Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/2/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Tammy and Joey (still clueless) tell Lizzie about their plans for the summer. They have both gotten jobs at the country club; Tammy is going to work as a counselor at the day camp and Joey is going to be a lifeguard.

Lizzie is clearly bothered by the idea of Joey spending his days by the pool with Tammy close by. But instead, she tells them that their plans sound kind of boring and asks Joey if he needs money for a new car. Joey and Tammy tell Lizzie that they are working in order to save up for college. Lizzie sees her aunt Alex across the room and tells her friends to hold off making plans. She approaches Alex with an idea. Alex is worried about all the bad press that Spaulding is receiving and is very interested in anything that would show a positive side of Spaulding. Lizzie suggests a contest (inspired by “The Apprentice) where several high school seniors and college students would compete for a job at Spaulding. At the end of the summer, the winner would be offered a job with the company and their college tuition would be paid in full. Alex agrees to it and Lizzie heads over to tells her friends.

Lizzie calls Sandy, Shayne, Marina and Tammy’s friend Kyra to join them and then she pitches her idea. Sandy is the only one who shows a little bit of interest. The others all think that it sounds too boring and are looking forward to their summer plans.

Being the true Spaulding that she is, Lizzie pushes until she gets them to see things her way. She appeals to all their personal interests in order to sway their decision; the minor league baseball teams, recording studios, Broadway shows. Her plan works and they all agree to it.

Later, Alexandra pitches the idea to Alan and he agrees to it. He does insist that he have full control over the entire project and Alex agrees. Alan tells Alex he is frustrated because he wants to help Gus through his grief but Gus won’t let him. Alex thinks he needs to leave things alone.


Jeffrey tells Cassie that he thinks the “D” drug ring may hit her very close to home. He has been monitoring Edmund for some time now and suspects that Edmund may be involved. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he has been was in San Cristobel because of the drug ring. At the time, Richard was still ruling and was fighting strongly against the drug ring. He suspects that, at the time, Edmund would have become involved in anything that his brother opposed. Jeffrey also tells her that he only came to Springfield because he followed the drugs. Before he can tell her anymore, Edmund enters. Jeffrey tells him that they were discussing the San Cristobel Festival and that he is very much looking forward to it.

Edmund did not realize that Jeffrey was so interested in his homeland and wonders where all the questions are coming from. Cassie puts a stop to the conversation and tells Edmund they need to leave.

Alone with Edmund, Cassie tells him that she needs to ask him something very important. She is obviously bothered by Jeffrey’s accusations but cannot bring herself to ask Edmund. Instead, she asks him if he loves her. When he tells her yes she tells him that she will be with him for the rest of their lives.


After having a bit too much to drink, Bill comes into Michelle’s room, demanding answers from Danny. He wants to know how Danny knew that Eden would be in that hotel room; how he knew that Eden did not die; how he knew that that would be his last chance to see the woman he thought he would be spending his life with. Danny will not reveal anymore to Bill and wants to table the conversation as they are in too public a place. Bill asks for time alone with Michelle. Danny is reluctant but Bill tells him that he just wants to talk with her. He promises not to upset her.

Danny runs into Harley outside and tells her that Bill is looking for answers. Harley tells him that although she knew better than to reveal the truth to Bill she does think that he did a good thing by telling Bill. After his confrontation with Bill, Danny is not so sure Harley will think that for much longer. She leaves to talk with Bill and Danny goes to get some coffee. He receives a phone call from Vinnie, who has decided to take him up on his offer. He will contact Danny when he has more instructions.

Harley goes into Michelle’s room and talks with Bill. She tells him that he needs to stop looking for answers and move on. Bill is through letting people pull the strings of his life. He is going to take care of things his way. Harley advises him to steer clear of Danny for a while.

Alone with Michelle, Bill tells her that they need to stop letting these people call the shots in their lives. She needs to come back and when she does, she “needs to stay away from anything Santos”.


After listening to Harley warn him that he needs to be prepared in case Alan is involved in the drug ring, Gus goes over to Eden’s apartment to go through her things.

When he gets there, he is very shocked to find Alan there. (Alan bribed his way in, in order to search the apartment) Gus asks Alan what he is doing there and Alan, sly man that he is, tells Gus that he was just trying to help him deal with Eden’s death by helping him clear out her things. Gus tells Alan that he appreciates the offer but it is not his place. It is up to him – Gus – and Bill to take care of these things. And Alan bribing people to get what he wants is not the way to go. Alan agrees to leave but he reminds Gus that the Spaulding’s are his family and will be there for him. Gus knows that Alan is lying and wonders why.

He goes through Eden’s things and comes across a picture of Eden with Brad and Vinnie. Harley arrives just them and Gus is happy to tell her that he now has proof that Alan is not involved. Harley looks at the picture and, unlike Gus, pays attention to the fourth person in the picture; someone’s arm is clearly visible and Harley knows who it is because she recognizes the watch on the person’s hand. She tells Gus that the exact watch is in their house, in Zach’s bedroom. It was a present to him from his grandpa Alan.

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