Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/28/04

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Josh and Reva’s:

Edmund tries to call Cassie to tell her that he spoke to Tammy, and she is okay. But he doesn’t want Cassie to mention that he told her. Cassie doesn’t get the message because she is still freaking out at Reva’s. She tells them that there are pages and pages of Tammy remembering how Edmund treated her special. She was there for half of the times that Tammy writes about, and she knows Edmund was only being nice to Tammy. Reva and Josh both question if maybe Edmund led Tammy on. Cassie can’t believe she came to them, she should have known they would take this attitude. After a bit of heated discussion, Reva and Josh believe Cassie that Tammy is mistaking innocent behavior. Reva tells Cassie that she doesn’t believe Cassie was wrong in reading the diary. Cassie still feels horrible about it though. Reva tells her that she is going to have to sit Tammy down and have a talk with her before there is a major collision. Cassie tells Reva there already has been, there has been a real kiss. Cassie tells them about the kiss, and how Tammy’s entry in her journal proves that she was anything but embarrassed by it. Reva asks where Tammy is now. Cassie tells her that Tammy is with Joey. Cassie just doesn’t know how to handle this at all. Josh tells her that he isn’t surprised. Edmund stepped in and became a father figure to her, Josh explains. When Cassie starts to doubt her ability to be a good parent, Josh and Reva both comfort her and tell her that it is a tough job even for two parents. Josh gets a phone call and leaves the two women to continue the discussion. Reva explains that the last time Edmund turned on the charm, Cassie fell in love with him. What chance did an impressionable teenage girl have? Cassie is completely stumped as to how she is going to handle this. Reva tells her that she will have to find a way; not only to talk to Tammy about her feelings towards Edmund, but also telling her that she read the diary. Cassie comments on what a good job they did with Marah. Reva tells her that she had tried to protect her from all the cruelty that life could bring, but Marah has been through her shares of trials and tribulations too. Josh rejoins the two after his phone call just before Edmund comes knocking on the door. He enters the room just as Josh is telling Cassie that Edmund is the older person and is the responsible party, especially if he took advantage of Tammy at all. Edmund agrees with Josh. Edmund explains that he talked to Tammy and she wants to just forget the whole thing. She is okay with all that happened. When he tells Cassie that he was trying to find her before she talked to anyone else, he realizes that Josh still doesn’t have good thoughts about him. Cassie explains that she had to talk to someone. She then shows Edmund the diary and tells him what is in it. Tammy has built this fantasy world around Edmund for months now. Edmund sees now where it would look like to Tammy that he was leading her on. When he suggests that it might help if he left town for a little bit, Reva immediately tells him that is a bad idea. It doesn’t set the right example for Tammy. Cassie agrees, they need to work this thing out between the three of them. Jeffrey joins the group now explaining that the front door was open. Josh thinks the night just keeps getting better.

Reva rushes Jeffrey out the front door to talk to him outside. Once outside, Jeffrey comments that Josh used to be one of the few in town that like him. Reva tells him that was before Jeffrey shipped his little girl off to Paris. Jeffrey tells her that the reason he came by was because he found an American/French dictionary in his room that Marah had planned on taking. Reva thinks he is really there to see how Marah is. Jeffrey gives in and asks how she is doing. Reva tells him that Marah misses him, but is also angry at him. He asks how things went with the designers. Reva tells him that they want Marah to stay in Paris. Jeffrey tells Reva to encourage her to stay in Paris. Reva asks if Marah is in danger. When Jeffrey tells her that as long as Marah stays away from him she is safe, Reva agrees to encourage Marah to stay in Paris. Reva extends a one time offer to give Jeffrey a phone number so that he can call her. Jeffrey declines, saying that it is best for Marah if he never talks to her again. Reva agrees that they all want what is best for Marah.

Edmund thanks Josh for his advice. He tells Josh that he has no experience at all in handling ‘family’ problems, and especially not teenage girls. He asks if boys are easier. Josh tells him that boys are different, but not easier. Edmund tells them that he so enjoyed working with the teens that he had hoped they would help him with the San Cristobel Festival, but now that this has happened, he isn’t sure about that. Reva rejoins the conversation and explains that she sent Jeffrey away. Cassie and Edmund decide it is time for them to go and say their goodbyes. Reva tells them to deal with this as soon as possible.

Outside Cassie and Edmund stop to discuss how they are going to handle this. Neither of them is sure and decide that even if Tammy totally freaks out, they will deal with it together, as a family. Like will do all their problems in the future.

Harley’s Angel’s:

Harley is promising someone on the phone that they will not get busted, if they just call the number she gave them, as Eden enters the room. After Harley ends the phone call, she asks if Eden brought the Egan’s catalogue. Eden doesn’t understand why Harley thinks she should ‘register’ for gifts. Harley explains that if she doesn’t she will end up with 100 toasters. Eden wants to get out of there and get some lunch, but Harley explains that Marina is running late so they should order in. Eden offers to help ‘man the phones’, and notices that Harley seems uncomfortable with that. She asks Harley if she has a problem with Eden helping out. Harley tries to explain that answering the hot line takes a bit of training, but Eden thinks it should be a piece of cake. When the phone rings again, Eden picks it up and takes the call. When she hears that the guy on the phone is upset that his girlfriend left him because he cheated on her several times, Eden goes off on him and tells him what a pathetic loser he is. Marina comes in during the call, and takes the phone from Eden to finish the call correctly. When the call is over, Eden admits that she didn’t handle that very well, but she was thinking of the guy’s girlfriend. Marina thinks that Eden just wants everyone to be as happy as her and Bill are. Eden admits that is what she wants. Shayne stops by to drop off some dinner for Marina. After he leaves the three girls talk about how lucky they all are to have the men they have in their lives. Eden decides to take off to pick out her gifts. Before she leaves Marina tells her that she should try out the phones again sometime. Harley agrees that her life experiences could help some of their callers. Eden thinks she might give it a try after the wedding. After Eden leaves, Marina tells Harley that she thinks Eden is kind of weird, but she likes her. Harley says that Eden is growing on her also. She asks Marina why she was late. When Marina tells Harley that she has just been really busy lately, Harley tells her that she would understand if Marina needed to take some down time after all that has happened to her lately. Marina blows up at her: “Everyone in this family seems to think that they have the right answers for me, but they don't!” Harley is a little taken aback by Marina’s outburst and assures her that she has no ‘Auntie advice’ for her. Marina tells her that everyone thinks she should move back home, work at Company, and go out with her perfect boyfriend. When Harley tells her that sounds like a ‘Frank’ plan, Marina admits that it is. She explains to Harley that she just hasn’t figured out how to make Frank happy. Harley tells her she shouldn’t, she should make herself happy, and Frank will come around. Marina tells Harley that she wants to be like her. Harley is very flattered and admits that she is really happy right now. She is happy that her and Gus found each other.

Jeffrey’s room at Beacon:

Jeffrey imagines Marah sitting on the bed and looking at him disappointedly. He explains to the imaginary Marah that he had no choice but to send her away. She would have been in danger if she were still in Springfield. He tells her that he knows this all sounds like an ‘excuse’. He also tells her that none of this is easy for him either. She changed him. He admits that he loves her, but he also hates her for making him feel these feelings again. He believes that these feelings are dangerous and they only lead to hurt.

Beacon lobby:

Rick runs into Edmund and they talk about the new baby and how Philip is doing. Edmund is in a hurry to find Cassie and leaves quickly. As he leaves, Alan and Alexandria approach him. Rick thanks Alex for all the presents she bought for Leah and they have a nice little chat. Rick informs them that he is waiting on Mel and invites them to join him and Mel for a drink. They decline saying they are on their way to see Philip. Rick tells them that he just left Philip and how good Philip is doing. When he tells them that Olivia was there to visit Philip, they decide they should rush right over there to make sure Olivia doesn’t upset him.


Olivia is on the phone with someone talking about the Spaulding stock. She learns that someone else is also buying up the stock, but she doesn’t care. She wants this person to continue buying stock. She wants to get controlling interest in the company. She runs into Rick outside of Phillips room. Rick tells her that he is going to have drinks with Mel, but he will be back later. He tells her that Philip is doing really well right now. He is calm and relaxed and will be going home soon. After Rick leaves, Olivia goes in to see Philip. She finds him sitting in a chair with his legs propped up on the bed. She tells him that she ran into Rick on the way in. Philip is proud to tell her that he is going home soon. Olivia tells him that she thinks they both should try to keep all things that stress him out away from him. That includes Alan. Philip reminds her that Alan is his father. He notices that she has a newspaper with her and wants to read it. Olivia tries to talk him out of looking at the paper, but he insists on seeing it. When he sees how badly the Spaulding stock has dropped, he gets very upset. Olivia tells him that the company is being investigated by the FBI and is in real trouble. Philip gets very upset and wants to know how long this has been going on and why the fed’s are involved. Olivia tells him it has been going on for a couple of weeks and they are accusing the company of corruption. When Alan and Alexandria enter the room, Philip turns on them and demands to know when they were going to tell him all of this. Alexandria and Alan try to calm Philip down between taking cracks back and forth with Olivia. Alan assures Philip that he will consult with him about all the company business from here on out. Philip wants to consult right now. Olivia reluctantly leaves the room with Alexandria. Alan tries to calm Philip down. Philip thinks that since Alan let the company get into this trouble, maybe he is the one that needs to be in Ravenwood. Alan tells Philip that this is all Olivia’s fault. She is trying to keep Philip in Ravenwood so that she can keep his seat on the board. Philip is surprised to find out that the papers he signed for Olivia were actually papers saying that he was giving her his proxy on the board. When Alan realizes that Philip didn’t know what he was signing, he promises he will have the papers null and void. Philip decides it is better to keep Olivia right where she can be watched. He agrees with Alan that she is very smart and very slippery, but he will be getting out of here very soon, and Olivia will get cut.

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