Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/18/04

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Pictures by Boo

Scene 1 - Spalding Enterprises - Olivia talked to her broker on the phone trying to figure out who's buying up Spalding stock.

Scene 2 - Stake out - Jeffery shares his doubts about Eden following through with the plan to snare Salerno. Jeffery told Harley that Eden is carrying phoney drugs. Harley lays into him about it.

Scene 3 - Olivias - The bachelor party was just getting under way when Josh delivered the news to HB that it was off.

Scene 4 - Eden's house - Bill commented that her pack was heavy and tried to help her with it but she fended him off. Gus arrived to drag Bill to the party. Eden shooed them off in a hurry.

Scene 5 - Spalding Enterprises - Phillip and Olivia bantered about work while fantasizing about the Feds dragging her off to jail. Olivia fantasized about controlling Spalding Enterprises, while Phillip looked on in a straight jacket.

Scene 6 - Olivias - Tammy and Lizzie chatted about Joey. Joey hung out with the guys while waiting for Bill to arrive. He and Edmund had a short heart to heart about their trip to the Bauer Cabin.

Bill arrived faking surprise to humor everyone.

Scene 7 - Salernos - Eden arrives with the drop. Jeffery picked her voice up on his equipment. Salerno frisked her for surveillance equipment. Salerno is suspicious.

Scene 8 - Olivias - Bill and Ross buried the hatchet. HB gave a speech about Bill's independent streak and offered his blessing on the marriage. Olivia arrived to stir things up and possibly get Bill drunk enough to talk.

Scene 9 - Spalding Enterprises - Phillip went back to Olivia's office after she left. Alex showed up and congratulated Phillip on his return to work.

Scene 10 - Salernos - Eden talked tough with Salerno while Harley and Jeffery listened on. Salerno said she wasn't finished working for him and that now he owned her. Then, he dismissed her. Eden stole a ring of keys when his back was turned.

Scene 11- Spalding Enterprises - Alex and Phillip shared a snack and reminisce about the past and their lives.

Scene 12 - Olivias - Olivia pumped HB for information and he let it slip that Bill is a stock wiz.

Lizzie convinced Tammy to take a cell phone and take pictures of the party but when Tammy saw Edmund and Joey talking, she decided to leave. Olivia caught up with a slightly drunk Bill.

Scene 13 - Stake out - Harley and Jeffery argued about Jeffery setting up Eden.

Scene 14 - Eden went back to Salernos and waited until he locked the door and left before letting herself into his house.

Scene 15 - Spalding Enterprises - Alex and Phillip kissed each other goodbye and then Phillip looked up his stock info on the computer only to find out that his stock was sold. He then looked up Olivias stock and found he didn't have access.

Scene 16 - Olivias - Lizzie stole away with Joey. Jeffery showed up at the party. Harley and Gus caught up with each other. Olivia took a very drunk Bill home to Edens and tried to get him to talk about the stock market but Bill passed out before she could get any info.

Scene 17 - Salernos - Eden retrieved her bag, flushed the ‘drugs' and left.

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