Guiding Light Update Monday 4/26/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Michelle looks at her wedding photo as she sits on her bed. She gets up and walks around, remembering what Danny told her about working undercover.

Lizzie says hi to Cassie at the Beacon. Cassie is distracted and excuses herself to go talk to Tony, who is at the bar. She asks what Danny has said to him. He tries to blow her off. She says that Danny hasn't returned any of her calls. She can't believe that Danny is back in the mob after he turned his whole life around. She lets on that she talked to Jeffrey about it and he implied that it's true but they are not going to prosecute because of a deal being made. Tony is surprised to hear it but doesn't say much. He says Danny should take the deal but he won't. Cassie thinks people will believe in him again, but Tony is doubtful. Tony tells her that she has no idea what it's like to be a Santos. She points out that she used to be a stripper. He says that people are always scared of them; he tears into her for trying to make the comparison. She concedes but says the people who matter to Danny most won't forget about him. Tony isn't so sure; he says he doesn't know what Danny wants any more. Lizzie comes up so Tony leaves to get breakfast. Lizzie was wondering if she's seen Tammy because they were supposed to meet after school. Cassie is still busy but says she'll go up to look for Tammy.

Tammy writes in her diary about a romantic dream she had about dancing at her prom with Edmund. She clutches it to her chest in reverie. Edmund knocks on her door; he has a strange expression on his face as she smiles. He says they have to talk. She says it was great, wasn't it? He says, yes, the play was a huge success and she should be proud. She admits she is, as she touches his chest and says she is proud. He backs away and says it's good that she's happy and excited but says that sometimes when we're excited, we do things in the spur of the moment that we think are right...She says she doesn't understand because things are perfect. She tries to avoid him by saying Lizzie is waiting for her, but he insists on talking about the kiss they shared. He says he's been thinking about it, and she is happy to hear it, saying she has, too. He says it was probably brought on by adrenaline, from the play. He tells her that it was a mistake.

The smile disappears from her face. She gets angry and starts to cry, turning away from him. He doesn't want her to be upset or embarrassed and tries to help her, but she runs off. Just then, Cassie and Lizzie come up and wonder what's going on. Edmund tells Cassie that Tammy kissed him last night. She is stunned. They go back inside; Cassie grills him about the details. She wonders why he didn't tell her last night. He is at a loss for words. He tells her exactly what happened. Cassie thinks that she was just caught up in the magic of the night. He says he had hoped that but...he suspects something more. He thought she'd be mortified, but she wasn't.

Cassie doesn't know how to handle this and yells at him again for not telling him. He tells her how it happened when he talked to her about it; he thinks Tammy was more than embarrassed. He asks, "What if Tammy has feelings for me?" She doesn't think that is possible. He says it's just a schoolgirl crush but it doesn't make it any less real for Tammy. They agree that neither of them noticed, but he says in hindsight all of the signs were there. She asks what he means, so he points out how she acted during their play rehearsals. Cassie thinks Tammy just thinks of him as a father figure, but he doesn't. He says that all of the men in her life have left her, including her father. Cassie doesn't think Tammy would do this and says she will go talk to her about it. He hopes that will help. She thanks him for telling her and he apologizes for not telling her right away. He thinks he should give keep his distance until she talks to Tammy. She doesn't think that is necessary but goes along with it. They kiss and he leaves, saying he'll call first. Cassie paces around the room and then goes out to the terrace. She sighs, talking to Richard, saying she needs him. She talks to him about her problems with Tammy. She wonders why she is freaking out about this. She is determined to go find Tammy and learn the truth.

Elsewhere, Tammy writes in her diary more. She is upset that Edmund called their kiss a mistake. She has tears in her eyes as she berates herself for thinking something will happen between them. She says, "Nothing can happen. Nothing will ever happen". She stuffs her diary in a trashcan. Lizzie listens nearby and gets a smile on her face. She goes up to Tammy and asks her what's wrong.

Lizzie pretends to offer her a shoulder to lean on so she will open up. Tammy says she feels stupid and is upset about the play being over. Lizzie compares it to the day after Christmas, after the big anticipation. Tammy makes a comment about how she can't imagine being disappointed the day after Christmas at the Spaulding house. She asks Lizzie if she ever felt really stupid about not seeing something. Lizzie isn't sure that has happened to her. Lizzie offers her help; she says she felt really stupid one time for really liking Shayne, when he liked Marina. Tammy says she's going for a run around the lake. Tammy offers to go with her, but she would like to be alone. Tammy mentions that she'll have to call Joey at some point and then asks if they work on their school project later. Lizzie agrees. Tammy hugs Lizzie and thanks her for her help, then she leaves. Lizzie digs the diary out of the trash and gets that scheming look on her face. She reads about the kiss. She says to herself that Tammy has lost it and it's time for a rude awakening. She writes a note that says "Tammy dropped this" and leaves it with the diary outside Cassie's door. She knocks and hides; Cassie comes out and picks it up. Tammy comes back from her run.

Rick shuts off the radio at home, in his kitchen, after hearing a little bit about Danny's concession speech. He is annoyed. Ed comes in and wants to know what he is avoiding.

They talk about Michelle spending the night; Ed wants to know how she is and what happened. Ed goes to check on her but she walks in, saying she's there, just like usual when things go wrong. They act nonchalant so Michelle demands to know why they are acting like nothing's wrong. They are being easy-going and helpful but she is irritable. She tells him that she had a fight with Danny and ran home just like she always does. They try to comfort her. She appreciates their efforts, but she feels like a failure. They try to tell it's not her fault as she beats herself up for running home to her family. They offer their help, but she's not sure what she needs.

She asks them for the truth about her return to Danny, that it was only a matter of time before he broke her heart. Rick says he's not surprised by how things turned out. Ed asks her to look into her heart and see how she really feels. Nothing makes sense to her any more. They keep discussing her problems. They can't make any decisions for her and tell her she has to work it out for herself. She is disappointed. She stands on the porch outside her bedroom, looking around, thinking. She goes back inside and throws her wedding picture across the room.

Then she picks it up, looking sad, and cries. She shakes her head, saying, "Look what you did, Danny". Michelle listens to the radio where they are talking about how Danny is the same mobster he's always been. Michelle says, "No" over and over again until she angrily slaps the radio, so it unplugs from the wall and falls on the floor.

Ed and Rick talk about how frustrating it is to see Michelle so upset. They discuss the history of Danny and Michelle's relationship. Rick only cares about Michelle, but Ed says that Danny is her husband and Robbie's father, so he is a part of their family. He worries that Danny is completely disillusioned and just hanging by a thread.

Ed says Michelle doesn't belong there with them but he can't interfere in her life. Rick is upset to find that Michelle has left; he thinks one of them should have gone up there and been more helpful. They argue about it some more. Rick says Michelle needs him. Ed points out they got along fine for years without him. Rick says things would have been better if he'd been there and maybe she wouldn't have married Danny.

Sandy finds Joey down in the dumps at the mall. Joey is upset because he's losing Tammy and doesn't know why. He thinks she's seeing someone else. Joey goes on and on about how great Tammy is. Sandy thinks Joey should fight for her. He suggests that Joey romance Tammy by getting information from someone who knows her better. Joey thinks it's a good idea and thanks him for his help. Sandy suggests they go have breakfast.

Danny plays with his son, who asks where mommy is. Danny says she'll be home soon. Jeffrey visits, saying they need to talk. He wants to know why Danny missed their meeting. Danny informs him that he had to feed his kid since Michelle left him.

Jeffrey says he's sorry, but Danny calls him on his lie, saying this is exactly what Jeffrey wanted. They take their discussion into another room, away from Robbie. Jeffrey asks about Michelle, concerned about what Danny told her, but Danny tells him that it's none of his business. Jeffrey tells him it's for the best, but Danny is not interested in his sympathy. Robbie throws his cereal in the other room so Danny goes back in, wondering if Robbie is bored. Jeffrey gives Danny a plane ticket to NYC, for his meeting with Salerno. Danny gets Robbie settled and then takes Jeffrey aside again. Jeffrey tells him that the government paying for his plane ticket is one of the perks. Jeffrey wants to discuss how he is going to handle Salerno. Danny isn't too interested in his help. Tony comes in just as Jeffrey is leaving. Tony wants to know what's going on. Danny doesn't answer so Tony yells at Danny for risking Michelle and his family. Danny tells him it's too late; Michelle already left him. Tony wants to know how he could let that happen. Danny says that Michelle knows the truth: he couldn't stay clean. Michelle and Robbie deserve the best so he had to make sure they got it. Tony says it doesn't make sense. They keep arguing until Danny goes upstairs. He comes back down so Tony starts in on him again. Danny reminds Tony that he wanted his own separate life. He tells him to get out, so Tony does. Danny looks upset that he had to do that after Tony leaves.

Michelle returns and they exchange soulful looks.

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