Guiding Light Update Monday 6/7/04

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Pictures by Boo

Joined in Progress due to President Regans arrival at his library.

Scene 1 - Jeffery's car - Jeffery tackled Cassie landing on top of her and destroying his cell phone. He then had to convince her he was an expert in assassination situations and that she was safe. When he asked her why she was at his car, she waffled, diverting the conversation back to his behavior.

Scene 2 - Hospital -

Rick talked to Michelle in an effort to make himself feel better.

Scene 3 - Club -

Harley was getting everything on tape due in thanks to a planted bug in the office. Danny informed a rather peeved Salerno about the botched attempt. He threatened to kill Danny. Harley tried in vain to get a hold of Jeffery.

Scene 4 - Beacon - Gus tried to pin Alan down on the watch being proof that he knew Eden. Alan said that Eden and Salerno came to a party that he'd been at and it was the only time they met. Gus got a call from Harley about the shoot, Dannys predicament and Salerno's threat.

Scene 5 - Jeffery's car - Cassie asked if he knew they were after him and then discovered he'd been shot.

Scene 6 - Beacon - Alan tried to convince Gus that he was telling the truth. Gus wasn't buying it.

Edmund arrived for a ‘meeting about the festival'.

Scene 7 - Hospital -

Rick continued to chat with an unconscious Michelle, showing her pictures for happier times, and pleaded with her to open her eyes.

Scene 8 - Club -

Salerno told Danny he should've kept shooting regardless of Cassie being there. Harley readied the troops to go in and save him if needs be. Tony backed Danny up and calmed the situation. Salerno said that a shipment of ‘D' is on the way and will be there during the festival. He decided to wait to kill Jeffery until after the festival.

Scene 9 - Beacon -

Jeffery, under protest, allowed Cassie to tend his wound. The bullet just grazed him. Jeffery asked again why she came to see him. She fiddled with the gauze. She asked if he was certain that Salerno was behind the ‘D' situation. She fessed up that she thought Edmund was Salerno's partner.

She told him about the diplomatic pouch and laid out what she thought was going on. He accused her of overreacting and outlined that there had to be a Spalding connection. Then he asked for scotch to kill the pain of the wound.

Scene 10 - Club - Tony brought a pile of money in to buy the next shipment of product. Danny went over the plans so they could get it all on tape. Salerno said it would be in a secure place at the Beacon. Danny asked where Salerno would be when it all went down. He wouldn't say where he would be other than out of town.

Scene 11- Stake out -

Harley filled Gus in and said they were screwed because Salerno wouldn't be there. Gus said they need that physical link between the drugs and Salerno. Harley wanted to cancel the bust.. Gus was against it.

Scene 12 - Club - Danny and Tony stepped out so that whatever they talked about wouldn't be on tape. Tony told Danny he was working with Jeffery now. Tony said he would try to keep Salerno in town for the drop.

Scene 13 - Hospital - Rick kissed Michelle's hand and reminisced.

Scene 14 - Stake out - Gus paced while ranting about Alan's possible involvement with Salerno. He told Harley that he showed Alan the picture. Harley was supportive. Gus asked Harley not to give up on him.

Scene 15 - Beacon - Jeffery was downing aspirin when Harley finally got a hold of him. Harley filled him in on the doings with the mob. Gus told Jeffery that Salerno was superstitious. Harley has a plan.

Scene 16 - Beacon -

Alan told Edmund not to pressure him.. that he would get that delivery. Cassie overheard.

Scene 17 - Hospital -

Danny went to visit Michelle and found Rick spoiling for a fight with him. After a threat, he left Danny alone with Michelle. He told her the plan.

Scene 18 - Stake Out - Gus and Harley got ready to implement her plan.

Scene 19 - Beacon - Jeffery was crabby when Cassie came back and spilled the beans about what she overheard.

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