Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/6/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle leaves to go to the travel agency and leaves Jeffrey and Danny alone to talk. Danny is upset that Jeffrey didn't inform him that Tony was working for Salairno. Danny informs Jeffrey that his omission of that fact could have blown the entire operation. Danny demands to be kept informed of everything not just the things Jeffrey thinks he should know.

At Bill and Eden's place, after Eden gets another note from Vinnie she asks Bill to elope to Vegas with her. Bill is confused by the request and wonders why Eden is so eager to marry him. Eden explains that she doesn't care about the wedding she just wants to marry him as soon as possible.

At Ravenwood, Philip is optimistic that he will get out of the hospital son and starts making plans for this future with Olivia. Philip tells Olivia that very soon he will be back home and in charge of Spaulding Enterprises. Philip says that will leave Olivia free to take care of Emma. Olivia smiles and tells Philip that he always seems to know what she wants to do. Olivia tells Philip that she has some new pictures of Emma she wants to show him. Once Olivia is in the hallway she scratches herself on the arm using her finger nail. When she hears Rick coming down the hall she pretends to cry. Olivia tells Rick Philip grabbed her arm and hurt her but she knows n her heart he didn't mean to do it. Olivia explains to Rick Philip got upset when she told him how the situation was at home between her and Lizzie. While Rick continues to question Olivia Philip makes a phone call and asks the person on the other end of the phone to call a Spaulding board meeting in two weeks because he will be home by then and back n charge of the company. Rick wants go go talk to Philip. Olivia asks Rick not to mention anything to Philip about their talk because it will upset Philip to know he is capable of hurting her. Once Rick goes inside Philip's room Olivia calls her stock broker and is informed that a large block of Spaulding stock is available for purchase. Olivia isn't sure if she has enough money to buy the stock but she promises herself she will find a way to get the money.

At Towers, Lizzie is happy that Sandy accepted her invitation to have lunch. Sandy wonders how Lizzie is doing in school . Lizzie says she is making all A's n all her courses except one and she already went to a fitting for her graduation gown. Sandy informs Lizzie its time to face the rest of her life.

At Bill and Eden's place, Eden is angry when Bill refuses to elope with her. Bill assures Eden nothing will stop them from getting married. Bill wants Eden to have a special wedding with all their family and friends. Eden explains to Bill once again that she doesn't want a fancy wedding she just wants to be his wife that is all that is important to her. Eden tells Bill she has already bought the tickets. Eden asks Bill to go to the travel agency and pick up the tickets and think about eloping with her.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny wants an assurance from Jeffrey that Cassie and Tony will receive immunity from prosecution. Jeffrey assures Danny Cassie will not be prosecuted. Jeffrey is reluctant to keep his promise about giving Tony immunity. After some pressure from Danny Jeffrey gives his assurance that Tony won't be prosecuted. Danny explains to Jeffrey that he is in Salairno's organization although he is starting at the bottom. Danny informs Jeffrey that Salairno intends to move his operation to Springfield and he wants him (Danny to be his point man. Danny also informs Jeffrey that Salairno intended to make a big splash by Killing the D.A. but he (Danny) it would be a bad idea.

At the Beacon, Cassie shares her worries about Tammy with Olivia. Cassie wonders what happened to her close relationship with Tammy. Olivia surprises Cassie by telling her she wants to sell her half of the Beacon to her. (Cassie)

At Ravenwood, Rick questions Philip about his life with Olivia. Philip tells Rick things are fine with his adoring wife. Philip tells Rick he is happy he is getting well. Rick has his doubts about Philip's recovery.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Jeffrey asks Danny to tell him every detail about his meeting with Salairno.

At Bill and Eden's place, Salairno pushes his way inside despite the fact Eden tried to close the door on him. Salairno tells Eden to sit down because they need to talk.

At the travel agency, Bill asks Michelle for advice about eloping with Eden. Michelle wonders why Eden is in such a rush to get married. Michelle thinks Eden is keeping a secret. Bill gets annoyed by Michelle's comment and says she should know about keeping secrets in a marriage. Michelle tells Bill they are done talking now they are going to fight.

At the Beacon, Cassie wonders why Olivia is so eager to sell her half of the Beacon. Olivia explains to Cassie that she has too many responsibilities to worry about with Emma and especially Philip. Olivia tells Cassie she is worried because she doesn't know if Philip will be the man he used to be when he returns home.

At Towers, Sandy explains to Lizzie that she should make plans for her future. Sandy explains to Lizzie that her Aunt Alex wants her to be in charge of a project to bring good publicity to the company. Lizzie likes the idea of being in charge and agrees to consider the idea.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Jeffrey goes out the back door when Tony arrives to talk to Danny. Tony is annoyed that Danny had to beg for a place at the bottom of Salairno's organization. Tony figures out Danny has a plan. Danny refuses to give Tony any details about the plan.

At the Travel agency, Michelle is angry that Bill turned his back on Danny. Bill thins Michelle is blind to what Danny is capable of because he thinks Danny bought the election. Michelle thinks Bill needs to grow up.

At Bill and Eden's place, Salairno figures out Eden is planning to elope to Vegas with Bill. Salairno grabs Eden by the arm and looks at her engagement ring. Salairno says an engagement ring is a symbol of pledging your life to the person you love. Salairno tells Eden she isn't going anywhere because her life already belongs to him.

At the Travel agency, An angry Michelle tells Bill he hasn't got the right to criticize her marriage when he is planning to elope to Vegas with Eden. Michelle encourages Bill not to run away from his life because a marriage is about doing everything you can do to stay with the person you love. Bill encourages Michelle to take Robbie and go on vacation. Michele tells Bill she must stay and be with Danny.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Tony tells Danny that he (Tony) must remain loyal to Salairno and can't help Danny with his plan. The cousins agree to each do their own things.

At Towers, Sandy tells Lizzie its a shame that she and Olivia don't get along because Olivia could help her with ideas for her project. Sandy tells Lizzie she and Olivia are alike in many ways. Lizzie tries to find out more about Sandy but he avoids the subject by getting Lizzie to talk about herself.

At the Beacon, Olivia gives Cassie a week to think about buying her half of the Beacon. Olivia calls her stock broker and ells him she will have the money to buy the Spaulding stock in a week. Olivia tells herself the Spauldings won't know what hit them.

At Bill and Eden's place, Salairno grabs Eden and gives her a kiss. Salairno tells Eden that if she wants a future with Bill she must do exactly what he wants her to do.

Danny gets a Phone call from someone telling him to go to Towers immediately. Michele gets the same phone call from the same person.

At the Spaulding mansion, Olivia is surprised to see Philip lying on the bed when she gets home. Philip says Hi honey I'm home.

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