Guiding Light Update Friday 6/4/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Edmund talks to someone on the phone and demands that they send him the package today because it is crucial to his operation. Cassie arrives and tries to take Edmund's mind of things by kissing him and planning a little romantic time together. Edmund tells Cassie that he knows how distracting she can be but he has important business he needs to take care of today.

At Company, Lizzie and Joey plan strategy for their team. Lizzie tells Joey that she is a Spaulding and she knows how to make a deal before anyone else knows what hit them. Joey wonders why Lizzie wants to win the competition she doesn't need to worry about paying for college . Lizzie smiles and says that someone on her team does need to worry about pay for college. Lizzie calls her aunt Alexandra and sets up a meeting with her. Lizzie and Joey head to Spaulding.

At Lewis construction, Josh and Billy worry about Bill's state of mind after Eden's death. A hung over Bill arrives looking like he isn't ready for his big meeting with a client. Billy sits his son down for a talk. Josh thinks that he (Josh) should take over the meeting. Bill says he is more then capable of handling the meeting he just has to clean up. Josh wants to attend the meeting just in case Bill hits a rough spot.

At the Beacon, Harley talks to Gus on the phone and tells him that she might have been wrong about Alan being in the picture.

Harley persuade Gus not to say anything to anyone about the picture until they have more solid proof that Alan is the Spaulding connection. Harley tells Gus she must hang up because Marie Green has arrived for their meeting. Harley tells Marie that she can't work on this case anymore because she is tired of tracking down Brad and his latest lover. Harley wonders why Marie doesn't divorce Brad take all his money and find herself a younger man Marie cries a little and says that Brad is the love of her life and she can't live without him. Marie tells Harley that Brad is supposed to meet someone there today. Marie is positive that its Brad's latest lover.

Marie begs Harley to watch Brad when he arrives and help her catch him in the act. Marie is positive that once Brad sees the hurt in her eyes when she sees him with the other woman he will never cheat on her again. Harley persuades Marie to wait for her in the lounge and she will call her when Brad arrives with the woman.

At the docks Danny continues his phone call with Jeffrey who is at the Beacon. Danny explains that after the raid on the club Salairno is anxious to make an example of him. (Jeffrey) Danny also tells Jeffrey that after everything he (Jeffrey ) has put him through (Danny) he can understand why Salairno wants him (Jeffrey ) to take a dirt nap. Jeffrey thinks Danny is enjoying this particular assignment too much. Danny explains that Salairno wants Jeffrey shot. Danny also explains that Salairno wants him to be the trigger man.

At Lewis construction, Tammy arrives to sell a ticket to the festival to Billy. Billy buys a ticket to the festival. Bill leaves to get cleaned up for the meeting.

At the Beacon, Harley sees Brad deliver a diplomatic pouch to Edmund . Edmund takes something out of the pouch puts something else inside the pouch and gives it back to Brad.

At Salairno's, club, Salairno tells Danny that he is proud of him for coming up with a wonderful plan to kill Jeffrey. Salairno tells Danny that he wants one of his most trusted men to pull the trigger because he wants the job done right. Danny tells Salairno that he will do the job right because he has been wanting to kill Jeffrey ever since he lost the Mayor's race. After a few more minutes of Danny trying to persuade him Salairno gives Danny the job. Danny tells Salairno that they should kill Jeffrey while he is in his car where he usually eats lunch.

At Lewis construction, Josh and Bill meet with their client. Josh is worried but after watching Bill seal the deal he is impressed. After the client leaves Josh tells Bill that his grandpa H.B. would be proud of him. Josh also tells Bill that he has a natural head for business like his mother Vanessa. Tammy arrives and tries to persuade Bill to buy all her tickets to the festival. Bill advises her to work hard for everything she wants and not have things handed to her. Bill explains that she will feel more satisfied if she earns things in life. Bill buys two tickets from Tammy and he promises to match all the tickets she sells today.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Lizzie is excited because her Aunt Alex bought ten tickets from her. Olivia arrives and she isn't in a good mood. Olivia tells Lizzie to leave the building because she doesn't feel like dealing with her. Lizzie explains about the Spaulding contest and that she and Joey need someplace to plan strategy for selling tickets. Lizzie asks Olivia if she can share her office. Olivia refuses to share her office with Lizzie.

Philip arrives and tells Olivia that the office is still his and he thinks that all of them sharing an office is a wonderful idea. After a few minutes of arguing with Philip, Olivia finally agrees to share the office with Lizzie. Once Lizzie has gotten her way she decides to let Olivia keep her office and she (Lizzie) will go to the Beacon.

At the Beacon, Cassie searches Edmund's room but doesn't find anything. Cassie hears Edmund's voice in her room and goes over to knock on the door. Cassie tells Edmund she left her date book there. Edmund leaves to handle business. Cassie finds the diplomatic pouch under her bed. Cassie debates with herself as to whether or not she should open the pouch. Cassie decides to trust Edmund and puts the pouch back under her bed.

At Spaulding enterprises, Philip tells Olivia that he wants their marriage to be built on trust. Philip informs Olivia that he has decided to give her full access to the company. Philip gives Olivia an envelope full of confidential company memos and tells her to keep them in a safe place. Philip also tells Olivia not to let anyone else see the memos. Philip informs Olivia that he set up a meeting for her with the board members so they can give her all the details about the top secret company projects. Olivia is so happy she gives Philip a kiss and heads to the meeting.

Philip calls Alan and smiles as he tells him that Olivia is sticking her head in the noose. Philip hangs up the phone and laughs because Olivia is so predictable.

At the Beacon, Josh tells Billy all about the deal that Bill made today . Josh tells Billy he is proud of how Bill is running the company. Josh sees Tony and tells hi that Marah seems happy in Paris. Tony is happy that Marah is doing well.

Bill demands to know why Tony lied to him about sleeping with Eden. Tony denies that he slept with Eden. Bill calls Tony a liar and throws a drink in Tony's face. Tony almost punches Bill but decides its not worth it. Tony advises Bill to get his life straightened out before something bad happens to him. Bill thinks Tony should take his own advice. Tammy wants to know how many tickets Joey and Lizzie have sold. Lizzie tells Joey not to discuss team secrets with a member of the other team. When Lizzie isn't listening Joey whispers to Tammy that Lizzie sold ten tickets to he Aunt Alex.

Joey encourages Tammy to sell tickets to everyone who comes in the hotel. Tammy gets excited about the idea. Tammy lies to Lizzie and tells her that she has already asked everyone in the hotel today to buy tickets from her. Lizzie takes Joeys hand and drags him away from Tammy. Harley tells Jeffrey about the meeting she saw between Brad and Edmund, Billy notices that Cassie looks worried and he offer to listen if she needs to talk. Cassie catches Edmund talking to someone on the phone. Edmund demands that the person keep their end of the bargain because he supplied the package.

After Edmund hangs up the phone Cassie notices that he looks troubled and offers to listen if he needs to talk. Edmund tells her its just business and walks away. Cassie sees the diplomatic pouch that Edmund left behind and walks over to open it. Cassie looks out the window and sees Jeffrey get shot.

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