Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/13/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the bus station, Gus wears his undercover disguise and tries to buy some more delirium.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Alan is upset about the article in the newspaper which alleges that Alan used his money to have Philip released from Ravenwood. Olivia tries to persuade Alan that Philip should ease back into his job. Alan is ready to call the legal department about the article but Olivia stops him saying she will put a good public relations spin on Philip's return home. Olivia proposes that she temporarily replace Philip until Philip gets back in the swing of things. Philip arrives and Alan shows him the article. Philip says he will do some interviews to counteract the bad publicity. Alan explains to Philip that he and Olivia agree that he should ease his way back to work. Philip is hurt by the request and feels like his father and Olivia are shutting him out of the company . Philip is even more hurt when he learns Olivia will be his temporary replacement at the company. Olivia promises to keep Philip informed about everything that happens at the company. Philip gives Olivia a hug and a kiss and thanks her for taking such good care of him and leaves the office.

At Michelle and Danny's house, Michelle and Danny agonize over having to distance themselves from Nico. They worry about how Nico will react and how this will effect his future. Michelle tries to persuade Danny not to leave and follow Salairno's advice and stay away from whatever is happening tonight. Danny leaves to go to Salairno's club to see what information he can find out about the operation tonight. Danny is positive that this whole mess can end tonight if he gets enough information on Salairno.

At the Lewis house, Shayne and Marina explain the Cooper family birthday week tradition to Sandy. Sandy can't believe that Marina's birthday lasts a whole week. Marina explains that she can do whatever she wants for the week and it all ends with a big Greek birthday bash at Company full of her favorite Greek food and dancing. Marina also tells Sandy that everyone gives her more then one present per person. Marina says everyone gives her several small presents followed by a big one.

Sandy asks Shayne if he has gotten Marina her presents yet. Shayne tells Sandy he hasn't gotten Marina any presents yet because he is searching for the perfect present to celebrate their new beginning together. Marina challenges Shayne to find the perfect Marina like gift for under six dollars.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle gently breaks the news to Nico that Danny is back in the mob. Nico is angry and upset that Michelle isn't stopping Danny from ruining their lives. An upset Nico goes to Salairno's club to find Danny despite Michelle's warnings not to go talk to Danny. Bill arrives to talk to Michelle.

At Salairno's club, Tony tells Danny that he (Danny) isn't the boss anymore and he should learn his place. Tony thinks Danny should go home because Salairno doesn't want him involved with the shipment tonight. Nico pushes his way past the goons at the door and demands to talk to Danny. Tony tells Nico Danny isn't there but Nico says he isn't leaving until he speaks to Danny. Danny comes out from behind Tony .

An angry Nico tells Danny he is mad at himself for ever trusting him. (Danny) Danny tells a disillusioned Nico to leave the club. Danny gives Nico money and whispers that he (Danny) and Michelle still care about him. (Nico) Nico throws the money back at Danny and screams that he (Danny) is as dead to him (Nico) as his parents

At the bus stop, The drug dealer tells Gus he doesn't have all the d that he wants but he will have more next week. Gus asks if there is a shipment coming in from San Cristobel. The drug dealer doesn't answer the question. Gus pays the dealer for the small amount of d and leaves.

At the Spaulding office, Olivia calls her stock broker to tell him to buy more Spaulding stock.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Bill gives Michelle an invitation to his wedding. Bill asks Michelle if there is anything wrong. Michelle refuses to discuss her problems and chooses to talk about the wedding. Bill explains to Michelle that she is invited to the wedding but he doesn't want Danny to come to the wedding. Michelle gets angry and refuses to go to the wedding without Danny. Michelle gives the invitation back to Bill and demands that he leave her house now. Bill refuses to leave until he makes Michelle face the truth about Danny.

Michelle gets even more angry and refuses to listen to anything Bill has to say. Bill thinks that Michelle should give up on Danny for Robbie's sake. Bill thinks Michelle is too good for Danny. Bill tells Michelle she has changed allot and not for the better. Bill thinks Maureen would be ashamed of her daughter. This makes Michelle so angry she slaps Bill.

At the Lewis house, Shayne and Sandy decide to go back to the mall to look for gifts for Marina. Shayne goes upstairs to get his money.

Marina explains to Sandy that she and Shayne have changed a lot in the past year and they are both ready for a fresh start. Sandy tells Marina he is also ready for a fresh start.

At the Beacon, Edmund encourages Philip to spend more time with Lizzie and spend less time concentrating on business. Philip is offended that someone who has no children is giving him advice about Lizzie. Edmund tells Philip that everyone in the Spaulding family has had a mental breakdown and Lizzie is headed down the same path unless Philip becomes a real father to her. Edmund tells Philip that his father never spent time with him and look how he turned out.

At Salairno's club, Danny is upset with Tony because he feels Tony is trying to push him out of the business. Danny makes it Clear to Tony that nobody not even him (Tony) will stand in the way of him (Danny) getting what he wants in his life.

At Danny and Michelle's house, An angry Michelle tells Bill that she is a grown woman who loves her life and her husband. Michelle tells Bill he has no idea what is really going on with Danny. Michelle tells Bill that Eden doesn't have a perfect past either. Bill tells Michelle that they aren't talking about Eden's past they are talking about Danny's present. Bill tells Michelle he will always be there for her and gives her the wedding invitation back in case she changes her mind. Bill leaves the house. Nico comes in through the back door. Nico says good-bye to Michelle. Michelle gives Nico a bus ticket and explains that her friend Drew who lives in New York will help him get into the music school where he has always wanted to study. Nico cries as he hugs Michelle and asks her why she and Danny are turning their back on everyone who loves them. Nico gives Michelle one last hug and leaves.

At the Lewis house, Marina and Shayne introduce themselves to each other again to signal their new start together. Marina and Shayne kiss while Sand watches them.

At Spaulding, Alan asks Olivia to take over an important meeting that takes place in an hour. Olivia assures Alan she is looking out for Philip's best interest

At the Beacon, Philip tells Edmund Lizzie is nothing like him. (Edmund) Philip tells Edmund to drop the phony concern because Cassie isn't around to be impressed by it. Gus arrives and tells Philip his instincts were right about the company. Gus assures Philip that he (Gus is doing his best to protect the family. Philip warns that protecting the family is something that Gus may regret later because it may cost him his relationship with Harley. Gus assures Philip that his relationship with Harley is the most important thing in his life.

At the bus station, Danny arrives to say good-bye to Nico. Nico has tears in his eyes as he struggles to understand why Danny went back to the mob. Nico asks Danny to say good-bye to Robbie and let him (Robbie) know how much he (Nico) will miss him. (Robbie) Danny assures Nico that he (Danny) will be there whenever he (Nico) needs him.

At the Beacon, Philip tells Gus he (Philip) has been temporarily replaced by Olivia. Gus is confident Philip will be back on top very soon. Philip tells Gus its time that he (Philip) take control of his situation.

At Spaulding office, Olivia congratulates the reporter on the article and promises to keep calling with more stories.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny and Michelle are sad that Nico was forced to leave. Danny notices the wedding invitation and Michelle tells Danny she distanced herself from Bill. Danny goes to get his gun and tells Michelle he is sure everything will be over tonight. A worried Michelle watches Danny go out the door.

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