Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/12/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Edmund tries to find out from Lizzie where Tammy’s head is at. Lizzie reveals that she knows about the kiss and, after hearing that Tammy has disappeared with Joey, she tells Edmund that Joey has a reputation. Edmund gets a phone call from Cassie, who tells him Michelle gave Tammy the key to the cabin. Edmund rushes off, leaving Lizzie, who wanted to join him, behind.


Tammy and Joey are kissing and appear to be ready to take things further. Tammy pretty much kills the mood when she says that her mother and Edmund are going to be shocked by this. With much effort, Joey pulls away from Tammy. He tells her that as much as he wants to be with her, he doesn’t think she wants it for the right reasons. He is certain she is just with him to make Cassie worry. Tammy tries to convince him otherwise and pick things up again but Joey cannot do it.

Edmund arrives at the cabin but there is no sign of Tammy or Joey. He does however, find blankets and a roaring fire.


Reva and Josh receive a postcard from Marah who is happy to report that Paris has gone crazy [for her designs]. She will be staying there longer because everyone loves her work [right!]. Reva and Josh are happy to see that it was the right decision to let Marah leave. Shayne arrives shortly after along with Sandy and nuMarina; he has news he wants to share with them.

With all eyes on him, Shayne throws his crutches aside and tells them he has gotten the okay from his doctor; he is off those crutches for good! Everyone is overjoyed and Shayne tells his parents he is ready to move on out. Reva and Josh are thrown for a moment but Shayne makes them see that it is time he moves to the museum full-time. He even brings them ideas on what they can do with his room: home-gym, sauna, home entertainment centre. Reva and Josh are happy for Shayne and thankful for the ideas. The three kids take off for some celebrating and Reva and Josh rejoice in the happiness that is their children’s lives. They are just now deciding on what to do with their empty nest when the doorbell rings.

Tammy and Joey are at the door and Tammy needs a place to crash. Joey tells them about the situation and Reva realizes that Cassie has no idea where Tammy is. Josh takes Joey outside to talk and Reva calls Cassie. She tells her that Tammy is at her house and wants to talk. Cassie is happy that Tammy is willing to talk to anyone and asks Reva to hear her out. Tammy tells Reva that she is furious with Cassie because she had no right to invade her privacy.

Reva asks Tammy if her rebellion is all to punish Cassie and Tammy does not deny it. She believes that Cassie wants her to remain a sweet innocent little girl and ignore the fact that she has real emotions like everyone else. Reva defends Cassie’s actions, saying that as mothers, they sometimes have to make tough decisions in order to protect their children. Tammy won’t listen. She knows that Josh and Reva have room and asks Reva to stay.

Outside, Josh thanks Joey for his honesty and advises him to head home and take a cold shower. He rejoins Reva and tells her he thinks Joey is a good kid. Josh knows that Reva told Tammy she could stay. So much for an empty nest!


nuMarina, Shayne and Sandy are out to celebrate. Shayne is flying high and thinking about everything he can go again. He is full of ideas and Sandy and nuMarina are full of encouragement. He picks up a baseball and is about to pitch to nuMarina when a security guard comes up to them. He asks them if they work in the mall. nuMarina tells the guard that this is Shayne Lewis and the guard recognizes him. He congratulates him on getting back on his feet and then he leaves. Shayne heads off to the food court to get them some food and Sandy asks NuMarina how she is doing. She says she is fine but Sandy has doubts.


Michelle and Ed are working on her future plans and they discuss Ed’s possible move to Africa. Michelle, remembering her conversation with Danny, tells Ed she thinks he should go because there are people in Africa who need him desperately. His family will be waiting for him when he returns.

Cassie is worried about Tammy and Jeffrey offers to send out some available uniforms out to look for her. Cassie appreciates the offer. RJ comes out and stares at Mr. O’Neil. Cassie tells him it is rude to stare so RJ asks him where his sister is. Jeffrey does not know and Cassie, who has to take phone call, leaves them together.

Jeffrey ‘reads’ RJ a story then sends him inside for some ice-cream. Vinnie and Danny arrive and Vinnie tries to convince Jeffrey to back off. He is in Springfield and he is here to stay. RJ rushes back out to invite Jeffrey in for ice-cream. Danny and Jeffrey keep up their act in front of RJ. Jeffrey tells Vinnie he will be watching him very carefully, waiting for him to slip up. Then he tells Danny that it is good to see him on someone else’s leash. Jeffrey and RJ leave and Danny tells Vinnie that Jeffrey is afraid of him. Michelle joins them and Vinnie tells them to enjoy a night out on the town, on him. Danny realizes that Vinnie is trying to keep him away from something tonight.

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