Guiding Light Update Friday 4/30/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Cassie and Edmund continue to worry about the kiss Tammy gave Edmund. Cassie worries about Tammy's reaction when she (Tammy) learns Cassie read her journal. Edmund assures Cassie everything ill be fine with Tammy as long as they are honest with her.

Also at the Beacon, Harley meets with Jeffrey and informs him that Marie Green spoke with her yesterday and dropped a bomb that could blow this case wide open.

At Bill and Eden's place, Bill tries to get some work done while Eden tries to persuade him to go out and have some fun. Eden distracts Bill from his work by kissing him. Gus arrives and is a bit uncomfortable when he catches Bill and Eden in a rather intimate conversation. Bill asks Gus to take Eden to the Beacon so he can get his work finished. As Gus and Eden are heading out the door Bill promises to meet them at the Beacon later.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny gives Michelle a kiss before leaving for New York to meet with Salairno. Michelle worries that Danny won't return home in one piece. Danny tries to calm a nervous Michelle by promising her he will come home tonight in one piece. Danny promises Michelle he will come home at eight o'clock tonight. Danny gives Michelle a quick kiss and a hug before he leaves the house.

At Bill and Eden's place, Bill talks to Josh about setting up a time to go pick out tuxedos. Bill thanks Josh for persuading him not to quit Lewis Construction. When Bill finishes his phone call he tells himself he is taking Lewis Construction to places it has never been before.

At The Beacon, Harley informs Jeffrey that Marie Green wanted to hire her to find out the identity of Brad's latest mistress. Marie got upset to see Eden with Harley and Marie and Eden had a fight. After Eden left Marie told Harley that she (Marie) met Eden in Paris when her husband Brad had a meeting with Salairno. Marie thought Eden was having an affair with Brad. Harley and Jeffrey both think that if they can establish a connection between Brad the antimonies and Salairno that would be the key to the entire case. Jeffrey wants Harley to investigate the connection between Eden and Salairno. Harley is hesitant to do what Jeffrey asks her to do. Harley asks Jeffrey to get one of his other operatives to handle this part of the case. Jeffrey tells Harley not to allow her personal connection to Eden affect her ability to do her job. Harley agrees to investigate Eden.

At the Beacon, Cassie and Edmund call Tammy's friends to try and figure out Tammy's whereabouts. Tammy arrives and wonders what Edmund and Cassie are doing in her room. Cassie tells Tammy they need to talk. Tammy tries to avoid talking to Cassie by saying she has a ton of homework and Joey is coming over later to study. Tammy is very upset once Cassie informs her that Edmund told her (Cassie) about the kiss she (Tammy) gave him. Tammy blasts Edmund for breaking his promise to her and telling Cassie about he kiss. Edmund tells Tammy he never promised not to tell Cassie. Tammy calls Edmund a liar and a horrible person who was only being nice to her to make Cassie think he was like Richard. Tammy screams at Edmund and tells him he isn't like Richard at all and she hates him.

Also at the Beacon, Gus and Eden spot Harley just after she has finished her conversation with Jeffrey. Eden is informed she has a message at the front desk and leaves to pick up her message. Harley tries to pump Gus for information about Eden's past with Salairno. Gus tells Harley that Salairno is a part of Eden's past, Gus tells Harley he and Eden have made a pact that if Salairno contacts her she will let him know about it.

Michelle decides to leave the house to take her mind of things.

In New York, Danny is shocked to see Tony is present at his meeting with Salairno.

At the Beacon, Olivia is surprised to learn someone bought the Spaulding stock she was trying to purchase. Eden gets a message from Salairno. Gus and Harley notice that when Eden returns to be with them she is nervous. Eden lies and tells everyone the message was from a caterer she wanted to hire for the wedding.

At the Crisis center, Ed calls Michelle and pretends to be someone else to ask for advice about his daughter. Michelle notices Ed outside and lets him in so they can talk. Michelle tells her father she wants to go back to medical school and get her degree.

In New York. Danny figures out Tony is working for Salairno. An angry Tony blasts Danny for lying to him about the election and wanting to go straight. Tony says he prefers to surround himself with people who are up front about their mob business. Danny punches Tony.

At the Beacon, Tammy tells Cassie and Edmund she was trying to kiss his cheek and missed. Tammy asks Cassie to stop lying and tell the truth. Cassie tells Tammy she knows he is lying because she read her journal. Tammy wonders how long her mother has been spying on her. Tammy thinks Cassie is stooping to Edmund's level. Cassie explains that one of the maids saw the journal and picked it up and brought it to their room. Tammy thinks Richard would be ashamed of Cassie's actions.

Also at the Beacon, Bill wonders if Harley has any words of wisdom for Eden. Harley tells Eden to marry for love and wear comfortable shoes. Bill wonders when Harley and Gus will set a date. Gus and Harley avoid the subject. Bill asks Harley if she has had the wedding of her dreams. Harley tells Bill she doesn't think weddings are all that important but what is most important is the marriage. Gus is determined to give Harley the wedding of her dreams. Harley refuses to have a big wedding.

At the crisis center, Michelle tells Ed she wants to be a doctor so she can give back to the community. Ed tells Michelle he is thinking about going back to Africa. Ed wonders what Danny thinks about Michelle going back to medical school. Michelle tells her father she hasn't discussed it with Danny yet. Ed promises Michelle they will have a long talk later. After her father leaves Michelle tells herself she hopes Danny will come home soon.

In New York. Danny tries to punch some sense into Tony. Danny tells his cousin to get out before it's too late. Tony figures out Danny wants to go back in the mob.

At the Beacon, Cassie tries to make Tammy understand they must talk about the situation. Tammy can't get passed the anger she feels towards Cassie for betraying her trust. Tammy goes in the bathroom slams the door and refuses to come out. Edmund goes to call Reva so she can give Cassie some advice.

Also at the Beacon, Harley tells Gus she is having a meeting with Mel in a few minutes. Gus leaves to go to work disappointed that he and Harley couldn't rent a room and spend some time alone. Harley grabs Eden's note from the nut dish at the front desk and reads it. The note is signed Vinnie S.

Jeffrey spots Michelle at a table and walks over to her. Jeffrey informs Michelle its her last chance to grab her son and get out of town before the situation gets ugly.

In New York, Tony tries to persuade Danny not to go back in the mob for the sake of his family. Danny also tries to persuade his cousin to get out of the mob. Tony explains that he doesn't have a family to think about and the mob is all he knows how to do. Tony tells Danny he won't allow him to meet with Salairno because the only place he (Danny) is going is home.

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