Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/19/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Cassie comes by to talk with Tammy. She talks with Reva first and expresses her concerns. Based on what Edmund found at the Bauer cabin, it is possible that Tammy and Joey have slept together. She needs to know what happened but is not sure how to broach the subject without further alienating Tammy. Reva tries to reassure Cassie but she is interrupted by the doorbell. She answers the door and finds Joey on her doorstop. Cassie comes out to talk with Joey and asks him about the day he and Tammy cut school. She does not think it was right of them to take off like that and asks him if he has told his mother what happened. Joey says no and Cassie says it would be better if his mother heard about it from him and not Cassie. Tammy comes down at this time and asks Cassie what she is doing. When Cassie tells her she wants to talk with her, Tammy tells her she has no intention of moving back home. Joey is her ride to school and Tammy is ready to leave. Reva steps in and offers Joey some muffins. He heads to the kitchen but Tammy and Cassie ask Reva to stay with them. Cassie is trying to figure out what Tammy’s intentions were when she skipped school and headed off to the Bauer cabin with Joey. Tammy does not want to discuss it and resists all of Cassie’s attempts at conversation. When Cassie comes right out and asks Tammy if she ran off to get back at her, Tammy says maybe…She does not appear to have any regrets about that day. Cassie tells Tammy she knows what it is like to be a teenage and she does not want Tammy to make any of the mistakes that she made. Tammy tells Cassie that she is not self-destructive, unlike Cassie! Cassie takes this comment in stride then makes it clear to Tammy that although she did not have an easy time of it she has no regrets. And she does not want Tammy to have any either. Reva intervenes and tells Tammy that she understands that she needs privacy… but Tammy needs to accept that whether she is with Cassie or living with Josh and Reva, they need to know what is going on with her.

Tammy finally admits that nothing happened up at the cabin with Joey. Cassie is happy to hear that. She tells Tammy that she is worried about her. She knows how important it is at this point in life to be able to have people to talk to and confide in. Tammy tells her that she has people for that. Cassie hopes that she can be one of those people. Tammy says “maybe”. Before leaving, Cassie gives Tammy a gift then embraces her and tells her she loves her. When Cassie is gone, Tammy opens up the box to find a journal with a lock and key… “Love, Mom.”


Salerno finds that the drugs are missing and he is furious. He suspects that Danny is the guilty party and he sends some men out. When Danny stops by and sees that something has made Vinnie angry he asks what is going on. Salerno thinks he is just pretending to be ignorant to the situation but Danny tries to assure him that he has no clue what is going on. Danny receives a phone call from a furious Michelle who demands to speak with Salerno. Reluctantly, Danny hands the phone to Vinnie, who tells her that something went missing last night and they need to find it. Michelle assures him that Danny was with her all night but he does not buy it. She tells him that she cannot accept this treatment after he came into her home and sat and ate with them. Salerno asks her to put his man on the phone. He asks if they found anything and they tell him no. Salerno tells them to leave the house. Satisfied that Danny is not the traitor, Salerno is still furious that someone stole his shipment. Danny checks things out and finds a few bags in a bathroom along with some powder on the ground. He tells Salerno that his drugs was not stolen, someone flushed it down the toilet. Vinnie recalls his last meeting with Eden and realizes that she is the one who turned on him. He orders Danny to prove his loyalty by teaching the one who betrayed him a lesson: Danny must kill Eden.


After Salerno’s henchmen leave, Michelle is left with quite a mess on her hands. She finds a little helper in Tony, when he stops by to check on her.

She tells him if nothing has changed since their last conversation then she has nothing to say to him. Michelle asks Tony if he told Salerno that Danny was at the warehouse but Tony assures her that he said nothing. Michelle takes that as a sign that Tony’s loyalties do lie with Danny. Tony recalls the day Danny showed him the house and how many plans he had for his family. Tony only wishes that he could have an opportunity at a life like that. Michelle thinks that he really could have it. When Tony asks Michelle why she is standing by Danny she tells him that she has realized that not everything is black or white, right or wrong. She knows that the rules change and people have to adjust accordingly. She accepts this now and, no matter what, she will stand by Danny. Tony respects her decision and her commitment to her husband.


Bill is hung over after his bachelor party. Eden tells him she is glad that he had the party because it makes the whole wedding/marriage seem much more real to her. Bill assures her that things are very real and all their plans will come to life. He asks her where she was last night; he came home pretty late but she was not around. Eden tries to ignore the question but eventually ends up telling Bill that she was in the bathroom when he came in and he fell asleep before she came out. Bill accepts this. Jeffrey O’Neil drops by because he needs to speak with Eden right away. He has some questions about Salerno and is questioning everyone who knows the man. Bill does not want to leave them alone but Eden tells him she will be fine.

When Bill leaves, Jeffrey tells Eden he knows what she did [he was listening to Vinnie from a surveillance van]. Eden tells him she is happy that she flushed that drugs because now she is out of Salerno’s web. Jeffrey tells her that she just “committed suicide”. He finally fills her in on his whole plan and Eden is horrified by the consequences of her actions. Jeffrey switched the sample before Eden delivered it to Salerno; when Salerno realized it was not 100%, he would have contacted his supplier and then the Feds would have had then all. But thanks to Eden, that plan has been flushed down the toilet. Eden is desperate to replace the drugs she flushed but Jeffrey tells her that it is too late because Vinnie knows what she did. Now she must testify against Salerno. Eden is terrified and Jeffrey tells her that he will protect her. Eden does not want protection; she wants Bill and she wants her life back. Jeffrey oh-so-sensitively tells her that you don’t always get what you want.


Harley is trying to reach Jeffrey to find out how to proceed but he is not taking her calls. Sandy comes in and tells her about the bachelor party. Sandy mentions that Bill seemed a bit nervous. Sandy asks Harley for some advice on the whole love-and-marriage game. Harley insists that the single most important factor in a relationship is trust. And she is lucky enough to have found someone she trusts so much. Bill arrives and Sandy takes off. He is worried about Eden and thinks that something is going on.

Harley tells him that everything is all right but Bill thinks that Salerno is involved with Eden again. Harley does her best to discourage Bill from sticking his nose into the problem. She tells him that Salerno and Eden have known each other for a long time and it is likely that that is all that he is picking up on. Bill remains unconvinced.

Later, Jeffrey comes to see Harley who tells him about Bill suspicions. Jeffrey hopes that Harley was successful in keeping Bill away because they cannot afford to have him become involved. Jeffrey tells Harley that Eden flushed Salerno’s stash and now she must testify. Harley asks if there is any other option because if Eden does testify against Salerno she will lose EVERYTHING. Jeffrey says there is no alternative. From now on, Harley is Eden’s full-time bodyguard.

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