Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/20/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Olivia meets with a jeweler and looks at the copy of the diamond necklace Philip gave her. Olivia congratulates the jeweler on the fine work he did copying the necklace. Olivia tells the jeweler the necklace looks just like the real one. Olivia sells the real diamond necklace to the jeweler who gives her some money. Philip arrives and stands out of sight as he sees Olivia give the Necklace to the jeweler and get money for it. Philip stops the jeweler and asks him if he made the beautiful necklace that he just gave to the lady. The jeweler proudly says yes and hands Philip his card.

At Bill and Eden's place, Bill arrives and tells Eden he wants to go pick up something for them to eat. Eden is nervous and gives Bill a kiss and tells him not to be gone long.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle explains that Danny is playing a trick on the men he works with who came to play hide and seek earlier. Robbie asks Michelle when Danny will be home. Michelle hugs Robbie and tells him his daddy will be home soon.

At Salairno's club. Salairno tells Danny that if he (Danny) doesn't kill Eden he (Salairno) might have to go after Michelle and Robbie. Danny repeats Salairno's words to make sure he heard Salairno correctly. Danny remind Salairno that part of their agreement in exchange for Danny working for him was that he (Salairno) would not harm Michelle or Robbie. Salairno tells Danny that they are family and he would never intentionally harm Michelle or Robbie because he likes them. Salairno tells Danny he can go home for a few hours and think about what to do. Tony arrives just as Danny is leaving. Tony calls Danny's name but Danny doesn't hear him.

At the Beacon, Philip wants to invite his wife to a romantic dinner. Olivia tells Philip she is very busy and has tons of work she must do at the office. Philip asks Olivia to give him this time so they can get to know each other again. Olivia reluctantly accepts the invitation. After Philip leaves Olivia wonders what her loving husband wants from her.

At the Lewis house, Shayne explains to Josh that he is going to donate some of his baseball equipment to the youth summer baseball program on fifth street. Shayne tells Josh that some kids can't afford to buy equipment so he is going to give it to them. Shayne eyes some presents in the living room and Josh explains that Marah sent them from Paris for Bill and Eden's wedding.

At Salairno's club, Bill pounds on the door and demands to see Salairno. Tony tells Bill he should leave. Salairno decides to hear what Bill has to say to him. Bill warns Salairno to leave Eden alone.

At Bill and Eden's place, Harley arrives to check on how Eden is doing, Harley and Eden talk about how they hate having to lie to the men they love. Eden tells Harley she wishes she had never gotten involved with Salairno. Harley agrees but she did get involved with him and actions always have consequences.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny arrives and tells Michelle they must get Robbie out of town. Michelle gets nervous and asks if Salairno has threatened Robbie. Danny lies and says that Salairno hasn't threatened Robbie. Danny explains that Salairno is acting strangely because someone stole his drugs and he isn't sure what Salairno would do. Danny tells Michelle he must make sure Robbie is safe.

At the Lewis house, Josh explains to Sandy that Shayne was always very energetic as a child. Josh thanks Sandy for being such a good brother while Shayne was paralyzed. Josh explains that Sandy was the only person in the family that made Shayne feel like he was needed while everyone else made him feel overprotected. Josh also tells Sandy he is glad he (Sandy) is going to be around for Shayne now that Marah is gone.

At Bill and Eden's place, Gus thinks Eden got scared and called Harley to keep her company. Harley explains that she was concerned about Eden and came to check on her. Gus gives Harley a kiss and says it is very sweet that she cares about Eden. Gus tells Eden not to worry about Salairno because he is mad at the person who stole his drugs not at her. Gus says that when Salairno finds that person he wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

At Salairno's club, Bill tells Salairno that he knows he and Eden had a past relationship but now Eden is going to be his wife. Bill explains that for some reason Eden is scared of him. Salairno tells Bill that he will leave Eden alone.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny wonders if Robbie got upset when Salairno's men searched the house. Michelle tells Danny she told Robbie the men were playing hide and seek and he should go to his room and hide. Danny explains to Michelle that Mel is gong to Washington D.C. to visit Michelle's uncle Mike and Mel is taking Jude and baby Leah with her. Mel has also agreed to take Robbie with her. Danny and Michelle both cry as they thin of not seeing their son for a while.

At the Beacon, Philip talks to Alan on the phone. Philip explains to Alan that he suspects Olivia is the one buying Spaulding stock. Although we don't hear Alan's voice on the other end of the phone Philip tells him he doesn't want to do anything to stop Olivia because someone will have to be responsible for the problems at Spaulding and if it happens to be Olivia he can finally get her out of his and his children's lives for good.

At Bill and Eden's place, Gus thinks Salairno is after Eden. Harley assures Gus Salairno is part of Eden's past. Harley tells Gus she will stay with Eden tonight. Gus and kiss before Gus leaves. Eden apologizes to Harley for making her lie to Nicky again. Harley is positive Gus will understand when everything is over and Eden is safe.

At Salairno's club, Salairno tells Bill he doesn't have feeling for Eden anymore. Salairno tells Bill he thinks he has guts for coming to talk to him. Salairno orders his goons to give Bill a beating because no one comes in his club to speak to him that way.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny and Michelle say good-bye to Robbie. Robbie wonders when he will see them again. Michelle cries as she tells Robbie he will see them soon but he will have fun with his cousins, Aunt Mel , and Uncle Mike. Mel honks the horn and Danny takes Robbie out to the car.

At the Lewis house, Sandy tells Josh its been fun being part of the family. Josh explains he was worried that Sandy would have trouble fitting in to the Lewis family but now he fits in so well he will never get rid of them. Sand says he enjoys looking at all the family pictures. Josh tells Sandy they are going to have new family pictures taken at the wedding and he will be included in those pictures.

At Salairno's club, Tony stops the goons from beating Bill until he passes out. Tony whispers to Bill that he and Eden should stay away from Salairno. Bill stumbles out of the club.

At the Beacon, Philip tells Olivia he can't remember giving her his power of attorney. Philip says that he keeps in touch with everyone at the office and everyone he has spoken to has told him she is doing an excellent job.

Outside Salairno's club, Gus spots Bill in the alley and figures out Salairno o had Bill beaten up. Bill explains that he went to tell Salairno to stay away from Eden. Bill tells Gus that Salairno promised to leave Eden alone. Gus wonders if Bill believes Salairno. Bill says yes he does believe Salairno. Gus wonders why Salairno would have Bill beaten up. Bill says he cant understand the reason for it. Gus asks Bill if he really loves Eden. Bill says he loves Eden with all his heart. Gus smiles and offers to take Bill to the hospital. Bill says he will go get taken care of himself but he makes Gus promise not to say anything about this to Eden. Gus agrees to not say anything to Eden.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny explains to Michelle how to use his extra gun. Salairno calls Danny and tells him his thinking time is up. Danny explains that he must go to a meeting with Salairno. Before he leaves Danny asks Michelle if she will always love him no matter what happens. Michele assures Danny she will never stop loving him.

At the Beacon, Philip toasts his wife for being smart in the way she has been voting his proxy. Philip wants Olivia to remember all the things they have in common so it will make it easier for them to work together. Olivia tells Philip she must go back to the office.

Bill calls Eden and tells her he had a chat with Salairno. Bill tells Eden that Salairno promised to leave her alone. Bill tells Eden how much he loves her and that now it should be clear sailing to their happy life together. Bill tells Eden he will be home in a little while.

At Bill and Eden's house, Gus arrives demanding that Harley tell him the truth about Eden and her involvement with Salairno.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michele nervously waits for Danny to come home. Michele flashes back on everything that Danny told her before he left the house as well as the explanation Danny gave her for getting Robbie out of town. Michelle tells herself Danny isn't in this alone.

At Salairno's club, Danny agrees to kill Eden. Danny tells Salairno he could do it the easy way and put a bullet in her head and dump her in the river. Danny thinks its time that Salairno should make a statement and show everyone nobody messes with him. Danny thinks they should blow Eden off the map.

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