Guiding Light Update Friday 5/28/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, The Lewis family and friends gather after the funeral,  Josh remarks that he is surprised to see so many people there considering Eden  didn't have many friends.  Billy thinks people either loved or hated Eden. 
At Eden's hiding place, We see Jeffrey bring Eden into the house holding her by the arm.  Jeffrey tells Eden she is very lucky that his men caught her before she left.  Jeffrey explains that she took a big risk by trying to escape to see Bill.  Eden tells Jeffrey she doesn't care about her life or if Salairno sees her Bill is in pain and she must see him.  Jeffrey explains to Eden he doesn't care about her she is already dead.  Jeffrey tells Eden she could put endanger the lives of all the people she loves and must leave behind. 
At the hospital, Bill arrives and Rick assumes he knows about Michelle.  Rick starts to apologize for not telling him about Michelle's accident but Bill stops him and says he already knows Michelle is in Washington D.C. with Robbie. Bill asks Rick for a phone number where he can contact Michelle because he needs to speak with her.  Bill notices Danny inside the hospital room.  Bill looks down at the name on the chart Rick is holding in his hand.  Bill bursts into Michelle's hospital room just in time to hear Danny apologize to Michelle for the accident.  Bill demands to know what Danny did to Michelle.  Danny apologizes for not telling Bill about Michelle but everyone thought he had enough on his plate right now.  Danny explains that Michelle was in the explosion at the warehouse.  Bill blames himself for the fact Michelle was in the warehouse.  Bill explains to Danny that he (Bill) and Michelle had an argument about Eden.  Bill thinks Michelle went to the warehouse looking for Eden. 
At Salairno's club, Salairno takes a cigarette lighter and uses it to burn a picture of Eden.  Tony comes in and demands that Salairno listen to what he has to say to him.  Tony thinks Salairno ordered the hit on Eden for personal reasons and  he tells Salairno he should never mix business with his personal life.  Salairno reminds Tony that the last person who spoke to him with such disrespect was Eden August and now she is dead.  Salairno thinks Tony has changed ever since Danny started working for him because Tony has always been afraid to be seen as second best to Danny. 
At Eden's hiding place, Gus tries once again to persuade Jeffrey to allow Eden to say good-bye to Bill.  Gus explains that Eden will always live with the regret that she had to leave the people she loved behind and that regret will nag at her like an itch she can never scratch.  Gus thinks that seeing Bill one last time will help Eden make an easier transition to her new life.  Jeffrey tells Gus that it is too late for Eden to say god-bye to Bill because its time for her to leave now. 
At the hospital, Danny tells Bill that now is not the time for them to blame each other for the accident.  Danny thinks they should concentrate on making sure Michele gets better.  Danny decides to leave Bill and Michelle alone to talk.  Before Danny leaves Bill asks him if Salairno had anything to do with the explosion.  Danny lies and tells Bill Salairno had nothing to do with the explosion. 
At the Beacon, Marina tells Shayne and Sandy that although she didn't know Eden well she is positive she (Eden ) wouldn't want people to mourn her death instead she would want them to celebrate her life.  Marina goes to the front of the room and gets everyone's attention and repeats the words she told Shayne and Sandy.  Billy agrees with Marina and makes a toast to Eden's life.  Marina goes too turn on some music.  Josh and Reva tell Marina they are proud of her and are happy to have her as part of their family.  Shayne is also proud of Marina and gives her a kiss.  Reva gives Sandy Marina and Shayne a hug.  Sandy goes outside to get some air.  Joey encourages Tammy to go apologizes to Edmund.  Joey gives Tammy a gentle push in Edmund's direction.  Lizzie sees Joey has been left alone by Tammy and tells Beth she wants to stay a little longer.  Lizzie walks over to talk to Joey.  Tammy struggles to find the words to apologize to Edmund.  Tammy finally offers Edmund a very nervous apology.  Edmund senses Tammy is nervous and accepts her apology and gives her a hug.  Joey tells Lizzie he is happy that Tammy will be moving back home because he felt awkward going to visit her at Josh and Reva's house.  Marina goes to talk to Sandy out on the balcony.  Sandy tells Marina he loves being part of a family although he has never had a family.  Sandy explains that sometimes he feels like he needs to get away from them for a little bit.  Marina tells Sandy she understands exactly how he feels because she feels the same way about her family.  Sandy tells Marina he likes her family.  Marina remarks that she has noticed that Sandy always makes an excuse to leave whenever she and Shayne are together.  Marina thinks Sandy feels like a third wheel.  Dandy reluctantly admits to Marina he does feel like a third wheel.  Marina thinks Sandy needs a girl and she offers to be his matchmaker.  Marina thinks that any girl would be lucky to be with Sandy. 
At Salairno, club, Tony tells Salairno he has never felt second best to Danny.  Tony assures Salairno that he can handle Danny.  Danny walks in and hears the last part of the conversation. Danny asks Tony how he intends to handle him.  Salairno tells Danny not to worry that he was just pushing Tony's buttons.  Salairno asks Tony to leave. 
At the hospital, Bill apologizes to Michelle for their fight.  Bill tells Michelle she must get better because he needs her more then ever now. 
At the Beacon, Frank gets a phone call and after he hangs up he tells Darci that the explosion looks like it was an accident.  Darci insists that the explosion was caused by the mob because Eden wanted to start a new life.  Darci begs Frank not to close the investigation yet.  Frank calms Darci down and tells her that he will keep the investigation open because he has his own questions about Eden's death. 
At Eden's hiding place, Gus and Eden say a tearful good-bye to each other.  Eden asks Gus to set a wedding date so she can mark it on her calendar and think about he and Harley being happy on that day. 
At the Beacon, Tammy tells Josh and Reva she  is moving back home.  Josh and Reva are once again excited about having the house all to themselves.  Tammy gives Joey a kiss and thanks him for helping her make thins right with Cassie and Edmond.  Lizzie is annoyed that Tammy is moving back home although she hides it well.  Tammy and Joey go to Josh and Reva's to pack.  They invite Lizzie to go with them but Lizzie says that her mom must be looking for her.  Rick and Beth talk about their family situations.  Rick asks Beth how she is handling Philip being at home with Olivia.  Beth is grateful that for once someone asked how she was handling everything. 
At Salairno's club, Salairno thinks Danny should go to the hospital to be with Michelle.  Danny says he needs work to distract him because he is going crazy sitting at the hospital.  Danny tells Salairno that he has come up with a way to get back the money he lost when Eden flushed the drugs down the toilet.  Danny tells Salairno that all he has to do to put his plan in motion is to know the name of Salairno's drug supplier.  While Salairno is thinking about this Danny daydreams about going to Michelle's hospital room and telling her its all over.  Michelle wakes up when she hears the news and gives Danny a hug and a kiss.  Danny is quickly brought back to reality when Salairno refuses to give him the name of the drug supplier. 
At the hospital, Bill vows not to let this happen again and leaves the room. 
At Eden's hiding place, Harley tells Gus she wants to marry him on his adopted father's birthday.  Eden thinks that  is a wonderful idea. 
Outside Salairno's club, Bill  talks to Danny and says that he thinks Salairno is the person that caused the explosion.  Bill says he lost Eden and he must get justice for her because that is all he has left now.  Danny can't stand to see Bill in any more pain so he gives Bill the address of Eden's hiding place.  Danny tells Bill that he never gave him the address and without further explanation tells Bill to go there now.  Bill is confused but does what Danny asks him to do. 
At the Beacon, Sandy asks Josh and Reva if he can move in with them because his apartment is flooded.  Reva is happy and gives him a hug and a key to the house.  Josh goes to make a phone call.  After a few minutes  Josh returns and tells Sandy that he knows his landlord and he offered to make any repairs necessary to the building.  Josh says the landlord told him the building isn't flooded.  Sandy quickly explains that he thought Reva was sad because Marah and Shayne had moved out.  Sandy tells Josh he just wanted to make Reva happy.  Josh promises not to say anything to Reva since she is very happy but he warns Sandy not to lie to him again. 
At Eden's hiding place, Eden gives Gus a hug and leaves.  Gus  yells that he will always love her.  Eden hears his words and runs back in to give Gus another hug.  Bill arrives just after Eden leaves.  Gus and Eden ask him who gave him the address.  Eden returns one more time because she forgot something.  Bill turns and sees her and Eden stop for a few seconds to look at Bill. 
At the hospital, Danny asks Tony what he was talking to Salairno about when he interrupted their conversation.  Michelle awakens Danny is excited and cries tears of joy.  Michelle opens her eyes but everything is fuzzy,  Michele sees Tony and mumbles you saved my life.  Michelle closes her eyes again and is very restless she keeps mumbling explosion you saved my life. 

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