinnie hands Reva a drink, Tony keeps protesting that he doesn’t understand what Reva’s doing there. Tony tells him to get lost because he needs a little privacy with Reva. Tony reminds him that their friend from Queens will be calling there tonight.

Reva says that her husband is probably worried about her. Vinnie says that he’s learned never to waste a good asset, and that she’s the best asset he’s had in a long time.

Josh walks outside, sees Danny, and asks if he’s seen Reva. Danny tells him no, but that the traffic is very bad.

Joey runs around the party asking if anyone’s seen Tammy.

Jeffrey and Harley talk about being wrong about Edmund. Harley says it’s hard for Cassie to forget who he used to be. Gus who’s listening from his post in the wine cellar, says he’s not a drug dealer but he has chick problems. Then he asks what’s next. Jeffrey says they’re back to the task at hand, ID-ing whoever is making the drop of drugs for Salerno. He tells him that Danny has the money, and not to worry. Gus says that someone’s coming. Jeffrey says it better not be a waiter going down there. A person can be seen coming down the steps to the wine cellar carrying a duffel bag.

The camera scans up to expose Brad Green. Jeffrey asks him who it is. Harley asks what’s going on. Brad Green is seen walking around the wine racks and putting the bag in a very specific spot. “It’s Brad Green.” Says Gus. Jeffrey says he copied that, and Harley casually walks by and says Brad Green is coming out of the wine cellar. Jeffrey tells Danny it’s time to make his move. Gus checks out the bag and says it’s a million-five, maybe two million street value. Jeffrey tells Gus to get ready to nail Brad when he comes back down for the cash. Harley is anxious to cuff Brad but Jeffrey tells her to be patient.

Cassie follows Edmund and keeps telling him how sorry she is. He is obviously hurt, and can’t understand how she came to conclusion she did. He wonders how it felt knowing she was sharing her bed with a drug kingpin. She tells him she kept catching him in little lies and seeing him with strange people, “what was I supposed to think?” She says. Edmund tells her she was supposed to trust him, and walks away from her. She runs to catch up, saying “After what I saw? After what I heard?” He says, “What you thought you saw, what you thought you heard.” Then he tells her that once she started telling him how much she loved him and how much he meant to her family, he thinks she was saying it not because she believed it, but because she wanted to believe it. “NO, no.” Says Cassie. She says she should have cornered him and made him tell her what was going on. He asks her why she didn’t. “I don’t know.” Says Cassie. “I don’t know just isn’t good enough.” He says, walking away again.

Jeffrey runs out the door, passing by Beth and Phillip, and Alan and Alexandra. They wonder where he’s running to. Phillip asks if anyone has seen Olivia. Alan says how could they NOT see her. Beth tries to shut him up diplomatically. Phillip says that if anyone does see her….”What? Run the other way?” Says Alexandra.

Tammy asks Lizzie again if she’s sure that Joey is looking for her. Lizzie goes overboard to try to appear that everything is fine, and that there’s nothing to worry about, but Tammy feels that something is not right. “If you see him will you tell him I’m looking for him?” She asks Lizzie. Lizzie says sure, and gets a wry grin on her face as Tammy walks away.

Bill sits down at Olivia’s table just as she brings him a cup of coffee. “You’re gonna thank me in the morning.” She tells him. He doesn’t want coffee, but tells her he will make a deal with her. No more drinking, if they can just talk. She says ok. Then she tells him he’s still hurting about Eden. He says that’s not the topic he would have picked. She goes on and on about how he’s hiding his feelings, how his fiancé has just died. He is acting very cavalier about it, and not like a grieving groom. She doesn’t understand why is isn’t more depressed about it and thinks he’s just burying his feelings. He keeps pestering him to talk to her, that he needs to talk about it. Bill keeps protesting that he doesn’t want to talk about that. Finally after Olivia keeps it up, Bill leans over the table, and plants a big kiss on Olivia.

Philip watches from right outside the bar.

Salerno pulls out a chair for Reva and has her sit down. He tells her that she’s a fascinating woman. He says there are no accidents, that everything happens in it’s own way, in it’s own time. He says she told him about the pizza parlor, and then he saw on the news about the car crashing into it. “It’s lucky you weren’t there.” Says Reva. Salerno says he’s skeptical man, but it’s still good to be lucky. He says if it wasn’t for her, he would be dead or close to it. She says he’s overestimating her abilities. He says no, that he cancelled his plans because of her and he has no reason to regret that. “Well, that makes one of us.” Says Reva. “You’re not happy here, I can change that.” Says Salerno. Reva says he can do that by letting her get on with her evening. Salerno says he can take care of the people who take care of him. “Isn’t that right Tony?” Tony says he’s a great benefactor. Salerno says he has a proposition for Reva. He will tell her a certain part about his business, and she can give him her “take” on it. “My take?” Says Reva. “About people, situations.” Says Salerno. “You gotta be kidding Vinnie.” Says Tony. Salerno tells Tony he let him stay, so he is to speak when spoken to. Tony says he can’t let Vinnie do this because Reva is a flake. Salerno gets very angry and tells him to shut his mouth, apologizing to Reva. Tony asks him if he’s gonna start calling the psychic hot line whenever he has a business deal. Reva asks if she has a say in any of this. “Say yes!” Says Salerno, pointing a finger in her face. He tells Tony he did he homework and that Reva is the real thing. Tony asks him what he’s gonna do when Reva makes a mistake that lands him in handcuffs. He says Reva could double-cross him, and then the other families won’t be laughing behind his back, they’ll be laughing in his face. Tony keeps it up to the point that he and Salerno get into a shoving match. Tony keeps telling him she is an outsider and he can’t do this. Salerno says he will listen to whoever he wants whenever he wants. Reva breaks in to tell them she really has to get going. “You stay put!” Says Salerno. He turns back to Tony and says that he knows Tony really wants to be a boss, but that the way he’s acting is why he will never be fit to take his place. Tony warns Salerno that Reva could walk out the door and tell what she knows. Salerno says the reason she won’t do that is because of her nice family, and names each of the one by one. “You follow me Reva?” He says. Reva understands exactly what he means. Salerno shows Tony out. Reva tells Salerno that she already has a job that she loves. Salerno says that he knows that, but this isn’t a job, it’s an offer. Reva says she doesn’t think he should trust her ability. She says there are people out there who are batter than her. Salerno says no… “I want you!” And I’m not used to people telling me no.” He tells her. He pushes a pad of paper and a pen in her direction and tells her to write down a number. For compensation. “Let your mind wander, think about it, and write down a number. You don’t want me to be the one to fill in the blanks!” He says.

Josh is sitting outside looking up at the sky. Tammy walks out and says she bet he knows what he’s wishing for. He says he’s wondering where Reva is, and Tammy says she wondering where Joey is, so it’s the same thing. Tammy is worried about Joey. Josh tells her that from what he knows of Joey he is a good kid, and that he’s sure he knows what he’s got with Tammy. He tells her not to worry. She wishes she had someone like Josh around when she was growing up, but Josh says it hasn’t worked so well for Marah. Tammy tells him not to say that because he is a great father.

Danny brings the valise of money downstairs and exchanges it for the duffel bag full of drugs. Gus watches him. “Ok Michelle, when Vinnie puts his hands on this bag, it’s over, and it’s safe for you to wake up.” He turns and walks back upstairs. Gus advises Harley and Jeffrey that the switch has been made. Danny walks by Brad Green and gives him a “look.” At that moment, Edmund excuses himself from the group he’s been talking to. But as he’s walking away Cassie stops him again and tells him she’s sorry. She tells him that he had been hammering her for months, that she had no reason to trust him. She wants to know why, if he was so afraid she was gonna think the worst of him, was he fanning the flames? “What flames?” Asks Edmund. Cassie tells him he was sneaking around and lying to her. She says she has given him opportunities to tell her the truth but he didn’t. She wants to know why. At that moment, Alan Spaulding grabs Cassie by the arm and pulls her over with a microphone in hand. She reluctantly follows him. Alan begins a speech about the wonderful event and how grateful he is to Ambassador Winslow for pulling it off. “But he is keeping something under wraps though.” Says Alan. We had a bet that he couldn’t pull this evening off, and I lost, says Alan. But something else. Then he turns to Cassie. “Tonight benefits something very near to your heart. “ He tells her that all the money made tonight goes to the building of a new wing on the Children’s Museum of San Cristobel. Cassie says that that is incredible. And then asks if he promised Edmund that money. “Of course!” Says Alan. Then he proposes a toast. “A toast ladies and gentlemen to the children!” They all shout “here, here” and take a drink, as Cassie stands there with a confused, and worried look on her face.

As Bill pulls away from Olivia and the kiss, he apologizes, stands up and tells her he doesn’t know why he just did that. He walks away and leans on another table. Philip is still watching from the doorway. Olivia tells him she shouldn’t have been pushing him so hard, that it’s ok. Bill keeps apologizing and says likes her but not that way. Olivia says “You kissed me and now you’re brushing me off?” Bill says no disrespect. He says that she’s always honest and she doesn’t play games. Olivia says no one has ever described her like that. Just then Philip walks up and says “I don’t know about that.” He says that with Olivia, “what you see is what you get!” Bill looks at her dress and then back at her face. Philip does the same. “I thought that you were with the other partygoers.” Says Olivia. “No, I’m not.” Says Philip. He asks Bill how he’s holding up. He says he’s doing fine thanks to Olivia. Philip says that’s the way Olivia is, always finely tuned to the needs of others. Always willing to give freely of herself to those in need. Olivia tells Philip that she and Bill were kind of in the middle of something. “Yea! That’s what it looked like!” Says Philip. Then he asks Bill if it’s ok if he pulls Olivia back to the party because her dress is just going to waste in there. “See you around Bill.” Says Olivia. “It’s a small town.” Says Bill

Outside, Danny shows Jeffrey the drugs from the duffel bag. After he checks the bag, he tells Danny to put the bag into Vinnie's hands at the club, and then get out of there. After the guys see him leave, they will know to move in. He asks Danny to give him his com system. Danny says there’s no time for that. Jeffrey says the last thing he needs is for Vinnie to see him wired. Danny says so what; it’ll be the last thing he sees. Jeffrey sees that Danny is becoming a loose cannon at the eleventh hour. He tells him to keep the wire, but to get the job done and get the hell outta there. Danny and Jeffrey walk back inside, which has exploded in applause at Alan’s announcement. As they walk in, Edmund walks out, and is followed by Tammy. “Edmund?” Says Tammy, “what’s wrong?” Edmund tells her it’s not a good time. But she persists. He tells her that he’s having a fight with her mother. She asks what the fights about. He tells her it doesn’t matter. Then he tells her he just realized he never apologized to her for jumping to a lot of conclusions about her and Joey at the cabin. “What’s going Uncle Edmund?” She says. He says he likes hearing her say that, but tells her it really doesn’t matter. Then he gives her some life advice about her and Joey. “Always be honest and open with each other. Talk until you’re blue in the face.” Tammy says that what he needs is a hug from someone who cares. She throws her arms around his neck, just as Joey sticks his head out the door looking for her. He sees them with their arms wrapped around each other, and angrily closes the door going in the opposite direction.

“Gus, Jeffrey we have a problem” Jeffrey says whatever it is just stay with Brad Green. That’s just the problem says Harley, he’s gone. When Alan started his big speech everyone moved into a big clump and he was out of my sight for a second. Gus says no big deal because Brad is gonna walk down there and he’ll make the bust. Jeffrey then says that Brad may not be their man, but whoever does come down there, that’s their man. Harley goes to look for Brad, Jeffrey tells her to only cover the closest exit.

As Tammy walks back inside, she is greeted by a bus boy with an envelope. Inside she finds two tickets to the Spring Fling and a note from Joey saying “Thought you could use these tickets, go with somebody you care about. Joey.” She says she knew something was wrong. Lizzie is looking on from a distance with a satisfied look on her face.

Danny walks in at Salerno’s and finds Reva sitting with Vinnie. He asks her what she’s doing there. “Vinnie, I didn’t know you were gonna have company.” Vinnie tells him he’s glad he could join them, and asks if he has his bag. Danny says he knows Vinnie doesn’t like to explain things but…..”Then don’t ask.” Says Vinnie. He tells him he just went a couple rounds with Danny’s cousin and he’s not in the mood to trade shots with Danny too. Salerno asks again for the bag. He says that he and Reva were just discussing business arrangements. “What kind of business?” Asks Danny. “None of yours.” Says Salerno, asking again for the bag.

Danny tells him that Reva shouldn’t be there because he and Vinnie have business to discuss.

Jeffrey has just heard what’s going on over at Salerno’s place and tells Gus and Harley he has to get over there. Jeffrey tells Gus that he is now the point man, that whoever comes down there nail them, he doesn’t care who it is. Harley and Gus talk a little bit back and forth about Brad Green, and Harley assures Gus he can do this because she has his back. “Somebody’s coming.” Whispers Gus. “I’m going to the cellar door.” Says Harley. As the person comes down the stairs and leans over to pick up the bag, Gus yells for him to put down the bag and put their hands in the air. The person slowly stands back up and Gus realizes who it is. “It’s you?” Says Gus.

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