Guiding Light Update Monday 5/24/04

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Pictures by Boo

Scene 1 - Warehouse - Danny sent Eden to the office with promises of getting her away from Salerno, while Michelle skulked around the warehouse with a gun in her hand, unaware that Danny had explosives planted, ready to go off. Danny, unaware that Michelle was in the area, set the bomb off.

Scene 2 - Edens house - Bill waited for Eden at her house, drooling all over the ring he had for her.

Scene 3 - Warehouse - In the ruins of the building, Eden lay bleeding. Danny snapped a picture and then looked around. Michelle was pinned and unconscious under a pile of rubble.

Scene 4 - Beacon - Tammy and Joey talked about how to get his resume together.

Scene 5 - Hospital -

Billy's car broke down so he was hanging around the hospital. Rick and Billy talked about Ricks father. Josh and Reva showed up and asked after Ricks baby. Phillip brought Emma in for a bloody nose and asked for Rick to help. Rick said that she was a bit congested and had a runny nose. Rick told Phillip that Danny was back in the mob.

Scene 6 - Warehouse - Danny had an odd feeling and looked like he was going back in but ducked out when he heard a noise. Tony came from the forested area around the warehouse.

Scene 7 - Warehouse - Emergency crews and police (including Frank and Jeffery) showed up.

Scene 8 - Beacon - Tammy told Cassie that she's going to be looking for a job to pay for college. Olivia called her complaining about Phillip and said she wouldn't be in for the day.

Scene 9 - Hospital - Josh and Reva wait for the tow truck with Billy and chat about Bill and Edens wedding.

Scene 10 - Warehouse - Emergency workers found Eden. Tony watched intently from the sidelines. Jeffery and Frank speculate on how the fire started.

Scene 11- Hospital -

Rick urged Phillip to call Olivia and let her know about Emma's cold. Phillip was resistant. Olivia showed up and cussed him out for taking her. Rick was called away for the warehouse emergency leaving Olivia and Phillip alone.

Scene 12 - Beacon - Alex waits for a meeting with Edmund at the Beacon. Darcy showed up lamenting that Frank was called away from their dinner.

Alex offered them a drink but Darcy told them she was going to call Eden. Darcy vented her frustration about how Alex has treated Eden in the past.

Scene 13 - Club - Danny showed Edens picture to Salerno to convince him that he killed her. Salerno asked for him to print it.

Scene 14 - Warehouse - Frank saw Eden and called Gus. Workers report that there is no one else in there but there's a ton of flammable so the place could blow at any minute. In the meantime, Tony entered the ruins and looking the area over, he reported the success to Salerno.

Scene 15 - Hospital -

Phillip and Reva talked about his overreacting and just basically chatted.

Josh cornered Olivia and asked her if she was happy.

Scene 16 - Beacon -

Edmund arrived for his meeting with Alex on the San Cristobel project. Cassie told Edmund that her discussion with Tammy was less than she hoped for.

Scene 17 - Edens house - Bill waiting turned to worry when Eden didn't show up.

Scene 18 - Warehouse - Gus arrived at the crime scene and asked how she was. Frank called Billy and told him about Eden.

Scene 19 - Club - Salerno and Danny talked about his future in the mob. Salerno left to take care of something while Danny tried to call Michelle. Her cell phone started ringing in the warehouse alerting Tony to where she was under the rubble. Tony dug through the rubble until he found Michelle.

Scene 20 - Beacon - Alex and Edmund commensurate about how his life is going at the moment. Joey urged Tammy to talk to Cassie while Edmund consoled her.

Scene 21 - Hospital - Phillip and Olivia take Emma home. Olivia told Phillip he did the right thing bringing him in and said he was a good father.

Scene 22 - Edens House - Billy, Josh and Reva broke the bad news to Bill, who goes nuts, breaking a vase.

Scene 23 - Warehouse - Eden was pronounced dead. Gus was overcome with grief.

Scene 24 - Car -

Eden popped up from under the blanket they draped over her, very much alive.

Scene 25 - Warehouse -

The flammables exploded, tossing Tony and Michelle around.

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