Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/27/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Cassie holds Tammy's diary, unsure of what to do. She has a flashback to yesterday when Edmund told her about the kiss. Someone knocks so she hides it. Tammy comes in and asks if Cassie's seen her history book. Cassie asks her if she's been crying. Tammy admits she did cry a little bit during her study group at school when they talked about how great she was in the play.

Cassie doesn't believe it but goes along with it for now. She tells her how great they all were in the play. Tammy thanks her for her support. She says she feels like she did the just for her. Cassie adds, "..and Edmund?" Tammy is silent so Cassie points out that Tammy couldn't have done it without Edmund's help. Tammy avoids Cassie's probing and says she's leaving to study with Joey. Cassie shakes her head after Tammy leaves. She talks to herself, saying the kiss was nothing, unless she's a better actress than she thought. Cassie takes out the diary and starts reading it.

She reads with a furrowed brow as she flashes back to the scenes Tammy talks about (like their dancing). She stops reading, stunned, and asks Tammy what she's done.

Joey greets Edmund downstairs at the Beacon. He is there to meet Tammy for studying. Joey has something to talk to Edmund about first. Edmund is uneasy. Joey says the play was great and they couldn't have done it without Edmund. Edmund is relieved. Joey asks for his advice.

He wants to woo Tammy in real life, so he wanted pointers from Edmund. Edmund asks why he thinks he would be able to help with that. Joey says he really connects with Tammy; he gets what she wants. Tammy arrives and Joey tells her they were just talking about her. Tammy, flustered, says, "Whatever he said, it's a lie". She gives Edmund an angry glance and asks what Edmund said about him. He replies that he only said good things. She blushes and says, "oh". Joey, confused, calls her a "drama queen", thinking that Tammy must be rehearsing for a new play. He tells her what he was talking about a moment ago. Edmund tells Tammy it was a shame that she missed the song Joey sang for her after she left the cast party. She is intrigued. Edmund leaves them alone. She asks Joey about the song, impressed by the gesture. Joey demurs, saying it was nothing. He is not really in the mood for studying because he is still excited about the play last night, but she points out they have to study if they want to past history. They gather their stuff and start upstairs to get her book. Joey thinks that Edmund should help them with their ancient history since he was a prince. Edmund tries to get out of it, but Joey insists. Joey quizzes Edmund about Caesar and Cleopatra, wondering why a hot young thing like her would be into the old guy. Edmund explains that maybe she was just bored and found the older man intriguing because of his having so much power. There are a lot of undertones, of course, about Edmund and Tammy. There is also a funny reference to The Young & The Restless. Edmund says maybe Cleopatra just liked the way he treated her, putting her on the throne. Joey points out that Caesar bailed on her after that, but Edmund counters that he just figured that she needed to find other teachers, other loves, and her own destiny. Tammy rolls her eyes. Joey concludes that Caesar was being noble and a stand-up guy.

Tammy says that maybe he was just being old and scared. Joey thanks Edmund for his help. Edmund excuses himself. Joey wonders why Tammy was being rude to Edmund and not thanking him. He wants to know what's going on and why she is being icy to her hero Edmund. Meanwhile, Cassie sneaks out. Tammy, upset, says that Edmund is not a hero, Joey is. She talks about great Joey is for singing to her and doing the play when he didn't want to. He smiles but still wants to know what's going on with her. They chat. He talks about how he used to want to be a pro baseball player but now singing is his passion. He relates the thrill of the crowd's appreciation. She wishes she had heard him sing. He asks her if they can stop studying and take off. She agrees and they hold hands. She runs into Edmund while Joey is getting the car. She apologizes for how she was acting and for last night's kiss. She says it was nothing and thanks him for not telling her mother. He starts to reply, but Joey comes back, saying he is double-parked, so she has to leave.

Reva and Josh have just returned from Paris. Reva keeps Josh outside while she prepares for romance. He complains, saying he's jet-lagged and starving (and besides, it might rain). Finally she lets him in.

The place is decorated with lots of flowers and designed to give the feel of Paris. He says he was just thinking how he's kind of homesick for the USA. She says she thought he might say that, so she shows him that the dinner is hamburgers and fries. He laughs and appreciates it. She says this is normal and this is what their lives will be like from now on. They smile at each other. He wonders if she's trying too hard to make things look normal because she misses Marah. She agrees but knows that Paris will be good for her. They discuss what's been going on, how he almost lost her, and her "psychic gift". He admits he hasn't been supportive, but he says it is incredible how she was able to get the truth about Carrie because of it. She says she's done with all that psychic stuff. He isn't sure what she means, so she says that her gift is already gone. She doesn't know how it happened, but something changed after she connected with Maryann. She shares that it was a like a window in her mind closed. She explains that it wasn't like a loss; she felt liberated and free. He agrees that she seemed different in Paris, less distracted. She doesn't plan to talk to a specialist about it, either. He seems relieved and happy about it. She says she looks forward to things being normal. He jokes that they're not good at normal. They decide to give it a try; they kiss, then dance. They head up to bed but then someone knocks. It's Cassie. She welcomes them back and asks how things are with Marah. They can tell Cassie is upset. She tells them she screwed up big time. She shows them the diary and how she read it rather than giving it back to Tammy. Josh tries to excuse himself but Cassie wants to talk to them both. Cassie is upset about how she invaded her daughter's privacy.

Reva says she must have had a good reason. Cassie tells them about the play, her relationship with Edmund, and the kiss. Josh wonders if there's something wrong with their family (because of young girls getting involved with older men, like Marah and Jeffrey). Cassie explains that Tammy has more than just a crush on Edmund. They are shocked as Cassie describes the writing in the diary about how badly Tammy has misinterpreted everything. She doesn't know what to do. Josh wonders if Cassie has considered that maybe it's not just one-sided, that maybe Edmund has encouraged her. Cassie looks shocked but Reva looks like she was thinking the same thing.

At home, Danny asks Michelle if she is there to take Robbie back to her dad's place. She says this is her home and she's not leaving. He says he can't let her do this. They argue. She won't give up her life while he works for the government.

She says she loves him and won't give up on their life together. He argues that it's not safe, but she won't hear of it. They keep arguing. She says she needs him, and he asks if that's true. She says after what happened with her dad and Carrie, she doesn't make judgments anymore. He's got tears in his eyes as he tells how he was afraid he would never get her back. She assures him that she knows there's a good guy in there. He swears to spend the rest of his life trying to win back her respect. The phone rings, interrupting them. It's Salerno. Danny says he's busy but Salerno lays a guilt trip on him. Danny grows quiet. He apologizes that he's just having a rough time and taking it out on everybody. Salerno guesses that he is fighting with his wife and says he'll be in touch to confirm a time and place for their meeting. Michelle is not happy that Salerno called.

Danny keeps apologizing for keeping his mob ties but wants to make up for it by bringing down the mob. Michelle pledges to help him any way she can. He asks her to take Robbie and get out of the country right away. She won't leave. He asks her how they will be safe if they stay. She asks how long they have to go away. They keep arguing about it. Danny says that it will make his cover story look better to Salerno, but she still refuses to leave. She lays down the law, saying they will be sticking together no matter what. He swears they will be a real family again. They talk some more about how this will affect Robbie. They hold Robbie, who is sleeping; both have tears in their eyes.

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