Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/27/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the cemetery, Bill gets condolences and support from his family and friends. Salairno arrives and both Billy and Josh have to hold Bill back to stop him from walking over to Salairno.

At Eden's hiding place,, Eden looks at a picture of Bill. Jeffrey tells Eden to give him the picture explaining there can't be any traces of her old life. Jeffrey takes a pair of scissors and cuts the picture . Jeffrey throws the picture in the trash. Eden is depressed because she thinks her old life is trashed.

At the hospital, Danny sits at Michelle's bedside and talks to her. Tony also talks to her for a while before leaving the room. Danny gives Michelle a kiss on the forehead and tells her he will be back shortly but he has something he needs to do.

At the hospital chapel, Danny prays to God to save Michelle's life. Danny tells God he would gladly take Michelle's place in the hospital bed. Danny tells God he will do anything he (God wants him to do as long as he (God) will bring Michelle back to her family. Cassie arrives and apologizes to Danny for interrupting his prayers. Danny doesn't think God would listen to him. Cassie tells Danny God listens to everyone. Cassie wants to know if the rumors that he fixed the election are true . Cassie also asks Danny if he is back in the mob. Cassie tells Danny that people have seen him in town with Salairno. Danny admits to Cassie that he is back in the mob although he doesn't actually say the words.

At the cemetery, Josh politely asks Salairno to leave because he has no place at Eden's funeral. Salairno tells Josh that Eden was his friend and he just wants to say good-bye to her.
Bill walks over and tells Josh that Salairno can stay and watch people say how much they loved and cared about Eden. Bill thinks that if Salairno stays for the funeral he will feel guilty for the rest of his life for being the person who took Eden away from him. (Bill) Harley spreads the word to word to everyone present that Bill doesn't know that Michelle is in the hospital. Bill wonders where Michelle is and Harley tells him she went to Washington D.C. with Robbie to visit her uncle Mike. Harley and Gus feel badly that Bill has to go through so much pain and they can't tell him the truth about Eden. Father Ray begins Eden's funeral.

At the hospital, Ross arrives to speak to Michelle. Ross tells Michelle he is sorry that she felt that he was partly responsible for Danny's problems with the election. Ross tells Michele he understands how she felt because she is just like her mother Maureen. Ross explains that Maureen also fought for the people she loved no matter who got in her way.

At the hospital chapel, Cassie wonders if she and her family are in any danger because he is in the mob now. Danny assures Cassie she and her family are safe. Cassie has a hard time trusting Danny. Cassie tells Danny that right now Michelle is fighting for her life because of a rumored mob explosion. Cassie tells Danny she still wants to believe that Danny has god inside him because he must have some good in him for Michelle to love him. Cassie tells Danny that she knows that people are not perfect that is why people end up inn hospitals. Cassie promises to always be Danny's friend. They both go back upstairs to see Michelle.

In the hallway outside Michelle's room. An angry Edmund tells someone on the phone that the timing is crucial and there can't be any slip ups. When Cassie arrives and asks who Edmund was talking to on the phone Edmund covers and says there is a crisis at the embassy. Cassie goes into Michelle's room to talk to her. Edmund asks Danny about Robbie. Danny explains that Robbie is in Washington D.C. visiting Michelle's uncle Mike. Ross tells Danny that he left Eden's funeral early and he has already been in Michelle's room to talk to her. Ross asks Danny about Michelle's condition. Danny explains that doctors have told him that it is up to Michele to come out of the coma. Danny explains that it is important that Michelle's friends and family keep talking to her. Ross wonders if Danny has heard the rumors that the explosion may have had something to do with the mob. Danny thinks those are just rumors. Ross tells Danny that he will catch the person responsible for the explosion. Danny gets angry and says that if Ross can't be there to support Michelle then he should just leave. Danny leaves to go for a walk. Edmund also thinks Ross should concentrate on supporting Michelle and forget about the investigation for now. Ross is surprised at Edmund's opinion because when Richard died he (Edmund ) was the first one who wanted his brother's killer brought to justice. Ross tells Edmund that he promised Ed he would take care of Michelle. Ross vows to seek justice for Michelle and Eden's sake.

At the cemetery, Bill tearfully recites his wedding vows to Eden's coffin. After the funeral is over Bill walks up to Salairno and whispers that they will talk soon.

At Eden's hiding place, Harley and Gus arrive. Eden ask them how Bill is doing. Harley tells Eden Bill is devastated. Harley is angry at Jeffrey for not allowing them to tell Bill the truth. Jeffrey screams that he knows what he is doing because he has done hundreds of witness relocations. Harley yells back that she could go tell Bill the truth and she doesn't need his permission.

At the hospital, Cassie encourages Michelle to wake up because Robbie needs her. Cassie also tells Michelle that Danny needs her guidance , love , and faith now. Tammy arrives and asks her mother to forgive her for being so petty and not understanding that she (Cassie was only concerned about her. Tammy asks Cassie if she can come back home. Cassie hugs her daughter and says of course she come home.

At the cemetery, Tony once again offers his condolences to Bill and tells him he (Tony) will be there if he needs anything.. Billy tells Bill it is time to leave and encourages Bill to say good-bye to Eden. Bill tells his father he isn't ready to say good-bye to Eden.

At Eden's hiding place, Jeffrey tells Harley since she is a deputized federal agent he will have to prosecute her if she tells Bill Eden is alive. Eden screams that it is because of her that Jeffrey has any evidence against Salairno and Jeffrey owes her. Eden struggles to make Jeffrey understand that Bill can be trusted with the truth. Eden goes to the bathroom and refuses to let Harley go with her.

At the hospital, Tammy takes a turn at talking to Michelle. Once she is finished Tammy and Cassie walk out to the hall way. Cassie and Tammy offer their support to Danny in doing anything he might need. Once they have left Danny Tammy remarks that seeing Michelle in her condition reminds her of Richard. Cassie hopes Danny and Michelle will have a happy ending to their situation. Edmund again calls someone on the phone and tells the person they need to blend in with the crew and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Danny has a daydream in which Michelle awakens and calls him a liar and says she will never forgive him for not telling her the truth and putting her life in danger. A nurse arrives and awakens him from his brief sleep.

At the cemetery, Bill recites the portion of the wedding ceremony that the pastor asks them to recite when they exchange rings. Bill takes Eden's wedding ring and places it on top of her coffin.

At Eden's hiding place, Harley , Gus and Jeffrey continue to argue abut telling Bill the truth. Harley asks Jeffrey if he has ever had someone special in his life he wishes he could talk to again a relative or a girlfriend. By the expression on Jeffrey's face the audience knows he is thinking about Marah. Harley can tell she hit a nerve when she mentioned a girlfriend so she thinks maybe Jeffrey can understand how Bill is feeling right now. Jeffrey begins to wonder why Eden has taken so long in the bathroom. Jeffrey knocks a few times and when Eden doesn't answer Jeffrey kicks the door open. The bathroom is empty.

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