Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/8/04

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Pictures by Boo

Scene 1 - Club - Salerno read his horoscope predicating doom.

Scene 2 - Beacon - Cassie was still freaking out about overhearing Alan and Edmund talking about money for a delivery. Jeffery tried to calm her down.

Edmund and Alan were still downstairs going over the plans to exchange the money.

Phillip asked Alan if he'd seen Gus. Alan said no, that Gus had called him to meet him there too. Alex and Brad Green showed up. Gus claimed to have the results from the attorney generals office.

Outside, Gus reviewed Harley's plan. All roads now point to the festival.

Olivias - Harley enlisted Reva's psychic abilities. She refused saying it was gone. Harley then asked her if she'd fake it. Reva wasn't thrilled about it but asked for the plan. Harley outlined that they need her to convince Salerno that her abilities are telling her he needs to stay in Springfield. Harley told her about Cassie getting caught in the crossfire.

Scene 3 - Beacon - Cassie reviewed her options.

Downstairs - Gus let everyone there know that they were all off the hook with the exception of a fine of 25,000$. Alan proposed a toast to the family and sticking together. Edmund came over and Alan told him the news.

Olivias - Reva agreed to the plan.

Scene 4 - Hospital - Shane and Marina visited Michelle, bringing photos, a kimono from Mara and a picture from Robby.

Scene 5 - Beacon - Everyone continued their toasts while Alan hinted that Olivia should become a stay at home mother. She, of course, was against that. Phillip left to get air. Alan followed. Olivia and Brad squared off. Edmund said he hoped to see everyone at the festival.

Outside - Phillip lamented about having to continue to put up with Olivia. Alan proposed a divorce, buy off etc.

Upstairs -

Jeffery was getting Cassie drunk while they commiserated about each other's attitudes. Edmund walked in on them. Cassie told him about the shooting and that she'd almost been shot. Jeffery covered for why she was there then asked him where he'd been earlier.

Outside the door, Cassie thanked Jeffery for saving her life and he did the same.

Back inside the room - Edmund was grateful she was alive.

Scene 6 - Hospital -

Marina and Shane had all the pictures hung around the room and expressed how much they loved her until the nurse shooed them out.

Scene 7 - Stake out - Harley waited for Reva to make contact with Salerno.

Tony answered the door and let her in. Tony tried to warn her off but Reva said she had a premonition. Salerno walked in, not at all thrilled there was someone he didn't know in the club. Took a few moments but he recognized her. She asked if he was planning a trip. He was skeptical but pulled up a chair to hear more. She got more specific. Salerno became threatening.

Jeffery showed up bearing coffee for the stakeout.

Scene 8 - Outside the Beacon -

Alan and Phillip makes plans to take Olivia down using the incident with the proxies. Alan told him to report signing the proxies as a crime.

In Cassie's room - Edmund got testy about her almost being killed and tried to pump her for information on what had upset her. Cassie skirted the issue, refusing to say what was bothering her. Edmund backed off.

Scene 9 - Hospital - Marina and Shane brought her music in hopes that she'd come out of the coma.

Scene 10 - Beacon - Gus and Harley congratulate each other on a job well done.

Scene 11- Club -

Salerno grabbed Reva and warned her she was in dangerous waters. Reva told him not to travel and that it could be life threatening. She told him that he should order his pizza from somewhere else. He said he didn't want to. She said - suit yourself.

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