Guiding Light Update Friday 5/7/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Spaulding Mansion, Olivia, goes to the phone to call Rick because she thinks Philip has run away from Ravenwood. Philip gets up from the bed and grabs the phone from Olivia and hangs up the phone. Philip explains that Rick gave him a clean bill of health and released him from the hospital.

Philip tells Olivia he didn't want to call her to let her know about his release because he wanted to surprise her.

At Towers, Joey tells Lizzie how he got Tammy out of her room. Lizzie tells Joey that he and Tammy are just like Romeo and Juliet.

At the Beacon, Tammy tells her mother that she came out of her room to be with Joey and her friends but she still doesn't want to talk to her.

At Bill and Eden's place, Eden Salairno sneaks up behind Eden just as Bill asks Eden to open the door. Salairno tells Eden she may not be his on a personal level but she will repay the professional debt she owes him. Salairno goes into the bedroom while Eden lets Bill into the apartment.

At Towers, Danny and Michelle think that Salairno called them for a meeting. Danny and Michelle wait a few minutes then decide to leave. Ed, Mel, Rick, and baby Leah arrive for Mel's first mother's day dinner.

Mel explains that she and Harley came up with this plan to give Danny and Michelle a romantic dinner. Ed explains he is there to act as a baby-sitter for the baby. Danny and Michelle return to their table Rick and the rest of the Bauer clan go to their table. Ed continues to struggle with his decision as to weather or not to go to Africa. Ed tells Rick he is worried about Michelle.

At Bill and Eden's place, Bill wonders why Eden is so nervous. Bill hears a noise in the bedroom and goes to check it out. When Bill returns from the bedroom he tells Eden she left the window open and the wind knocked some things over. Bill tells Eden he decided not to get the plane tickets to Vegas.

Bill explains to Eden that he is proud to be marrying her and he wants her to have the wedding of her dreams so he can show her off to everyone. Eden pleads with Bill to marry her now before something happens to stop the wedding. Bill assures Eden he doesn't care about her past he loves her and nothing will stop their marriage.

At the Beacon, Cassie is determined to get to the bottom of Tammy's feelings for Edmund. Tammy refuses to even hear Edmund's name. Cassie tells Tammy that she (Tammy) must accept the fact that Edmund is a part of her (Cassie's ) life. Tammy tells her mother she (Tammy) doesn't want to be a part of her (Cassie's) life. Tammy screams at Cassie that she (Cassie) was only happy when she (Tammy) was known as perfect Cassie Winslow's daughter and did everything that she (Cassie) wanted her to do. Tammy tells her mother that as soon as she tried to become her own person Cassie stopped supporting her decisions. Tammy rips up Cassie's mother's day card and throws it at Cassie . Tammy screams that she is going out and leaves.

At the Spaulding mansion, Philip explains to Olivia about his Electric Convulsive therapy. Philip tells Olivia he didn't want to tell her because he didn't want to give her false hope in case the treatments didn't work. Philip thinks Olivia isn't happy that he has returned home. Olivia tells Philip she is happy he is back home and although she may not seem like it she is smiling on the inside. Philip wonders if Olivia is scared of him. Olivia asks Philip if she should be scared of him. Philip tells Olivia he would never intentionally hurt her. Philip explains to Olivia that she didn't mean to hurt him either when she lied about Emma being dead. Philip tells Olivia his treatment has helped him to forgive her and get his feelings of anger under control. Philip puts his hands around Olivia's neck and wonders why she isn't wearing the necklace he gave her. Olivia is unnerved but keeps her cool and tells Philip the necklace is being cleaned. Olivia makes up a story and tells Philip she has a meeting at the Beacon. Olivia quickly leaves the room. Once she is out in the hall way Olivia tells herself not to worry because she knows what she has to do.

At Towers, Joey tells Lizzie he feels badly because Tammy and Cassie are having problems. Joey can't understand why girls write in journals. Lizzie explains that journals are places where girls can write their deep dark secrets which they can't share with their boyfriend or their mother. Joey is curious about what kind of deep dark secrets girls keep in their journal. Lizzie is just about to answer his question when Tammy arrives to interrupt their conversation. Mel tells Ed she will miss him but would never keep him from doing the work he feels he must do. Rick admits he feels selfish but he wants his father to stay in Springfield to watch his grandchildren grow up. Rick also admits he and Michelle still need their father. Danny tells Michelle that Salairno is coming to Springfield and wants Danny to help introduce him to people in town. Danny explains that Salairno will be watching them closely. Danny thinks that they must distance themselves from their family and friends in order to keep them safe. Michelle decides to persuade her father to go to Africa even though she will really miss him. Danny tells Michelle Nico can't live with them anymore. Michelle tells Danny she will figure out a way to distance herself from Mel and Rick. Danny and Michelle stop by Rick and Mel's table . Michelle asks Ed to meet her at the Beacon for lunch tomorrow. Danny and Michelle go home to spend some time with Robbie.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie is happy that Philip is home. Philip gives his daughter a hug and kiss and promises her he will be a better father to her. her sister, and her brothers. Philip also promises he will do everything he can to make things right.

At the Beacon, Olivia tells Cassie Philip was released from the hospital. Cassie wonders why Olivia doesn't seem happy about the news. Olivia tells Cassie Philip tried to hurt her.

Cassie doesn't believe Philip is capable of hurting Olivia. Olivia admits to Cassie she needs the money from the sale of her half of the Beacon to strengthen her position at Spaulding. Olivia tells Cassie that if she can't have love she will settle for money and power.

At Towers, Ed waits for his car so he can take Leah home. Ed continues to struggle with his decision to go to Africa. Ed tells Leah he will miss her very much. Bill comes out of the elevator. Bill asks Ed if Michelle is okay because he is worried about her. Bill tells Ed that he is worried because Michelle refuses to face the fact that Danny bought the election. Ed tells Bill that he trusts Danny loves his daughter and will make the right decisions. Ed says he trusts Michelle to guide Danny in making those decisions. Eden tells Rick and Mel she is thinking about eloping with Bill to Vegas . Rick and Mel tell Eden they never regretted deciding to have a wedding even though Rick was in the hospital.

Tammy tells Joey that she is tired of her mother expecting her to be perfect Tammy. Tammy wants to run away with Joey someplace to let her mother know she is in control of her life now.

At the Beacon, Cassie thinks Olivia is being paranoid about Philip . Cassie tries to persuade Olivia to abandon her plan for money and power and try to be happy with Philip. Olivia admits she does wants Philip's love but every time she tries love she always ends up with the short end of the stick.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie tells Philip she has planned a special welcome home dinner to surprise everyone with his return. Lizzie asks Philip if he loves Olivia. Philip says his relationship with Olivia is really complicated.

At the Beacon, Cassie reads the mother's day card that Tammy gave her after she taped it together. The card says that she is lucky because her mother is also her best friend.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip explains to Olivia that Lizzie has planned a special welcome home dinner. Philip gives Olivia a new dress. Philip asks Olivia to try the dress on. Philip comes up behind Olivia and unzips her dress.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny apologizes to Michelle for making her distance herself from her family and friends. Michelle tells Danny he is her family and this will only be for a little while. Danny and Michelle kiss.

Danny and Michelle's private moment is interrupted by Salairno who tells Danny they need to talk. Salairno asks Michelle to leave. Michelle wants to stay because she has some things she wants to tell Salairno.

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