Guiding Light Update Friday 4/23/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Ravenwood, Olivia takes a nurse aside and asks her if Philip has started a new treatment. Philip moves closer so he can hear what Olivia is asking the nurse. Philip walks back to his bed and tells himself that Olivia isn't used to having a husband who isn't drooling. The nurse tells Olivia she must ask Philip's doctor about his treatment. Philip interrupts Olivia's conversation with the nurse and asks Olivia what she is asking the nurse. Olivia tells Philip she is just making sure he is getting the best care.

At Towers, Lizzie flashes back to when she saw Tammy and Edmund kissing. Lizzie tells herself things are finally working out the way she wanted them to work out.

At the Beacon, Tammy continues to read what she wrote in her journal. Tammy smiles when she gets to the part where she kissed Edmund. Tammy wonders if Edmund is thinking of her and the kiss they shared. Tammy tells herself she can't stop thinking of Edmond and hopes that he is thinking of her.

At Towers, Cassie arrives on the balcony. A startled Edmund tells Cassie he is glad to see her. Cassie wonders who else Edmund was expecting it to be.

At Danny and Michelle's house, An angry Michelle thinks the mob is pressuring Danny to return and they are once again threatening his family. Michelle blasts Danny for using mob money to fund the fifth street project . Michelle thinks if Danny hadn't used the mob money the mob would have no way to pressure him to go back in the business. Danny admits to Michelle that the Feds have him over a barrel and if he doesn't do what they want him to do, his family and friends will pay the price. A confused Michelle demands an explanation from Danny. Danny explains that Jeffrey O'Neil works for the Feds and has been keeping tabs on Danny for years waiting for him to be in the perfect position to take down Salairno and the mob families. Danny tells Michelle that Jeffrey knows he used mob money to fund the fifth street project and that Cassie was his partner on the loan. Danny tells Michelle that Jeffrey is threatening to send Cassie and Bill to jail if he (Danny) doesn't go undercover and work for the Feds. Danny also tells Michelle that the election and recount were a set up for his undercover work so the mob would think he was coming back because the people of Springfield refused to accept he had gone straight. Michelle refuses to go through this ordeal again. Danny tells Michelle she doesn't have to be involved that he will figure out how to solve the problem on his own. Michelle tells Danny that his problem is also her problem.

At Towers, Cassie continues to praise Edmund for his work with Tammy. Cassie tells Edmund she knows he has been worried for weeks about Tammy's performance in the play but since Tammy did a spectacular job he doesn't have to worry anymore.

At the Beacon, Tammy thinks she must get ready in case Edmund comes looking for her. Tammy is convinced Edmund is still thinking of her and the kiss she gave him.

At Towers, Lizzie is surprised that Joey is still there. Joey tells Lizzie he has been calling Tammy all night and she doesn't answer her phone. Joey wants to go look for Tammy because he is worried about her. Lizzie tells Joey not to worry about Tammy because when she sees that he called she will call him back. Lizzie asks Joey to dance with her. Joey refuses Lizzie's offer saying he must go look for Tammy.

At Ravenwood, Philip tells Olivia that when he returns home from the hospital they will go dancing at Towers and have a romantic evening together. Olivia tells Philip that is a wonderful idea. Philip has a fantasy of dancing with Olivia at Towers.

Philip dances Olivia towards the balcony and spins her around until she falls off the balcony. Philip tells Olivia she should start thinking of a place she would like to go on her honeymoon. Olivia has a fantasy of being on a tropical island with Philip. Olivia puts Philip in a straight jacket and has one of the island people escort him off the island. Philip tells Olivia that he never wants to let her out of his sight. Philip gives Olivia a necklace to celebrate their 3 month anniversary. As Philip puts the necklace around Olivia's neck he tells her that whenever she wears the necklace she should think about his hands around her neck caressing her. Olivia is unnerved by Philip's words but keeps her cool. Olivia thanks Philip for the necklace and leaves the room. As soon as Olivia is in the hall way she takes off the necklace.

At Towers, Lizzie tells Edmund that Tammy gave a great performance because of his coaching. Lizzie tells Edmund that Tammy really admires him and he was Tammy's night in shinning armor. Edmund walks to the bar and orders a triple scotch. When the drink arrives he quickly drinks it. Beth thinks whatever is bothering Edmund must be really bad.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny tells Michelle he had to tell her the truth because he didn't want to lie to her anymore. Michelle thinks Danny told him the truth so she could curse him and walk away. Michelle curses at Danny and walks away.

At Towers, Edmund denies there is anything wrong but Beth knows Edmund has a problem. Edmund makes Beth promise not to tell anyone.

Once Beth has promised not to tell anyone, Edmund tells Beth Tammy kissed him on the lips. Beth tells him a teenage girl's crush can get very tricky if it isn't handled correctly. Beth advises Edmund to wait until morning to tell Cassie to give Tammy time to realize what she did was wrong. Edmund tells Beth he never did anything to encourage Tammy's crush. Beth says she knows he did nothing wrong but a teenage girl's mind is a mysterious thing.

At the Beacon, Tammy puts on one of Cassie's dresses to get ready for Edmund.

At the Bauer house, Mel and Rick take a brief rest because although its very late the baby just went to sleep. The baby starts crying again and a very tired Mel walks upstairs again. Olivia arrives to talk to Rick about Philip's strange behavior. Olivia tells Rick about the necklace and Philip making honeymoon plans. Rick doesn't think Philip's romantic behavior towards Olivia is strange. Rick thinks Philip is just more optimistic about his recovery. Rick tells Olivia she is thinking too much and she should go home and spend some time with Emma.

At Ravenwood, Lizzie arrives to visit Philip. Philip tells Lizzie that Beth and Alexandra called to tell him how well she did in the play. Philip congratulates Lizzie on her performance. Lizzie thinks Philip is acting more like himself. Lizzie is hopeful this means he will be home soon. Philip wonders how Lizzie is getting along with Olivia. Lizzie tells her father things haven't been that bad. Philip tells Lizzie he doesn't want her to stuff her feelings down to please everyone. Philip tells Lizzie to let him know if Olivia does anything to hurt her or that she doesn't think is right. Philip asks Lizzie to give him a private performance of her part in Romeo and Juliet.

Lizzie starts doing Juliet's lines. When Philip corrects her mistake Lizzie tells him she was the understudy for Juliet and she loves the part. Lizzie offers to do one of the nurses speeches for Philip. Philip tells his daughter the star's part suits her.

At the Beacon, Tammy pretends that Edmund is telling her she looks beautiful in that dress. Tammy recites her lines from the play and pretends Edmund is her Romeo. When there is a knock at the door Tammy rushes to open it because she thinks its Edmund. Tammy is disappointed to see Joey. Joey tells Tammy she looks beautiful in that dress. Joey wonders why she left the party. Tammy explains that she just had to write down all her thoughts in her journal. Joey wonders if Tammy is seeing someone else tonight.

At Towers, Cassie just can't get over how much Tammy adores her uncle Edmund. Cassie thanks Edmund for helping Tammy become a woman. Edmund flashes back to his moments with Tammy trying to figure out if he accidentally did anything to encourage Tammy's crush on him.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny paces the floor at home and throws a glass against the fireplace.

Michelle arrives at the Bauer house and watches Rick, Mel, and baby Leah.

At Ravenwood, Philip claps for his daughter and tells her she would have made a great Juliet. Philip tells Lizzie a little adversity isn't bad in life because it shows you what you did wrong so you can win next time. Philip encourages Lizzie to have big dreams and do whatever it takes to make her dreams come true.

At the Beacon, Tammy explains to Joey that she put on the dress to feel special. Joey tells Tammy she is already special she doesn't need a fancy dress. Tammy isn't listening to a word Joey is saying to her.

Joey tries to tell Tammy about the surprise he had planned for her at the party but Tammy cuts him off saying she is tired and she will speak to him tomorrow.

At the Beacon, Olivia apologizes to Sandy for not going to see his directing debut in the play. Olivia tells Sandy that sometimes she forgets she has family in town.

At the Bauer house, Michelle asks Rick and Mel is she can spend the night in her old room. They nod their heads and Michelle heads upstairs to bed. Rick and Mel figure out Michelle fought with Danny about the election.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny calls Jeffrey to let him know he (Danny) did what he had to do and now its time to get the show on the road.

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