Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/25/04

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Pictures by Boo

Scene 1 - Warehouse - Tony tried desperately to revive Michelle only to have a secondary explosion throw them backward.

Scene 2 - Car - Gus, Jeffery and Harley cleaned Eden up while driving her off to protective custody. Eden found out that Bill wouldn't be told about her survival.

Scene 3 - Club - Salerno and Tony shared a toast to Edens death. Danny received a call from Jeffery letting him know that everything went off like clockwork. Salerno warned him it may not be a good idea to clue Michelle in on what he did at the warehouse.

Scene 4 - Edens house - Bill panicked while Billy tried to calm him down.

Scene 5 - Beacon - Alex and Ross ran into each other and caught up with each other's lives.

Scene 6 - Warehouse - Frank lead a rescue crew in as Tony was carrying Michelle out. Frank tried to explain that he was trying to help her but Tony's hearing wasn't working. Frank tried in vain to explain but he still couldn't hear. He allowed Tony to carry Michelle out to the ambulances.

Scene 7 - Hotel Room - Eden has kittens about not being able to tell Bill. The others argue that her death has to be believable. Danny arrived and they filled him in. Gus got a call from Bill. Eden tried to say something but Jeffery stopped her. Harley headed over to break the bad news to Bill. Jeffery emphasized that Bill's life would be in danger if she told him.

Scene 8 - Edens House - Billy told Bill to hang in there while they waited for Gus to arrive.

Scene 9 - Hospital - Tony arrived at the hospital with Michelle. Rick started the examination. Frank ordered a nurse to look over Tony but he fended her off.

Scene 10 - Hotel Room - Gus and Eden reminisced about their childhood and talked about her new identity. Eden mused about the irony of wanting to be a different person and now she would be.

Scene 11- Edens Room - Harley broke the news to Bill, devastating him. Bill put the blame on Salerno and swore he'd make him pay.

Scene 12 - Beacon - Ross and Alex continued to catch up with each other.

Scene 13 - Hospital - Tony asked who the target was. Danny told Tony that the target was Eden and now she was dead. Tony was unaware of the set up. Tony told a confused Danny about Michelle.

Scene 14 - Edens House - Harley tried to convince Bill that Edens death was an accident but he wasn't buying it. She appeared to finally get through to him but then he took off. Harley called Gus and reported it was done. Jeffery told Gus that Salerno's expecting another shipment of antimonious and sent Gus back onto the street. Eden discovered she'd lost her ring.

Scene 15 - Warehouse - Bill and Billy look around. In a heartbreaking scene, Bill found her ring.

Scene 16 - Hospital - Danny looked on in disbelief as the doctors work on Michelle. Tony totally lost his temper and took it out on Danny.

Scene 17 - Hotel Room - Eden apologized to Gus for being a pain in the butt and they say their goodbyes. She asked him to look after Bill.

Scene 18 - Edens Room - Bill returned and cried over Edens ring. Then he pulled a box from under the bed with a gun in it.

Scene 19 - Beacon - Alex and Ross said goodbye. Ross got a phone call about the explosion and Michelle. Frank arrived and filled him in and asked where he could find Ed.

Scene 20 - Jeffery received the call about Michelle.

Scene 21 - Hospital - They wheeled Michelle off to surgery leaving Danny and Tony agonized.

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