Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/12/04

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Pictures by Boo

Scene 1 - Lewis House - Reva and Joshua read a postcard from Marah who's as happy as she can get. Shane arrives and has news for them. Marina (new actress) and Sandy show up after.

Scene 2 - Bauer Cabin - Tammy and Joey get hot and heavy. Tammy makes a stray comment about her mom and Edmund. Joey suspects she want to make love to tick off her mom.

Scene 3 - Beacon - Ed helps Michelle with applications for different medical positions. Ed hasn't decided if he's leaving.

Outside Beacon - Cassie vents about Tammy with Jeffery. Jeffery offers to send out the police to find her.

Scene 4 - Towers - Salerno hints about the job coming tonight. Danny steers him towards making an example out of Jeffery.

Scene 5 - Lewis house - Shane announces to everyone he doesn't need his cane to walk anymore. He also informs them that he's moving out.

Scene 6 - Spalding Mansion - Lizzie tells Edmund that she saw the ‘Hollywood lip lock' and tells Edmund that she set Tammy straight. Edmund tells her that Tammy ran off with Joey.

Scene 7 - Cabin - Tammy denies that her wanting him has nothing to do with getting back at her mother. Joey takes the high road and refuses.

Scene 8 - Outside Beacon - Cassie is impressed by Jeffery's offer but turns him down. Jeffery reassures her that it will all turn out ok. Cassie is doubtful. RJ comes out and stares at Jeffery, wanting to know where his sister is.

Scene 9 - Lewis House - Everyone gushes over Shane and his accomplishment. After offering decorating tips for the vacant room, Sandy, Marina and Shane leave.

Scene 10 - Outside Beacon - Jeffery and RJ are left alone while Cassie answers a phone call from Michelle. Jeffery tells him a ‘legal fairytale'.

Scene 11- Spalding Mansion - Lizzie denies that she knows where Joey is. Edmund grills her on her feelings for Joey. She lets slip that Joey has a ‘reputation' for the ladies. Cassie calls saying she found out Tammy and Joey are at the cabin so Edmund heads out.

Scene 12 - Beacon - Michelle and Ed talk about the advantages/disadvantages of going to Africa. Michelle flashes back to a discussion with Danny about shutting family out so she tells Ed she wants him to go and won't take no for an answer.

Scene 13 - Outside Beacon - Jeffery continues his outrageous legal fairytale. When RJ wants to hear it again - Jeffery sends him inside for ice-cream. Salerno shows up with Danny saying he wants to clear the air with him. Salerno stakes his territory. Danny declares his loyalty to Salerno. RJ comes back out and Salerno introduces himself.

Scene 14 - Cabin - Edmund arrives at an empty cabin, spies a crumpled blanket on the floor and fears that Tammy went through with their lovemaking.

Scene 15 - Mall - Marina, Shane and Sandy arrive at the mall very excited . Sandy tosses him a baseball from a display nearby but are stopped by mall security. Marina drops Shane's name and the guard lets them off with a warning.

Scene 16 - Lewis House - Reva and Josh appreciate the miracle of Shane's recovery and the joys of being empty nesters. Doorbell rings and Joey and Tammy arrive. Tammy asks to stay.

Tammy is a bit temperamental. Reva calls Cassie who is very relieved. Reva asks Tammy what the story is.

Scene 17 - Beacon - Michelle convinces Ed to go to Africa.

Outside Beacon - Salerno threatens Jeffery, who sets him straight on what will happen if Salerno threatens anyone. He and RJ go into the Beacon while Danny and Salerno lick their wounds.

Scene 18 - Mall - Sandy and Marina wait for Shane to return with their ‘picnic'.

Scene 19 - Lewis Home - Tammy has filled Reva in and Reva offers advice. Tammy's finally talking about what happened.

Outside House - Josh and Joey talk about him refusing Tammy's machinations.

Inside - Reva relates her childhood to Tammy's. Tammy convinces Reva to let her stay to give them some space.

Scene 20- Edmund calls Cassie to let her know they aren't at the cabin and breaks the bad news that she may have slept with Joey.

Scene 21 - Outside Beacon - Danny pokes at Salerno about why he came to Springfield. Michelle comes out and butters up Salerno. Salerno gives them money for a night on the town. Michelle accepts.

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