Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/11/04

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Pictures by Boo

Scene one - Beacon - Jeffery is on the phone with Danny and tells him about a ship coming in on the weekend from San Cristobal - Pier 14 on a ship called the Gilded Lilly. Jeffery says he'll follow Brad Green and Danny needs to stay on Salerno until Jeffery knows what's going on. Under no circumstances is Danny to go to the docks and check it out for himself.

Scene two - Beacon - Sandy meets with Edmund who says Sandy's early so he asks him to give him a few moments to take care of a few things. Sandy agrees and goes to Olivia's. Edmund walks over to Cassie and the talk about Tammy. Tammy comes down stairs, so Edmund beats a strategic retreat. Tammy rebuffs Cassie's efforts to smooth things over so Cassie leaves her alone.  Tammy goes over to the desk and pulls out a full book bag and heads out of the Beacon, meeting Joey at the door.

Scene three - Spalding Mansion - Phillip and Olivia meet at breakfast and trade veiled barbs. Phillip announces he's going back to work. They try to mutually convince each other not to go into work. Olivia says she's more of an asset to him in the office... he wants her to be the perfect wife.

Scene four - Outside the Beacon - Tammy and Joey talk about what they're doing that day. Tammy tells him that she wants to have fun on Senior Fun Day and tells him that she's got the Bauer cabin for the day. Edmund finds them plotting and becomes suspicious.

Scene five - Towers - Bill, Eden are at their own table at the towers while Danny awaits Salerno. Bill and Eden shmooze about the wedding shower plans until Salerno walks in and causes Eden discomfort. Bill doesn't like the way Salerno's looking at Eden so he goes over to confront him.

Scene six - Marie and Harley talk about Harley's investigation of Brad Green. Harley informs her that he's clean. Marie hints that Harley's a bit too efficient. Marie then gets confirmation that her shipment is coming in at Pier 14 on the Gilded Lilly from San Cristobal.

Scene seven- Inside the Beacon... Edmund drags Tammy and Joey back inside to grill them. Tammy claims that the bag contains her science project and then jumps down his throat. Tammy goes outside while she can. Edmund goes back to Cassie.

Scene eight - Outside the Beacon - Sandy and Joey talk to each other about Tammy and how Joey's relationship with her is going. Joey tells him it's going great all the sudden. Sandy says to enjoy it. Tammy comes outside so Sandy goes back into the Beacon to leave them alone.

Scene nine- Spalding Enterprises - Phillip greets Alex, much to her surprise. She asks after Olivia and Phillip informs her that Olivia is staying home with the baby.

Scene ten - Towers - Bill confronts Salerno. Danny gets a call and moves off to take it. Jeffery continues to press Danny for info on the shipment while Bill asserts his many authority over Salerno who isn't too impressed.

Danny comes back to break it up and then takes Bill aside to warn him off. They fight about Salerno and how Danny did the election. Danny returns to the table grumbling about Bill but manages to manipulate Salerno into staying away from him instead of going after him like he wanted to.

Scene eleven - Beacon - Harley fills Jeffery in on Marie's conversation about her shipment of antiques. Jeffery tells her about Salerno's shipment being on the same ship. Edmund pulls Sandy aside to try to enlist his help on his latest project (The First Annual San Cristobal Festival) Sandy refuses. Olivia enters the Beacon yelling at her lawyer on the phone about her legal options. She fills Cassie in.

Scene twelve - Spalding Enterprises - Alex is dubious about Olivia's staying home. Phillip admits he forced the issue with her but it's for the best.

Scene thirteen - Towers - Bill returns to the table and fills Eden in, who tries to calm him down. Salerno watches while they kiss. Danny presses for more information under the guise of trying to help but Salerno shuts him down - sending
him for coffee.

Scene fourteen - Tammy and Joey arrive at the Bauer Cabin. Tammy comments there's not much to do, eluding to keeping themselves occupied in other ways. Tammy asks him to build a fire while she puts out lunch. They kiss and settle in.

Scene fifteen - Beacon - Edmund pursues Sandy, trying to convince him to participate in the festival but Sandy is resistant. Sandy gets a phone call and leaves. Cassie and Olivia continue to discuss her predicament. Cassie tries to advise her. The Beacon phone rings and it's the school calling wondering why Tammy and Joey aren't at school. Cassie tells Edmund and they try to figure it out. Edmund tells Cassie about the science project but Cassie knows there isn't one. Gradually they figure out that they may have run off together. Edmund calms her and makes a plan to find them. Jeffery sends Harley to check out the shipment and wants to send men but she says no. He orders them anyway. Cassie calls Tammy on the cell and leaves a message. Edmund reports failure with those he's contacted. Cassie worries that she's run away. Edmund goes looking for her.

Scene sixteen - Cabin - Joey and Tammy enjoy time by the fire in each others arms. Joey warms things up.

Scene seventeen - Danny brings Salerno some coffee while Eden and Bill paw through invitations. Bill wants to deliver Michelle's personally and tattle on Danny in the process. They leave together. Danny gets a call from Jeffery still pressuring him. He reminds him not to be around Salerno tonight.

Scene eighteen - Spalding Enterprises - Alex worries about Phillip. Phillip vows not to be stopped.

Scene nineteen - Outside the Beacon, Olivia is talking to business reporters on the phone about a big scoop.

Stay tuned

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