Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/10/04

By Boo
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The Bar:

Danny has the money in the briefcase and assures Vinnie that he is doing the right thing by continuing with the plan. Danny goes to leave and once outside calls to let Jeffrey know that everything is back in place. Tony follows Danny outside, and as they congratulate each other on the great job they are doing, Vinnie comes out to announce that he is headed out of town. Tony and Danny start to argue. Vinnie ushers them both back into the club and listens to them go at each others throat for a little bit. He finally breaks it up and says that he knows what they are doing. They are staging this fight so that he will stay in town to ‘settle’ things between them. He informs them that it won’t work. As he is telling them this, he hears a report on the news that there has been an accident at Cinnelli’s Pizza. He realizes that is the place that Reva told him to stay away from and remembers that she also told him not to travel. He assures Tony and Danny that he isn’t going anywhere now and turns up the TV to listen to the report. Tony and Danny again go outside and congratulate each other on getting things back on track. After patting each other on the back, Danny takes off to make the delivery. Tony tries to go back into the club and realizes that Vinnie has locked the place up and taken off. He starts to panic a little bit and tries to get a hold of Danny to let him know that Vinnie is M.I.A.


Reva is visiting with Michelle when Sandy shows up to pull Marina’s shift with Michelle. Reva explains that she stopped by to drop off some pictures she found of Bill and Michelle when they were little. Sandy fills her in on the ‘hot date’ that Marina had set up for him and how he came about pulling ‘duty’ to sit with Michelle. He didn’t realize that Reva knew Michelle so well.

Reva tells him that Danny and Michelle actually saved her life, but she doesn’t want to get into her past. She wants to hear about Sandy’s past. She knows about the ‘bad’ times, she wants to hear about the good times. Sandy is concerned about talking in front of Michelle. Reva tells him that Rick explained that it is good to talk around Michelle. Sandy doesn’t really want to talk about his past either. Reva doesn’t push him. She tells him that she needs to get to the party and tries to talk him into giving it another try by escorting her.

Sandy declines and decides to stay with Michelle. He tells her that he is also trying to make peace with his past. Reva again, doesn’t push for more information and makes her exit. Sandy sits down next to Michelle and wishes that he could block out his past. How different his life would be.


Most of today’s show takes place at the Beacon because of the San Cristobel Festival.

In the main room, everyone in the room is shocked to see the dress that Olivia is wearing when she and Phillip make their entrance. Olivia asks Phillip to stay by her side all night. He promises he will, and quickly makes a dash to get a drink. He is pleased that the dress he bought her is having the effect he wanted it to have. Lizzie is appalled to see what Olivia is wearing and tells Joey that she is only wearing it because she has hot flashes. She takes off telling Joey that someone needs to hose Olivia down. Josh comes in and greets Shayne and Marina telling them that he is looking for Bill. Shayne tells him that they saw Bill come in earlier and head straight to Olivia’s bar. Josh tells them that Reva will be there later as he heads to the bar to find Bill.

Outside, Jeffrey is on the phone setting up some kind of accident to happen at Cinnelli’s. As he comes into the lobby, a worried Cassie stops him announcing that she can’t find Edmund. Edmund walks up behind Jeffrey announcing that he is there. Jeffrey takes off to talk to Harley on their little walkie-talkies they all have on tonight. Harley reports that Brad Green has been spending a lot of time in the coat closet. Jeffrey tells her to keep an eye on Brad, and reminds her there is going to be a drug deal in the cellar any time now.

In the cellar, Gus sees Alan and can’t stop himself from approaching him. Gus assumes that since Alan is down there, he is the one that is supplying the drugs. Alan tells him that he is only down there to choose a good bottle of wine since Spaulding is hosting this gala event.

Alan asks Gus if he is on duty tonight. When Gus tells him no, Alan asks what he is doing down there. Gus makes up an excuse that he has started to have an appreciation for fine wines and just came down to check out what all they had down there. Alan takes his bottle of wine and heads back upstairs. Gus makes an excuse that he has to make a call and will be back up in a little bit. He talks to Jeff on the wire like walkie-talkie and explains that Alan was down there. He tells Jeffrey that he believes his father really was down there only to get a bottle of wine. Jeffrey tells him to check around anyway, just to make sure Alan didn’t leave something else down there.

Back upstairs, Shayne and Marina run into Sandy and Lindsay just as Lindsay is getting ready to take off. Sandy says he is leaving too. Remy joins the group just as Marina tells Sandy that he can’t leave yet because Alexandra is about to announce the winners of the intern contest. Remy reminds them that his shift with Michelle is over, and Marina is up next. Sandy offers to take her place but agrees to wait to leave till they hear Alexandra’s announcement.

Alex takes the mike and proudly announces that Joey, Marina, Sandy, and Lizzie are the winners. The four of them are now ‘distinguished guests, and the other team will be serving the party. Sandy takes off and runs into Tammy and Joey outside. He tells them who won the contest. Joey is happy that he won, but Tammy is sad that she will have to work the party now and not be able to hang out with him. They talk about how happy they both are that Tammy, Cassie and Edmund got everything worked out and they are a happy family again.

Back in the lobby, Edmund questions Cassie as to why she was talking to Jeffrey about him. She explains she just hadn’t seen him and was wondering where he was. Edmund again rushes off telling a worried Cassie that he has business to take care of. Harley is trying to keep a close eye on Brad, following him all around the room. She runs into Buzz and Alex and tries to keep up small talk while still watching Brad. Alex comments to Buzz that she hasn’t seen Phillip anywhere near Olivia all night long.

Lizzie finds Phillip in Olivia’s bar and asks about the ‘horrible’ dress that Olivia is wearing. Phillip pretends to feel sorry for Olivia. He claims that he tried to talk her out of wearing it, and is now worried that she may loose her job for wearing it. He explains to Lizzie that the Spaulding Board Members will not look kindly on Olivia wearing that dress. His advice to his daughter is to ‘humor’ her step mother, and to try not to stare. Lizzie heads back to the lobby to find Joey. Buzz approaches Cassie looking for Edmund. A worried Cassie tells him that she has no idea where Edmund is. Marina tells a passing Lizzie that their team won, Lizzie just tells her that of course they did because Lizzie was on their team.

Lizzie sees Tammy and Joey enjoying each other’s company outside and isn’t happy. She rushes out and drags Joey away to ‘celebrate’ winning. Tammy heads inside to start working the party.

Beth finds Bill in Olivia’s bar. It is obvious that he has a good start on a full blown drunk. Beth tries to get him to sit down and talk to her. She is concerned about him, she knows he has been through a lot. Bill makes it clear that the only thing he is interested in is another drink. Josh joins them and asks if Bill will talk to him. Bill asks if Billy sent Josh to check up on him. Josh tries to express to Bill that he knows what Bill is going through and is a little worried that he is drinking so much. Josh offers to let Bill have some time off from work, but Bill insists that he needs to work to keep his mind off of everything. Bill also assures him that he isn’t working up to a drinking problem, this is just him blowing off steam and having a good time. Josh takes off to look for Reva thinking that she should be there by now. Bill promises to call if he needs anything.

As soon as Josh leaves, Bill orders another shot and belts it down.

In the lobby again, Shayne and Remy are running around serving trays of food. Phillip finally approaches Olivia. She reminds him that he was supposed to stay by her side. He remembers that he was supposed to get her a drink and rushes off again. Harley approaches Olivia and tells her that while she has been busy showing off her dress, Alan and Brad have been as close as thieves. Harley convinces Olivia that Brad is trying to steal Olivia’s job. Harley is hoping that Olivia will do exactly what she does. She approaches Brad and tries to talk to him about ‘business’. While Olivia keeps Brad busy, Harley sneaks into the coat closet and tries to go through Brad’s coat pockets. Marina scares her when she comes to get her coat. They have a friendly little chat before Marina leaves and Harley resumes her search. Brad comes in and catches her going through his coat. Harley tries to make up a lame excuse that Gus has a coat just like his.

Brad thinks that Harley is only going through his pockets because she has seen him paying attention to other women and she is jealous. He assures her that he only has eyes for her. Just then Phillip wonders into the coat closet and Harley throws herself into his arms telling him that it isn’t what it looks like. She lays a big kiss on Phillip. A shocked Brad decides that he has misunderstood and takes off. Harley pretends to call after him, but is obviously pleased that he took off.

Tammy is walking around with a serving tray and approaches her mother wanting to complain that she isn’t having a good time. Cassie has just seen Edmund pick up a bag and head off somewhere. She tries to explain to Tammy that she is interested in what is going on with her daughter but she is in a rush to follow Edmund without letting Tammy know that something is wrong. Cassie rushes off to try to follow Edmund. Joey sees Tammy is not happy and tells Lizzie that he is going to give her a break. Lizzie makes up a story that she lost a very expensive earring and will be in deep trouble if she doesn’t find it. She is successful in pulling Joey away from Tammy again, to help her find the missing earring. Again, Tammy tries to talk to her mother, but Cassie rushes off to try to follow Edmund again.

After Joey and Lizzie have searched the whole place a few times for Lizzie’s ‘missing earring’, Joey decides they won’t find them and wants to go check on Tammy. Lizzie gets desperate and brings up how happy she is that Joey and Tammy worked things out after that whole thing of Tammy kissing Edmund. Lizzie is obviously happy with herself when she sees that Joey is shocked to hear this news.

Alan and Beth have a short conversation about Olivia’s dress and how strange Phillip and Olivia are behaving. Alan wonders off and Phillip approaches Beth. He is telling everyone that will listen how embarrassed he is that he couldn’t talk his wife out of wearing that horrendous dress. Buzz and Marina have a short conversation about Buzz’s younger years. Tammy approaches and hands her tray to Buzz, announcing that she is going to look for Joey. Shayne and Remy join the conversation and see the tray that Tammy left with Buzz. Neither of them have had a break and take off with the tray to have a bit of a snack.

Olivia is approached first by Alan and then Alexandria. Both let her know exactly how they feel about her choice of dress for the evening. Olivia is obviously upset and goes to the bar to have a drink.

She doesn’t notice Bill behind her, but he notices her. He tells Olivia that she looks beautiful.

Jeffrey, still talking on the walkie-talkie, gets an update from Gus. He learns that it is Edmund that has come down to the cellar just as Danny shows up with the briefcase. Danny and Jeffrey have a short conversation where Danny assures Jeffrey that Vinnie is indeed waiting back at the bar and all they have planned is still in order. Tony is trying frantically to call and tell Danny that Vinnie ‘isn’t’ at the bar, but Danny has turned off his cell phone so that it won’t interfere with the walkie-talkies. Gus reports to Jeffrey that Cassie has followed Edmund to the cellar. Jeffrey tells Gus to get ready as Gus pulls out his gun.

Cassie tells Edmund that she knows what he is up to. She saw him give a package just like the one he is holding to Vinnie. Edmund tells her that she shouldn’t have followed him.

Outside, Reva has arrived. Vinnie grabs her arm and scares her. He is amazed that he could sneak up on a psychic.

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