Guiding Light Update Monday 5/17/04

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Pictures by Boo

Scene 1 - Lewis house - Josh and Sandy were off to Bill's bachelor party. It was intended to be a surprise until Bill showed up to ask advice about Eden and

Scene 2 - Beacon - Gus and Beth talked about what it was like to be a Spalding.

Scene 3 - Michelle and Dannys house - Danny broke the bad news to Michelle that they found nothing amiss in the shipment. The doorbell rang and Tony showed up. Danny went on the attack.

Scene 4 - Eden's house - Harley confronted Eden about the antimonious in the wedding decorations. Eden told Harley her life was at stake if she didn't stash the drugs. Harley didn't believe her and pumped her for more details. Eden told her this was her last assignment for Salerno. Harley asked her what Salerno had on Eden. Eden said he was blackmailing her for bankrolling her escort service. Harley still felt betrayed.

Scene 5 - Beacon - Gus and Beth talked some more about the pitfalls and perks of being a Spalding. Gus invited her to the bachelor party - to jump out of the cake, but she refused. Beth gave Gus a pep talk about Eden.

Scene 6 - Michelle and Dannys house - Danny accuses Tony of testing him. Tony tells him he needed to know he could trust Danny and now that he knows that he can't - there are consequences.

Scene 7 - The Lewis House - Reva and Josh assured Bill that they would accept her into the family. Sandy stepped up to the plate and offered to show her the ropes. Reva told him that while they can't ignore who she was, they can accept who she is now.

Scene 8 - Edens house - Harley said she wanted to believe Eden but that she makes some of the stupidest mistakes. Eden told Harley that she thought she was protecting Bill. Harley asked if Salerno threatened to kill her and Eden said that he never said it, but it was implied. Harley agreed to keep it a secret from Bill but that she was going to tell the District Attorney.

Scene 9 - Michelle and Danny's house - Tony claimed he was just doing his job by testing Danny's loyalty. Danny told him that Tony is still taking orders, just from someone new. Tony threatened to report him to Salerno.

Michelle overheard the fight and threatened Tony by saying he didn't want her as an enemy. Tony backed down while Michelle continued to fire away. She reminded Tony that they were family too and loved him. Then she threw him out.

Scene 10 - Lewis House - Josh and Reva gave Bill a silver and turquoise wedding talisman from his great great grandfather in the Lakota tribe, saying that every couple who's carried it has had a great life together.

Scene 11- Edens house - Jeffery showed up and confiscated the drugs and threatened to send her to jail. Harley asked him to lighten up and reminded him that the prize is Salerno, not Eden. He agreed and told Harley he wouldn't arrest her. Harley told her the good news.

Scene 12 - Lewis house - Josh and Sandy tried to convince Bill to go to his bachelor party but he wasn't for it. Josh agreed to break the news to HB, that there would be no party.

Scene 13 - Edens House - Jeffery confirmed that the antimonious found in the decorations was pure. Jeffery told her that he wasn't going to report her but that she was going to have to finish what she started and make the drop so they could track her. She resisted but he forced her into it.

Scene 14 - Lewis House - Josh, Reva, and Sandy joked about Tammy being in the house, loud music and the phone tied up. The conversation turned and Josh offered Sandy a job with Lewis construction but he refused, for the moment.

Scene 15 - Danny and Michelle's House - Danny liked his wounds and complimented Michelle on her performance with Tony. In a private moment Danny said he couldn't breathe without her.

Scene 16 - The Club - Tony was drinking himself silly when a call from Salerno came in, asking about Danny. Tony lied to Salerno saying he hadn't seen Danny.

Scene 17 - Harley and Jeffery undercover strapped on the surveillance equipment and listened in.

Scene 18 - Edens House - Eden was getting ready to leave for the drop when Bill showed up, beyond excited. He showed her the talisman and said they would be happy for the rest of their lives. Eden looked worried.

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