Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/29/04

By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Josh and Reva talk about her loosing her “gift.” He asks if she’s calling it quits. She tells him it’s his turn to read her mind, and he says she’s thinking about whipped cream, and that he’ll get it and meet her upstairs.

Gus is trying to make a deal again. The dealer seems to trust him now since he didn’t bring any bullies. Gus turns the tables on him and is mad that he doesn’t have more to offer.

Meanwhile, Harley is with Bill & Eden trying to figure out where Gus is. Bill suggests rescheduling their breakfast, but Harley thinks they should just go on without him. Bill suggests that the girls stay, but he’s not ready for girl talk and wedding details. Bill leaves them to go talk to Josh. Eden gives Harley an out in case she’s changed her mind about being her maid of honor.

Danny has told Michelle everything, and they meet with Jeffrey. He’s VERY upset that Michelle’s involved. Danny tells him that telling Michelle everything was the only thing he could do to protect his marriage. Jeffrey tells him that he has just signed a death warrant for his entire family. Danny insists that he couldn’t lie to Michelle again, and Jeffrey tells her that lying wasn’t what broke up her marriage before. He tells them that a bullet from Salerno’s gun is what will break it up this time.

Bill shows up at Reva & Josh’s. They both tell him how sorry they are about the whole election thing, and then they congratulate him on his engagement. He tells them that the election mess isn’t good for Lewis Construction, and that he’s resigning. Reva tells him that they can survive the rumors, but Bill tells them that the rumors are true. R & J are both shocked. Josh says the company can take a hit, and it will survive. Bill tells them that he wants to do the right thing for the company, and that is for him to resign.

Harley tells Eden that she doesn’t want out of the wedding. Eden reminds her that they aren’t each others favorite people. Harley tells her that they both love Gus, so they can build on that.

Eden tells her that she’s always wanted to clear the air between them, but didn’t know how to do it. Harley thinks Gus is going to be happy they are working things out. Eden accidentally calls her a square and a goody-two-shoes. Then she adds, “Well, compared to me…” Harley calls her a madam and a murderer. They both apologize and realize that them being friends is going to be harder than they thought. Marie Green shows up to talk to Harley. Eden and Marie obviously know each other. Eden leaves after she tells Marie to bite her.

Harleys asks if their hatred for each other comes from Eden and Brad working together on Bad Girl. Marie tells Harley that she didn’t come there to talk about Eden. She wants to hire Harley’s Angels to find out who Brad is sleeping with. She thinks that it’s someone in San Cristobal. She offers Harley a handful of hundred dollar bills and tells her she’s paying for results. Harley agrees to work for her if she tells her about why she (Marie) hates Eden.

The dealer is getting defensive with Gus. Gus is acting mad because the dealer doesn’t have enough stuff. The dealer tells him that his stuff is factory fresh, straight from San Cristobal. Gus reiterates that he wants volume. The dealer tells him that amount makes people nervous. Gus promises the dealer to make lots of money, so the dealer says he’ll work on getting more in powder form. The dealer says that Gus will be hearing from him, and Gus tells him to make it tonight. Meanwhile, Eden shows up and hears his voice. She wonders what he’s doing there.

Michelle asks Jeffrey if she’s supposed to be scared now. He tells her that she should be and she shouldn’t ignore reality. Michelle thinks that Jeffrey just wants everyone to be alone and miserable like him. She asks him if he likes to wallow in his misery. He tells her that he wallows in regret.

Then he shares his story of his ex that he put in the same position as Michelle’s in now, and that she is gone now because of it. Michelle asks how she died. Jeffrey tells her that she died trying to protect him. He tells her that’s why Marah isn’t there now, and why she shouldn’t be involved in this. He asks her if she’s thought about Robbie. He tells her to imagine the worst thing possible that they could do to them, multiply it by 10, and then think of Robbie. This affects Michelle. Jeffrey tells them that he had everything planned out, but now that Michelle’s involved, it all has to change.

Bill sees that Josh has been looking into the books at Lewis. Josh tells him that every contract has Bill’s signature on it, and that the invoicing system is brand new. Josh tells him that he’s not going to let go of him (Bill) that easily. Bill thinks that Josh had all that paperwork there to catch up on business to take over, but Josh lets him know that he was just catching up on what a great job Bill has been doing. Bill says again that leaving is what’s best for the company. Reva tells him that if he leaves, he’ll look guilty. Josh tells him that he has to think about what he wants to do. Bill says he loves his job. Josh says there’s no question about what should happen then (insinuating that Bill should stay). Reva suggests champagne to celebrate, but Bill stops her saying he needs to ask one more thing. Reva thinks that he’s going to ask for money. Bill tells them to put away their checkbook. He says he can’t get married if he can’t do it his way.

Eden tells Gus that she heard his voice when she was on her way to her car. She wants to know who he was talking to. He says that he was on his cell phone. She says she heard voices. He tells her it was a TV or something. She asks again what he was doing there and why he’s dressed the way he is. He tells her he’s on a stake-out and trying to blend in. She asks if he’s too busy to eat. He doesn’t get it at first, but then realizes that he was supposed to have breakfast with her, Bill & Harley. Eden thinks that he’s avoiding them because he’s jealous that her & Bill are going to make it to the alter before him & Harley. He denies that and tells her that they are just taking their time so that everything will be perfect. He asks if Harley is mad. She tells him that they (her & Harley) are trying to work on being friends. He’s surprised and tries to hurry her out of there. She tells him to call Harley now.

Eden is about to call Bill when Vinnie Salerno shows up. He tells her to finish her call. She asks how he is. He tells her that her absence has made him grow fonder of him, and he was hoping she felt the same.

Harley is probing Marie more for information about Eden. Harley assumes that Brad and Eden had an affair, and Marie confirms her suspicions.

Marie tells that Brad used Eden’s escort service since he didn’t think it was cheating if you paid. Marie tells Harley that Eden and Brad had a thing while he was in Paris on Spaulding business. Harley is surprised since Eden has never mentioned being in Paris. Marie tells Harley that it’s probably because she (E) was there with a mobster. Harley asks if she saw Brad & the mobster together. Marie says yes and that they had meetings. Harley describes Salerno, and then mentions his name and Marie says that’s sounds right. Marie tells Harley that the only girlfriend of Brad’s that she’s interested in is the current one. She tells Harley that she should start looking in San Cristobal. Harley agrees. Marie tells her that she will make it worth her while.

Vinnie asks if Eden is happy to she’s happy to see him. She tells him she thought he’d show up in town. He tells her congrats on her engagement. She tells him if that’s all he has to say, then they are done. He tells her that he never said they were through forever. She tells him that she’s making a new start with a new guy and a new life. She tells him that she’s going straight for real. He asks if she was even going to invite him to the wedding. She tells him to find someone else. He tells her that she’s his vice, and that he can’t kick the habit. She thought they were paid up. He tells her that they’ll be even when he says so. He tells her that this time around it’s going to hurt and not a good hurt like it did before. He says he’s feeling bad, as if she doesn’t want him around. She tells him she’s sorry. He tells her to stay that way. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do about Bill since he wouldn’t understand them being friends. He asks her what it is that he never liked. She says “Sharing me.” He tells her he’ll be in touch.

Jeffrey tells Michelle that she’s not an inconvenience, but a liability. He doesn’t want her life/death on his hands. She tells him that she’s going to make it a point of knowing absolutely nothing. Danny suggests that Jeffrey stop whining about how his plan is messed up and filling them in on how things are going to work from here on out. He tells them that they need a plan. Michelle tells them to get to planning. Danny tells her that Jeffrey meant they need to decide what to do if the mob gets their hands on Michelle. Michelle says that won’t happen. Jeffrey tells her that it’ll be shocker when it does and she’ll have no idea what to do except beg for her life. Jeffrey tells her that the plan is to give up her husband. She asks if that means that if she’s caught, she’s just supposed to give Danny up. Jeffrey and Danny both tell her that’s all she can do. She thinks they are crazy. Jeffrey is getting aggravated at her, but she finally agrees to the plan.

Harley is trying to find the connection between Antimonius, Brad Green, Eden & France. Gus interrupts her and tries to apologize for forgetting breakfast. He offers a nice dinner and movie to make it up to her.

Bill asks Josh to be his best man. Josh hesitates since he thinks that Billy should stand up for Bill. Bill tells them that he wants Billy & Josh to stand up for him. Josh asks why not just have his dad. Bill tells him that Josh has been there for him and has stood by him no matter what, and that means a great deal to him.

Josh agrees to be there for him. The doorbell rings and it’s Eden looking for Bill. R & J both tell her congratulations. Bill asks her how it went with Harley. Eden says everything is a go and that she can’t get married to him fast enough.

Michelle and Danny are home alone. The phone rings and Michelle answers it. Danny asks who it is, and Michelle says that it’s Vinnie Salerno. Danny takes the call.

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