Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/9/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

AT THE BEACON-preparations for the San Cristobal Party...

Alan and Phillip discuss the party and Olivia. Alan is amazed that she came through the investigation so clean. Phillip remarks that it's all about perception and hints that he has a plan to tarnish her reputation.

Cassie and Olivia are getting ready for the party together in Cassie's room. Olivia is dressing while Cassie is doing her makeup. Cassie talks about how important the party is to Edmund. Olivia informs her that she and Phillip won't be there because it's too big of an event (meaning too stressful for Phillip); they are going to just have dinner at Towers. Cassie is disappointed but understands. She compliments Olivia's dress, which is a black sparkly thing.

Phillip brings Olivia a dress he wants her to wear tonight. She likes the dress she's wearing and so she says she'll wear his another night. He is very insistent. Finally he wins her over by being sweet, saying that he wants to show everyone proud he is of her. The dress is bright red and low-cut (frankly I don't see what the big deal is about, and, she doesn't look that great in it...needs to lose more of that pregnancy weight!).

Joey and Shayne have digital cell phone cameras with them tonight so they can take pictures of everything for the Spaulding website.

Joey helps Lizzie hang some banners for the party.

Lizzie pretends she needs help, so Joey puts his arms on her hips, then she fake-falls into his arms. She laughs, flirts, and talks about how strong he is. Tammy comes in, having seen the whole thing. She grabs Joey away and makes cutting remarks to Lizzie. Joey suggests they go change. Lizzie explains that she got a room there for the night so she invites Joey to use her room to change.

Tammy icily reminds her that she lives there, so he already has a place. Marina arrives with Shayne. Shayne takes a group picture of the rest of them. Lizzie makes sure to position herself next to Joey, which makes Tammy seethe.

Cassie tries to make Edmund feel less nervous about the party. He tells her that something he had hoped would come through isn't going to, so he's disappointed. He wants the party tonight to be great, especially for her. He wants her to be proud of him. She replies that she already is.

Tammy and Joey chat and snuggle together. She doesn't think it's fair that Lizzie sold so many tickets to her family. Joey asks Tammy to the Spring Fling. She happily agrees to go. Tammy still feels sorry for Lizzie, so she whispers something to Joey. Tammy goes to get changed, so Joey asks Lizzie if she will go to the Spring Fling. At first she thinks he means with him, but he explains that he has some friends who are dateless that she would like. She quickly says that she's outgrown proms and things like that. Joey tries to get her to go with one of the guys from the baseball team who is rich and seems to be a good match for her, but she explains she wants someone who is down to earth and can talk to her.

Marina and Shayne chat. She is trying to fix up Sandy with her friend Lindsay. Shayne worries that Sandy will not go for it. They meet up with Lindsay; Shayne takes pictures of them with his camera. Sandy comes up. He is in a tux but it's rumpled and he's not wearing a tie. He says he showed up because they threatened him; now he's leaving. He reminds them that San Cristobal holds some bad memories for him. Marina urges him to stay. She points out Lindsay. Sandy seems underwhelmed as he chats with Lindsay. She jokes with him and forces him to go get a soda with her. Shayne is skeptical but Marina says they just need some time together.


Danny is nervous before the big setup against Salerno. Tony warns him to calm down or Salerno will know something's up. Danny checks in with O'Neil, who has been listening in via a radio wire.

Salerno arrives and tells Danny the deal is off. He sits down to play poker with Tony and some other guys there. Danny, stunned, asks him what's going on. Salerno doesn't answer, so Danny figures out that it's because of what Reva said. Salerno is a little embarrassed but says that he feels Reva has a gift so he is going to back off from the deal. He threatens to punch Danny if he doesn't get off his back. Danny goes outside and phones Jeffrey, frantically asking him what he should do. Jeffrey tells him to fix it. Danny goes back in and apologizes, saying that he will go along with whatever Salerno wants, but he hopes he's prepared for the fallout. Salerno asks what he means, so Danny points out that a lot of people were counting on this deal, so they'll be disappointed, especially the dealers and the buyers.

Tony suggests that rival mobster Bruisey will pick up the slack, creating more problems. Salerno agrees to go ahead with the deal. Danny points out that Reva didn't say that people that work for him will be in danger, so this should be safe as long as Danny is doing the deal, not him. Salerno is grateful for their advice and calls his Spaulding contact to tell them the deal is going through as planned. Danny wonders if Salerno will be somewhere else but Salerno insists he will stay there.



Jeffrey checks the wires out with Gus and Harley. Gus and Jeffrey bicker. They leave for the party. Jeffrey lays out the plan to everyone, even though they all know it. Gus will hide in the wine cellar so he can spy on the drug dealers making their drop, then he will arrest the Spaulding connection. Danny will bring the money back to Salerno and they will arrest him, too.

Gus flirts with Harley, telling her she looks hot. Harley chats with Marie Green, who is confident something will happen tonight with her husband. Brad is at the party, too. Alan confides to Gus that now that Federal pressure is off, he can get the company back to making money. He says he has a project he can push through now that no one is looking over his shoulder. Gus looks uneasy at this statement.

Gus and Harley keep on the lookout. Alan toasts Gus, to new beginnings for Spaulding. Gus reminds him that he was angry at him before or didn't seem to trust him.

Alan apologizes, saying he was mad because he thought Gus had betrayed him. He talks about how he had so much guilt because of Maryann Carruthers. Alan tells Gus he loves him very much, and then he hugs him. Gus looks like he feels guilty.

Sandy and Edmund share a moment. When Sandy mentions that San Cristobal can sink into the sea, Edmund talks about how he had a bad childhood there, too, and the used that as an excuse to hurt people for many years, including Sandy. He says that we all have choices, and he made bad ones. But we can change, too, and choose to be happy. Sandy isn't sure what to say so he says nothing.

Sandy sees Lizzie looking bummed, sitting by herself, so he chats with her. She wants to go home, but he suggests she get dressed and enjoy herself.

She tells him about how she wanted Joey to ask her to the Spring Fling but he asked her to go with his friend, instead. He says maybe she will meet someone there who will make her forget about Joey. She asks him about Lindsay and he says she's okay. Lizzie agrees to go get changed.

Right after Salerno makes his call, Alan, Brad, and Edmund all get phone calls about the same time, and they all react happily that their "deal" is going through (so we don't know which one it is that's the Spaulding connection).

Phillip tells Olivia that he's changed his mind about having dinner at Towers; he thinks they should stay there. They walks into the party and everyone stares as she walks across the floor in her red dress.

Gus goes down to the wine cellar early. He talks to Jeffrey and then hides. He sees Alan.

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