Guiding Light Update Monday 5/31/04

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Pictures by Boo

Scene 1 - Hospital - Michelle woke up but only seemed to recognize Tony, not Danny, saying he saved her. Then she passed out again.

Scene 2 - Beacon - Cassie and Edmund lament about the explosion and loss of Edens life. Cassie has decided to make the world a better place and decided she wants to help educate parents on the dangers of drugs. Edmund isn't at all for it.

Scene 3 -

Hotel Room, Bill and Eden reunited. Gus gave him a quick rundown on her leaving and told him to forget he saw her. All of them tried to convince him that it was for her protection.

Scene 4 - Beacon - Cassie argued with Edmund about her new idea. He reminded her that drug stuff was mob related and dangerous. Cassie defended Danny as her friend. Edmund made a passionate plea to her that Danny knew things about her and her children that Salerno could use against her.

Scene 5 - Hospital - Rick examined Michelle but reported that she is still in a coma. Danny stormed around the room until he calmed down. Salerno came for a visit to check up on Michelle.

Scene 6 - Beacon -

Cassie asked if Edmund thinks she's being naive about Danny and his involvement with the mob. Edmund advised her to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Cassie proposed that she check with Jeffery. Edmund let it slip that he knew Salerno but covered with that he knew men like Salerno.

Scene 7 - Hospital - Danny greeted Salerno warmly, thanking him for coming. Salerno asked if he knew why she'd been at the warehouse. Salerno wondered if Michelle followed him there, because if she did, she may be a witness, creating a big problem.

Scene 8 -

Hotel Room - Bill asked Eden if she really wanted to leave. She said no. Bill offered round the clock bodyguards. Then in desperation, he offered to go with her but she wouldn't let him give up his family for her. Eden put on a tough personality to ward him away. She claimed that she and Salerno were lovers. And then she came clean about her affair with Tony. She said she needed more than him and had been getting bored.

Scene 9 -

Hospital - Danny tried to convince Salerno that Michelle didn't follow him or witness the murder. Danny lied and told Salerno that she's likely going to be a vegetable if she wakes up, due to fictional brain damage .

Scene 10 - Hotel Room - Bill came right back at Eden making it harder for her to say no to him. He said he wouldn't believe in someone who wouldn't believe in herself and then he walked out the door.

Scene 11- Hospital - Danny said he may have misunderstood if her injury was that bad. Salerno backed off and then left him and Tony with Michelle. Danny came clean about his involvement with the mob.

Scene 12 - Beacon - Cassie received a package from San Cristóbal. Edmund snatched it away before she could open it. He apologized about grabbing it away. She said she thought that he was hiding something but made a joke about it. He said that he was just uptight about the Festival. Cassie was still suspicious. Outside, Edmund opened the package, routing thorough it and found that something was missing.

Scene 13 -

Hospital - Tony couldn't believe his ears. Danny told him that his deal with the feds included immunity for Tony.

Scene 14 -

Hotel Room - Eden bid a tearful goodbye. Gus cried on Harley's shoulder.

Scene 15 - Hospital -

Tony listened to Danny lay out the whole plan, including Michelle sticking by him. Danny told Tony that he didn't tell Michelle about the fake hit on Eden and asked if Tony would keep Michelle safe

Scene 16 - Graveyard -

Bill was as drunk as a skunk sitting at Edens grave. Jeffery asked Bill his intentions. Bill said that Eden was dead and gone to him and that was all.

Scene 17 - Hotel Room - Gus went back to work, much to Harley's surprise.

Scene 18 - Beacon - Edmund was on the phone with Salerno who said that Edmund let Salerno down.

Scene 19 - Hospital - Danny repeated his request for Tony's protection for Michelle.

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