Guiding Light Update Friday 5/14/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Spaulding Enterprises office, Olivia calls her stock broker and demands that he find out who is buying up large blocks of Spaulding stock. Olivia warns him that if he doesn't find the information she will find a new stock broker. An angry Olivia hangs up the phone.

Alexandra brings Emma to the office to visit her mommy. Alexandra wonders if Olivia truly cares about her daughter or if she loves money and power.

At the Beacon, Gus wonders if Philip knows who is causing trouble at Spaulding. Philip tells Gus he is responsible for the trouble at Spaulding. Gus repeats Philip's words to make sure that he heard them correctly. Philip explains to Gus that he meant to say someone has to take responsibility for the mess in order to save the company. Philip intends to let everyone know that this whole mess happened while he was having a break down and that is why mistakes were made within the company.

At the docks, Harley calls Eden to cancel their plans to go shopping for decorations for the bridal shower. Eden tells Harley that she has a headache and they can talk tomorrow.

At Bill and Eden's place, Eden flashes back to when Salairno told her to do one last job for him so she could be free to have a happy life with Bill. Bill arrives home and asks Eden what she wants to do for dinner. Eden explains to Bill she has to meet Harley to get decorations for the bridal shower. Bill offers to go with her but Eden refuses saying that its a girl thing and he wouldn't enjoy himself. Eden asks Bill to leave and give her two hours and then he can come home.

At the docks, Harley calls Jeffrey to tell him she is in place to watch when Marie Greens shipment arrives from San Cristobel. Jeffrey orders Harley to make sure to confirm the shipment arrived and get out quickly before she is spotted by anyone.

Jeffrey is outside Salairno's club waiting for a team to arrive to bug the place. When they arrive he instructs them to bug every room because he wants to be able to hear everything that is happening inside the club.

At Danny and Michelle's place, Rick , Mel, and Ed arrive for a visit with Michelle. Ed explains to Michelle that he got an emergency call that he is needed in Africa . Ed tells Michelle his plane leaves in three hours. Ed says he is there to say a quick good-bye to Michelle. Rick thinks that Ed's idea of leaving so fast is crazy. Michelle is very sad her father is leaving but she pretends to be happy because she knows he will be safer in Africa.

At the Beacon, Gus thinks what Philip is trying to do to save the Company and the family is noble but he tries to persuade Philip not to do it. Gus explains to Philip that he has no idea what is going on at Spaulding and if he takes the blame he may not be able to recover from the damage it will cause him. (Philip)

At Spaulding, Olivia tells Alexandra that she loves her daughter and her work and she is capable of doing both of them well. Alexandra thinks a child is better off with its mother instead of a nanny. Olivia tells Alexandra that she (Alexandra) never raised her children so she shouldn't be giving anyone advice on child care. Olivia tells Alexandra someone has been buying up large blocks of Spaulding stock. Alexandra tells Olivia that she isn't the person buying the stock. Olivia leaves with Emma to fire her nanny. Olivia tells Alexandra never to touch Emma without her permission.

At the docks, Harley is on the phone with Jeffrey and tells him she has seen two of Marie Green's crates from her shipment. Harley is surprised when she sees Danny at the docks. Harley informs Jeffrey Danny is back in the mob. Jeffrey orders Harley to leave before she blows the operation. Harley agrees to leave if Jeffrey tells her everything he knows about Danny being in the mob. Jeffrey explains that she (Harley ) is on a need to know basis. Jeffrey hangs up the phone and uses his walkie talkie to talk to his team bugging the club. Jeffrey tells them to keep working while he goes to put out a fire.

At Towers, Bill and Olivia talk about the sudden drop in Spaulding stock. Bill says that he is just a simple construction man and doesn't know much about stock. Olivia encourages Bill to invest in the stock market. Olivia tries again to encourage Bill to work on a project with Spaulding. Bill says he needs to think some more and wait until his wedding and honeymoon are over before considering business projects.

At the docks, Danny spots Tony who admits that he left the information on the piece of paper for him on purpose to see if he could trust him. (Danny) Tony informs Danny that he can't trust him. Tony encourages Danny to go home and live a normal life and get out of the mob.

At Michelle and Danny's house, Michelle toasts her father who is the bravest man she has ever known. Rick asks Ed to explain to Mel how he applied for the job in Africa.

While Ed is talking to Mel Rick pulls Michelle aside to try and get her to persuade Ed to stay in Springfield. Michelle admits that she doesn't want Ed to leave but he is going to Africa where they need him.

At Bill and Eden's place, Eden carries crates into her apartment and tells herself she did it.

At the docks, Tony hears police sirens and tells Danny to leave before they are both caught. Jeffrey arrives after Tony leaves and also tells Danny to leave before he ruins everything. Danny refuses to leave before he looks inside the crates. Danny is disappointed to learn the crates are empty. Jeffrey demands that Danny follow orders if he wants to bring Salairno down.

At the Beacon, Gus asks Alan not to tell Philip about the connection between Spaulding, the mob, and drugs. Gus is worried the information could push Philip over the edge again. Gus asks Alan to try and persuade Philip not to take responsibility for the problems at Spaulding.

Outside Bill and Eden's place, Harley calls Gus and tells him she had a bad night at the docks. Harley explains that she is knocking on Eden's door but she is in the shower and can't hear her knocking. Gus tells Harley where they spare key is so she can go in the apartment. Harley continues talking to Gus as she goes into the apartment. Harley notices a crate and goes to look inside it since it is open. Harley is so stunned when she sees antimonies in the crate that she stops talking to Gus who repeats her name a few times.

Harley tells Gus she will call him back later and hangs up the phone Harley says no Eden no as she holds a bag of antimonies in her hand. Eden comes out of the shower and is stunned to see Harley holding a bag of the drugs.

Last shot of Peter Simon as Ed Bauer:

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