Guiding Light Update Monday 5/10/04

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Pictures by Boo

Scene one - Harley's picking up a prescription from the pharmacy. Talking to herself, she laments about the note that Eden tossed aside at the Beacon last Friday and hopes that it doesn't mean that Eden is still involved with Salerno.

A catcall captures her attention and she turns to find Gus in his undercover disguise.

Scene two - Spalding Mansion. Lizzy tells Alan, Alex, and Beth that Phillip is home. Alan wants to throw a dinner party to celebrate.

Scene three - Upstairs, Phillip continues his reign of creepiness at Olivia's expense. Both vow, in their thoughts to outwit the other. Olivia turns on the charm and allows Phillip to undress her, in essence - calling his bluff. Phillip, a tad unnerved, leaves the room.

Scene four - Michelle and Danny's home. Salerno arrives bringing with him a very large vase as a gift. He wants to talk to Danny but Michelle stops him saying that first she has something she'd like to discuss with him. Both men are surprised but she continues, saying that she would like to invite Salerno to dinner and to bring a guest. Salerno is suspicious and questions her motives.

Scene five - Towers - Bill and Eden meet and discuss the wedding, which is back on. After tossing some wedding ideas and expressions of love around, Bill leaves to inform the country club that they'll need the room after all. On the way out, he gets a call to meet with someone. Once Bill was out of earshot - Eden left a message on Salerno's phone
saying that she'd do one more job but then she was out.

Scene six - Back at the pharmacy with Gus and Harley -

Harley wants to know what he's doing in disguise. She figures out that he's doing undercover work on the drug dealers. As Gus tries to deny that it's about the drug dealers, Harley flashes back to the conversation she had with Eden about Brad Green and her involvement with him in Paris.
They agree to meet at towers later and that both should check up on Bill and Eden to make sure they were ok.

Scene seven- Phillip and Olivia enter the dining room. Phillip expresses that he's ready to hit the ground running while Olivia tries to convince him that he still needs to hold back and let her run things for awhile. Lizzy plans a picnic and invites the whole family. Alan and Phillip exchange toasts welcoming him back into the fold. Phillip credits Olivia for his rapid recovery, her support and their daughter.

Scene eight - Towers. Harley is talking to someone (presumably Jeffery) on the phone about Eden. She leaves the message and goes over to Eden and Bill's table. Bill leaves and on the way out, gets a call to meet with Gus at the mall. Eden tells Harley she almost canceled the wedding, which makes Harley suspicious. They go over a guess list filled with Bills guests and Eden realizes that she has almost no one to invite to her own shower. Harley consoles her and then they both talk about not inviting Danny and Michelle because of the contention between Bill and Danny. Harley appeals to her to fess up about her doings with Salerno.

Scene nine- Danny and Michelle's living-room. Michelle tries to convince Salerno that her offer is genuine and she accepts Danny's lifestyle. Salerno seems mollified, then goes to the car while Danny and Michelle talk about how tough it will be to have Salerno in their lives.

Scene Ten - Outside balcony of the Spalding Mansion -

Alan and Alex discuss Phillip and Olivia. Alex suspects that Phillip isn't fully recovered while Alan disagrees, saying that he's just fine. Olivia breaks them up then tries to get Alan on her side. Inside, Beth and Lizzy talk. Beth suggests that her, Lizzy and James should maybe move out of the Mansion. Lizzy blows a gasket, not in favor of it at all. Beth urges her to think about it saying that they don't belong there anymore. Phillip announces he's going to bed while Olivia stays behind to verbally spar with Alex for a bit then she too headed upstairs.

Scene eleven - Mall -

Bill and Gus meet. Gus suggests a bachelor party while Bill isn't too thrilled about the prospect and would rather just go for a beer instead. He asks why Gus wanted to meet. Gus looks a bit uncomfortable before he admits it's time for the 'this is my sister talk'.

Scene twelve - Towers - Eden tries to convince Harley she has no contact with Salerno but Harley tosses the orphaned note to her and demands to know what it was about. Eden finally comes clean and admits that Bill knows nothing about it. She swears that Salerno isn't a problem and won't be in the future. Harley questions how she can be so sure.

Scene thirteen - Danny's club. He, Salerno, Tony and two of Salerno's men arrive and immediately Salerno demands it be swept for bugs. Danny offers him free use of the club anytime he wants and offers to show him the 'lay of the land' the next day. Salerno leaves briefly.

Danny observes that Salerno doesn't trust him and Tony says he doesn't either.

Scene fourteen - Towers - Harley questions how Eden knows that Salerno won't be a problem to which Eden replies ' Just trust me.' Harley lets the matter go and they talk about the shower. Harley suggest a tropical theme. Eden is dubious but will go along with it.

Scene fifteen - Club. Tony informs Danny that he needs to prove himself before they'll trust him. Salerno comes back in and mentions a job going down on the weekend, but won't discuss details in front of Danny. He asks him to guard the door outside. Danny starts to protest but Tony orders him out.

Scene sixteen - Michelle and Danny's house. Tammy shows up and asks if the gang can borrow the family cabin. Michelle says ok as long as it's ok with Cassie.

Tammy says it is while Michelle reminisces about her teen years and good times up at the cabin.

Scene seventeen - Spalding mansion - Beth talks to Alan about wanting to move out of the mansion. Alan encourages her to stay. Upstairs, Phillip is in bed as Olivia walks in. Phillip mentions her necklace again and she reminds him it's being cleaned. Olivia tries to undermine his confidence in his recovery by going on and on about how out of it he was in the hospital. Phillip keeps his cool but says that he feels like sleeping in the guest room for the night. Outside the door, he fights to control his outrage.

Scene eighteen - Michelle and Danny's house. Michelle is desperately trying to find a place that vase looks good while flashing back to her conversation with Danny before he first left to meet with Salerno.

Scene nineteen - Club. Salerno and his group are playing poker when Danny comes in. He notices a note that Tony writes and, after they have all left, Danny uses a pencil on the pad the note was written on to shade what was written so he knows what it was.

Scene twenty - Towers - Harley calls Jeffery and expresses that Eden may not be a problem. Gus shows up with Mother's Day flowers for her and asks for an update on their party plans. Harley says they're going with the coconuts. At the table, Salerno calls Eden and tells her to open the envelope just delivered by the waiter. It has her assignment in it. Her face blanches and she says no. He tells her she will do it and it's over after that. Gus interrupts the call.

Scene twenty-one -

Alan and Beth are still discussing the possibility of her moving out. He insists. She's staying.

Scene twenty two - Olivia's in bed when she's startled awake and finds Phillip standing near the bed watching her. He says he likes to watch her sleep, then leaves. Frantically, she bolts the door.

Stay tuned

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