Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/3/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Cassie lies awake in bed going over the conversation she had with Jeffrey. Cassie awakens Edmund because she has something important she needs to tell him.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Alan informs Philip the Federal investigation of the company will be over soon. Philip tells Alan he wishes he had more time to put his plan to incriminate Olivia for the problems at Spaulding into motion. Alan tells Philip he must go to a very important meeting.

At the Beacon, Frank informs Jeffrey that he is closing the investigation on the warehouse explosion. Frank tells Jeffrey that off the record they both know the explosion was a mob hit. Jeffrey asks Frank why he thinks the explosion was caused by the mob.

Frank tells Jeffrey that everyone knows Eden had a past with Salairno . Frank also tells Jeffrey that Darci also thinks the mob was after Eden and she is so scared she wants to leave town. Frank informs Jeffrey that he intends to keep the pressure on Salairno by raiding his club tonight. Jeffrey is happy about this news and asks Frank to make sure Salairno knows Frank has his (Jeffrey's) full support and cooperation.

Outside Salairno's club, Danny tells Tony that he needs to work because he can't stand being at the hospital so long and just watching Michelle sleep. Danny admits to Tony that the best thing for Michelle is not to wake up until this is all over.

Danny tells Tony that he is just waiting for Salairno to mess up so that they can catch him. Tony is positive Salairno will mess up and he tells Danny not to worry because he knows exactly what to do to push Salairno's buttons. Danny goes inside and asks Salairno if he is ready to send him to San Cristobel to meet the drug supplier. Tony arrives and tells Salairno that Danny isn't the person he seems to be and he (Salairno) shouldn't trust him. (Danny)

At Spaulding Enterprises, We see Philip closing an envelope with some papers in it and putting it inside Olivia's desk. Alexandra wonders what Philip is doing. Philip says he is saving the company and wonders what she is doing. Alexandra tells Philip she is looking for Alan. Philip tells Alexandra that Alan is in a meeting.

In another part of Spaulding, The intern candidates get bored and wonder why an important man like Alan Spaulding is late to a meeting. They start to imitate Alan's voice . They start to laugh and throw pillows at each other.

At the Beacon, Cassie tells Edmund that she appreciates how hard he has worked to change. Cassie also tells Edmund that she loves everything about him and that he is the most important thing in her life besides Tammy. Edmund is puzzled as to why Cassie had to wake him up to tell him this now but he appreciates the compliment. Edmund tells Cassie he must make some important Phone calls. Cassie wonders why he must make these calls now. Edmund explains that he was expecting something important in his diplomatic pouch but it didn't arrive so he must make sure it arrives in tomorrows diplomatic pouch. After Edmund leaves the room to make his calls there is a knock at the door. Gus explains he must talk to Edmund right now. Edmund comes back in the room and thinks Gus wants to speak to him about the San Cristobel Festival. Gus asks Edmund if they can speak alone. Edmund agrees and they go into another room.

A worried Cassie presses her ear against the door to listen to their conversation. Gus asks Edmund to tell him everything he can recall about who was in charge of the antimonies drug project in San Cristobel years ago when he was still prince Edmund. Edmund tells Gus that Alan was in charge of the project. Gus asks Edmund how he knows Alan was in charge of the project. Edmund says it should be obvious to a detective the project was being funded by Spaulding and Alan was president of the company at the time.

At Salairno's club, Tony tells Salairno he shouldn't be so quick to trust Danny just because he pulled off the hit on Eden. Salairno is puzzled because Tony was the one that was upset that Eden was killed. Tony calls Eden a worthless prostitute who wasn't worth all the trouble she caused them. Salairno gets angry and asks Tony to show some respect for the woman he (Salairno) once loved. Tony tells Salairno Eden doesn't deserve respect from him.

Salairno orders Danny to show Tony the way out of the Club. Danny asks Salairno if he just wants him to show Tony out of tithe club or take him out for good. Danny tells Salairno to give him the order on how he wants him to kill Tony.

At Spaulding enterprises, Alan arrives and informs the interns that he has been watching them on the Spaulding security cameras and from what he has seen they won't be good Spaulding employees. Lizzie persuades her grandfather to give her and her friends another chance. Alan explains to the interns that he will be very strict with them making them follow a dress code.

Alan also explains that he will give them a cell phone so he can monitor what they are doing every minute of the day. There will also be a website set up for them to log how they are doing on every assignment. Alan goes on to explain that each person will receive five points if they do well in the competitions every week. The losers will get no points and they will have to do extra work. The ultimate winner of the contest will get a job at Spaulding and their college tuition will be paid. Alan says that their first task is to sell the most tickets to the San Cristobel festival. The winning team will enjoy the festival the losing team ill work in the kitchen for the party.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey asks Ross about Michelle's condition. Ross says there has been no change in her condition. Ross is determined to get the drugs off the street and catch the person who caused the explosion that injured Michelle. Jeffrey tells Ross how much he admires him for being able to handle his family and work so hard as Mayor. Jeffrey doesn't think its easy having 3 kids and a job.

Ross explains that he has an older daughter who he misses very much and wishes he could have spent more time with while she was growing up. Jeffrey tells Ross he could never be a family man because a long term commitment and children have no place in his life.

At Salairno's club, Salairno asks Tony for his opinion about whether or not he (Salairno) should order Danny to kill him. (Tony) Tony thinks Salairno should do something big to show everyone in town he is going to stay in Springfield. Frank arrives with his men to search the club. Frank informs Salairno that Jeffrey wanted him to know he (Jeffrey ) and Frank will be watching him every minute of every day. After Frank leaves Tony suggests that he should order someone to kill Jeffrey. Salairno likes the idea and orders Danny to wait until tomorrow to meet with the drug supplier because he (Salairno) wants him (Danny to kill Jeffrey tonight.

At the Beacon, Cassie continues to have doubts about Edmund when he refuses to discuss he and Gus's conversation about the drugs. Edmund manages to shift the subject away from the drugs by asking Cassie if he has done something to make her doubt him. Cassie tells Edmund she doesn't doubt him . Cassie gives Edmund a hug and once again tells him she loves him. Edmund leaves to make his calls.

At Spaulding, The interns get organized and start getting ideas to sell tickets to the festival.

Philip tells Alan that Olivia's time at Spaulding is almost over because he has arranged for some incriminating memos to be found in her office. Alexandra arrives with a photographer to take pictures of the interns.

Outside Salairno's club, Danny and Tony congratulate themselves on getting Salairno to do exactly what they need him to do.

Tony is happy because once Salairno is gone he can become the boss. Danny tells his cousin they will have a long talk about this subject later.

At Spaulding, Philip, Alexandra and the interns get in position for pictures. Gus arrives and watches everyone and looks at the picture he found in Eden's apartment. Alan who is also watching the picture taking from a corner of the room sees Gus and walks over to talk to him. Gus wonders why Alan isn't going to be in the pictures. Alan explains to Gus that he never liked taking pictures. Lizzie walks over and after a few minutes persuades her Grandpa to be in the pictures. Lizzie also invites Gus to be in the picture but Gus explains he has never liked to take pictures. Gus grows even more suspicious of Alan because he (Alan) was so reluctant to be in the publicity picture.

On the docks, Danny calls Jeffrey to inform him that Salairno is going to allow him to meet with the drug supplier. Danny also informs Jeffrey that Salairno wants him (Jeffrey ) dead today.

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