Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/5/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Olivia watches Rick with Philip and is sure that something is going on that she is unaware of. She gives Emma to Philip and goes outside with Rick. She tells Rick that she knows something is up; ever since Rick came to the house to meet with Alan, people at the hospital have been whispering behind her back. Olivia insists that Rick tell her what is going on but he stays true to Philip and reveals nothing.

Lizzie drops by to see Philip, who sees a perfect opportunity [to use Emma] to rattle Olivia. He gives Emma to Lizzie and leaves the room, joining Rick and Olivia. Olivia points out to Rick that Philip left Emma alone, a clear example that he still has a lot of problems. She goes into his room and sees Emma in Lizzie’s arms. Olivia rushes in and takes her daughter into her arms. Lizzie wonders what she did wrong; she held Emma exactly the way Philip showed her. Olivia is still freaked.

But Philip takes things one step further and suggests that Lizzie baby sit Emma sometime. As Lizzie leaves, Philip tells her that Olivia is a first-time mom and she is just nervous.

As Rick looks on, Olivia tells Philip she knows he is up to something. She will not, under any circumstances, allow Lizzie to be alone with Emma. She simply will not allow it! She assures him that two can play his game.


Gus goes to meet his dealer to score some “D”. A different dealer shows up and Gus is wary of doing business with him. The guy assures him that he has the stuff. As soon as they finish their business, two cops bust them. One of the officers recognises Gus and, to keep his cover, Gus punches the officer. The dealer is taken away and the other officers call in the chief. When Frank arrives he is surprised to see Gus in the midst of a bust and even more surprised when Gus admits that he has been working undercover for the past few weeks. Frank is angry that Gus has put so many at risk and demands that he take himself off the case. Gus reminds Frank that he does good work and he can get results. Frank decides to take a look and what Gus has found. He tells Gus to have a complete report of everything he has acquired until now and he will review it; if it looks good, he will take it to the Vice Squad and Gus and stay in the field. But, should he at anytime feel that Gus is in over his head, he will take Gus off the case immediately; Frank will not let Gus make Harley a widow before he makes her a bride.


Fresh from her conversation with Jeffery, Harley decides to find out Eden’s connections with Salerno and Brad Green. Eden comes by the office to get a little help from her maid of honour. Harley tells Eden she is surprised that she is shopping in Springfield alone. She could go to Paris maybe, and find a dress there. Eden tells her that this morning, Bill reminded her that it is not the dress that is important, it is the girl who’s wearing it; she thinks Bill just wants to keep her close to home. Harley decides to be more direct. She tells Eden that she ran into Marie Green who told her that Eden was in Paris with Salerno and that she may have been involved somehow with Brad. Eden is suddenly very panicked and wonders if Harley knows. Harley asks her what she thinks she knows and Eden asks Harley to promise that she will not reveal anything she discloses. Harley cannot make that promise; she is not on the force and is in no position to offer immunity to anyone.

Eden accepts that then tells Harley her story. Salerno was “in love” with her; she was his # 1 toy and his obsession ran deep. She did go to Paris with him and she did run into Brad there; Brad hit on her and Eden warned him to stay away from her because Salerno would kill him if he found out. She did what she had to do until she knew she could safely get away from Salerno. Brad’s actions however, gave her the idea of the escort service and that is what led to the opening of the Garden of Eden. She appears to be ashamed of her past. Harley tells Eden that everyone makes mistakes and it’s not a crime to admit them. She tells Eden that at sixteen she was pregnant and it took a lot of hard work to turn her life around. Eden tells Harley that she is truly sorry for all the trouble she caused when she first came to town; she knows now that Nicky has enough room in his heart for them both. When Harley realizes that Eden is still afraid of Salerno, she suggests that Eden tell Gus but Eden says it is not necessary. She will lie low and be sure to keep out of Salerno’s way.

Later, Eden tells Harley that she also brought some dresses for her to try. Eden is in the back changing into a new gown and Harley is modelling “Little Bo Peep’s” dress [sans the sheep], when Gus walks in. At first he makes jokes about her poofy dress but once he gets that out of his system, Gus tells Harley that he finally understands why women fuss about their weddings so much. Seeing her in that dress, all he wants to do is put his arms around her and protect her. Eden comes out in a much too conservative gown. Both Gus and Harley tell her that it is not her. Harley helps her search for a new one and Gus watches them. When Harley asks him what he is staring at, he tells them he is just happy to see them getting along. Harley tries to push Eden to confide in Gus but Eden refuses. She does not want Gus or Bill to know anything more about Salerno.


Gus meets with Alan and tells him he cannot accept the money. He and Harley are doing just fine and they do not need his money, though he does appreciate the offer. Alan will not take the money back. He tells Gus that the trust cannot be taken away. It is his, no matter what. If he wants, he can leave the money to sit aside but, if the day should even come that he needs it, it’ll be there and then he will appreciate it.

Edmund and Cassie continue to try and reach Tammy. Edmund tries talking her out of her room by offering her breakfast but Tammy tells him that he should eat it, since it’s such and important meal. Tammy is working on Lizzie’s coaching and intends to let them suffer. She tells them she won’t be returning to school. She’ll drop out and ruin her life. Edmund tells her that maybe they are more alike that they realized. Should Tammy do that, she would have to start her life over again, just like he was able to, thanks to her and Cassie and the boys. He feels like he is now a part of a real family… a family that would not be complete without her. Tammy is almost swayed by his words but chooses to hang tough.

Edmund cannot believe that he was not able to get through to her. He and Cassie leave to try and regroup. He decides that he is going to approach Tammy’s ‘strike’ using military rules and training. He is going to get Tammy the Bad to release Tammy the Good. They need to cut off her comfort supply: no more food offers, no phone and no power. Cassie thinks that this plan might work and comes on board. She calls down and has the power cut and phone line disconnected from Tammy’s room. When her room shuts down, Tammy asks Cassie (through the door) if things are all right. Cassie says everywhere else is fine but she will look into the problem. Tammy does not ask anything more as she sees Joey, on a ladder, standing outside her balcony. He has come to sing her his song.

When he is finished he convinces Tammy to leave with him. Cassie, who has had quite enough (and she could swear she heard Joey in Tammy’s room), urges Edmund to pick the lock. They go in and find the room empty. Tammy enters the room from behind them, telling them that she is ready to head off to school. Cassie tells Tammy that she cannot keep this up. She will learn that her actions have consequences. Tammy does not really pay attention to Cassie’s warning. She leaves to join Joey and runs into Lizzie, who is surprised that she left her room. Tammy thanks Lizzie for her help but tells her Joey convinced her to come out. Upstairs, Edmund tells Cassie that from now on, he is leaving the teenager stuff for her to deal with. Cassie tells him “no way!” and assures him that they are in this together... good and bad.

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